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Stop this 3D madness! December 13, 2010

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I’m so sick of watching a promising trailer for a new film, only to see in big letters at the very end, “Coming to you…in 3D”!!!

Here I go again.  I have been consistently vocal in my objection towards this current tidal wave of 3D films hitting our cinemas.  Sure, there are some movies that provide an enhanced experience in 3D — for example Avatar, or dare I even say Resident Evil: Afterlife, but ther vast majority of 3D films out there charge a hefty premium and give you a shitty time with the uncomfortable and darkening glasses and pointless 3D effects.

Worst of all, 3D films aren’t discounted at all, even on cheapo days, and even those that use movie money have to pay a few dollars extra.  For instance, if you go watch a 2D movie on cheapo Tuesday (in Australia), you can catch a film for around $10 (or less if you use movie money on any day of the week).  But if you watch the same movie in 3D, you can fork out up to $24 for an adult ($17.50 + $3.50 for 3D + $1 for Vmax + $1 for internet booking) and $19.50 for a child.  Enough said.

I thought after films like Clash of the Titans (where the 3D actually made the film worse) , the backlash against 3D will make studio execs think twice before making their latest release in 3D, but it hasn’t appeared to slow the trend at all.  According to this article from the Economist, 3D is relatively inexpensive, adding only a 10-15% to the cost of production, with a huge upside and low risk of piracy.  No wonder they’re even trying to re-release a bunch of old films in 3D to cash in.

Much of the blame of course rests with moviegoers that continue to go to 3D movies.  These days I choose 2D whenever the option is available, but I admit there have been times when I have wondered: will the 3D finally be good this time?  Needless to say, it never is.  I’m a frequent visitor to the cinema, but with a lot of people or families who only go a handful of times a year, 3D can seem like a real treat, especially if you haven’t experienced it before.  So I guess as long as people keep paying up to 240% the price of what they ought to be paying, the 3D rush will continue.

It was interesting, though, to see this New York Times article that discussed the backlash against 3D films in Hollywood.  Perhaps it is filmmakers who will take the charge to stop this 3D madness.

Apple’s iPad bullies Amazon’s Kindle, rips off consumers February 2, 2010

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Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad

[Thanks to my blogger friend at inspired worlds who brought this to my attention.]

Looks like Apple is being a market bully again at the expense of consumers.  Check it out.  You don’t have to be an anti-trust lawyer to smell something fishy here.

On 29 January 2010, books from publisher Macmillan started vanishing from Amazon.  Apparently, Macmillan was unhappy with the US$9.99 price tag for the majority of the NY Times Bestseller e-books for Amazon’s Kindle (e-book reader), and wanted to raise the price to US$12.99-US$14.99.  That’s the price at which e-books will be sold for on Apple’s iPad, which is also an e-book reader and Kindle’s main competitor in the market.

Even though both the iPad and Kindle have their own proprietary formats, Kindle will bring out a ‘Kindle for iPad’ application which will effectively allow people to buy e-books from Amazon (rather than Apple) and read them on the iPad.  If you own or intend to own an iPad, you must be thinking – why would I pay $14.99 per e-book from Apple when I can get them for 33% cheaper at Amazon?

Well, it looks like you can’t.  Not anymore.

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