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Lapis Thai at Tianzifang (Shanghai) March 30, 2011

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Following on my previous post about the hip and trendy Tianzifang in Shanghai, this one is about the restaurant we visited for lunch.  There are literally dozens of restaurants at Tianzifang, and all of them look pretty darn good — from traditional Chinese to Italian to Japanese to Thai, you can be sure you’ll have a decent meal wherever you go.

On advice from my sister, we decided to go to Lapis Thai (Thai Cuisine and Lounge).  According to the business card it is only one of three stores in Shanghai, with a fourth one opening in April 2011.  From the outside it doesn’t look like much because all you can see is the bar, but all the seats are upstairs.

From the inside, with all its traditional wooden fittings, wine cabinets and cushions, Lapis Thai looks and feels like a relaxing place to be.  There are certainly lots of expats dining there, which could be an indication of the type of tastes the restaurant caters for.

Anyway, needless to say, we had a feast.  A huge feast. I know.  You want pictures?  I got pictures!

First, we got the assorted snack platter, which included shrimp cakes, spring rolls, fish cakes and satay sticks.  Very good, similar to the type of appetizer platter we get back in Sydney.

Second, green curry with beef.  Again, the type of stuff we can get at home, but this one dare I say was better than what I’ve had in Sydney.  This one was creamier, more flavoursome, and the beef was very tender.

Third, and I have to apologise for the blurry photo (darn camera couldn’t focus and I didn’t check), fried broccoli and yellow curry and coconut — this one was a highlight because I haven’t had anything like it before.  The curry was also creamy and fragrant, superb stuff.

Fourth, and sorry again for the photo, the spicy and sour pork neck salad.  Another highlight.  Tangy, with a terrific zing.

Fifth, sweet and sour chicken.  An oldie but a goodie.

Sixth, stir fried fat noodle with chicken.

And last but not lease, the sensational pineapple fried rice.

The verdict?  Excellent food with solid variety.  The flavours were on the strong side, especially the sweets and sours, but I like my flavours strong.  The prices are slightly dearer than your local Shanghainese restaurant, but still very affordable for the average tourist.  Definitely recommended for visitors to Tianzifang.

8.5 out of 10!

For more information, check out the Lapis Thai website here.  The Tianzifang store is located at No. 14, Lane 248 Tai Kang Road, Lu Wan District, Shanghai.  Other locations can be found on the website.

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