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Indian Journey Part XIII: Getting Ripped Off July 6, 2010

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This dude showed us how they made the Taj Mahal...well, kind of...

…in my opinion, as long as we think we paid a decent price (compared to our home country), it doesn’t really matter if you get ripped off a little.  Everyone’s still happy.

As a tourist, no matter where you go, you have to look out for scams and people trying to rip you off.  I’ve heard plenty of horror stories, such as where people offer you something on the street for free, but once you take it, they say it costs $X and they won’t take the good back.  The best one I heard was in China, where they offload buses of sightseers at a souvenir shop and lock the doors until they’ve all made at least one purchase!

We didn’t experience any such extreme problems in India, but I would like to offer a warning about these “private tours”.  From what I hear, most of them are the same — that is, they will take you to a lot of places not on the itinerary or places you didn’t ask to go to for the sole purpose of making you spend more money.

It’s pretty much unavoidable, so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, make sure you tell them up front or else it can get a little frustrating.  Your guide may get pissed off (because that may mean they get a smaller cut or commission), but don’t forget you’ve already paid for his services, and they still need to treat you decently if they want a tip at the end.

(to learn how to avoid being ripped off in India, click on ‘more’ to read on)


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