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All Roads Should Lead to this Cake Store in Rome March 22, 2009

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Update: pictures added!

Today marked the end of the Italian leg of our 1st anniversary vacation (actually, today is our anniversary!) – and we are now in Switzerland, at the home town of Roger Federer, Basel.  It just happened to be the last night of some crazy festival and so when we wandered out into the city streets we were deafened by the sound of thumping drums and ear-piercing trumpets and flutes and a whole bunch of instruments I couldn’t name.  People were just about everywhere and in every street, pacing up and down in small groups to parade-like masses.  It was fun, eye-opening and kinda scary all at the same time.

Anyway, since my last post, we had completed our adventures in Italy.  Rome and Vatican City had been at the top of my travel destinations list forever, and I can finally cross them off after being wowed by just about everything I had seen over the last 3 days or so.  For those interested in exactly what I got up to, please wait until I’ve had the time to update the Travel Diary section.  I would also really like to post some pictures up in these posts and the Travel Diary to give everything a more realistic feel, but it’s hard to find time on a trip like this!

However, I just wanted to give a little plug to this little cake store my wife and I stumbled across when were in Rome and went to visit the Colosseum.  It was one of those ‘blink and you’ll miss it ‘ type of places, but the cakes and chocolates there were absolutely divine.  If you happen to be around the Colosseum, do yourself a favour and check it out!

For those that haven’t been to Rome before, there are pizza shops and gelato bars on almost every street corner of the tourist disticts.  There are also plenty of patisseries that sell bread and tarts (especially ones with nuts).  But you’d be hard pressed to find a shop that dedicates itself purely to delicately designed cakes, the ones you common to Paris or Tokyo, where you can enjoy an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or after a flavoursome meal.

Cristalli Di Zucchero in Rome

Cristalli Di Zucchero in Rome

Anyway, the place is called Cristalli Di Zucchero, and it has a one page website here with address details (turns out it’s a different address to the one we went to).  Basically, if you walk past the Colosseum (through Arco di Constantino) and head South all the way along Via di S. Gregorino, then curl around the outside of the walled archaeological site (Palatino or Palantine Hill) and head West along Via de Cerchi until you reach the South West corner of the site.  The store, which has no signs outside (basically just a hole in the wall) is just across from this little cathedral hidden inside the wall on Via di San Teodoro, just as you turn the South West corner and before you reach Arco di Giano.

We were actually looking for a toilet, and the shopkeeper was nice enough to let us use their one.  We returned the favour by purchasing 3 cakes.  The highlight was this unassuming one we were recommended called Williams (white dome with chocolate streaks on top), and it was sensational.

Okay, more on this and pizza in my next post…and maybe a bit on my visit to the Vatican too.

PS: I’m still trying to complete my review of Stephen King’s On Writing (which I finally finished) and update my Travel Diary for the Rome and Vatican City.




'Williams' was sensational

'Williams' was sensational

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