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China Expedition

In March 2011 I went to Shanghai and Hangzhou for a couple of weeks.

The following series of posts detail the places I visited, stayed at and dined at, shows we watched, with some observations thrown in for fun.


Observations on ‘New China’: Part I — Traffic

Observations on ‘New China’: Part II — Smells

Observations on ‘New China’: Part III — Spitting

Observations on ‘New China’: Part IV — Top 3


Element Fresh (Shanghai) — 7 out of 10

Lapis Thai (Shanghai) — 8.5 out of 10

Xiao Nan Guo (Shanghai) — 6 out of 10

Lou Wai Lou (Hangzhou) — 2 out of 10

Wai Po Jia (Hangzhou) — 8 out of 10

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant (Shanghai) — 9 out of 10

Haiku Japanese (Shanghai) — 8 out of 10

Whisk Cafe (Shanghai)

Gokohai Shabu Shabu (Shanghai) — 9 out of 10

1221 (Shanghai) — 10 out of 10

Azul (Shanghai) — 8.5 out of 10


Tianzifang Outlet (Shanghai)

Hongqiao International Pearl City (and DVDs) (Shanghai)

Tourist Destinations

Lingyin Temple (Hangzhou)

Zhongshan Park by West Lake (Hangzhou)

Imperial Street (Hangzhou)

Leifeng Pagoda (Hangzhou)

Misty Trees by Nine Streams (Hangzhou)

Lin Biao’s Underground Bunker (Hangzhou)

Qiantang River (Hangzhou)

Xin Tian Di (Shanghai)

The Bund (Shanghai)


Oakwood Residence (Hangzhou)


Impression West Lake (Hangzhou)


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