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Japanese in Shanghai: Haiku June 24, 2011

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I love Japanese food and apparently this high class joint called Haiku is one of the best in Shanghai.

We sat on the atmospheric, dimly lit second floor, which has an almost romantic feel about it.  Sure enough, there seemed to be a lot of dates going on around us.

They don’t have a website, so I can’t recall everything on the giant menu — but what I can remember is that there were a LOT of different sushi rolls.  Several pages of different varieties, the majority of which appear to be fusion-type rolls with a lot of sauces and mixtures of flavours.  They all had names like ‘Motorola’, ‘Caterpillar’, ‘Butterfly’, etc.  Reminded me a lot of Kobe Jones in Sydney at King Street Wharf.

Anyway, let me run through what we ordered.

(to read on and see the pics, click on ‘more…’)

From memory, the top photo was a roll with eel on top and tuna in the middle.  The mayo and sweet sauce on top made it a delight, one of my favourites.

Next, this was a surprisingly good vegetable salad with super sweet corn and a tangy wafu salad dressing.

Mmm…tuna, spring onions and extra spicy hot sauce.  A real mouth burner.

This one slips my mind but it was a little on the disappointing side because it lacked the explosive flavours of the other ones we had prior to it (not surprising considering they were drenched in sauces).  I believe there was avocado and some type of enticing meat inside.

One of the highlights of the evening.  Pretty sure there was crab salad and crab roe.  I mean, just look at it.

This was an interesting one — tuna filling with fried bread crumbs on the outside.  Surprisingly good.

This looks like two massive rolls but they were cut up into individual pieces.  This was the soft shell craft roll that you always have to get at Japanese sushi bars, but to be honest I’ve had better.  For some reason the rice was a little too moist this time.

Another great salad, this time with juicy teriyaki chicken.

We were a little thirsty so we got the traditional soup udon.  Pretty good, but it is what it is.

I can’t remember what these are anymore…but this one was slightly on the soggy side.

Ah, I believe this one was the Butterfly Roll (shaped like a butterfly, see?), which was sensational.  It’s always the sauce.  The sauce.

This one looks very similar to the other spicy one on top, but it’s different.  This one also has tuna but is less spicy and not quite as good.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific.  I really need to start writing down the menu items or taking photos of the menu from now on…

The verdict?  Haiku is very good, certainly one of the better avant-garde Japanese sushi restaurants I’ve been to.  The variety is one of the strongest points of the restaurant, but I have a feeling the sushi is definitely a safer bet than the other ala carte dishes.  And you really can’t go wrong with any of the sushi rolls.  In terms of flavour and presentation I’d still give the nod to Kobe Jones in Sydney but it’s pretty close.

8 out of 10

Details: Haiku; Address: 28B Taojiang Lu, Shanghai; Phone: +86-6445-0021


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