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Movie Review: Insidious (2011) May 16, 2011

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Well-made horror movies about hauntings are a rarity these days.  Genuinely frightening ones are almost impossible to find.  For me, Insidious was both.

Written by Leigh Whannell and directed by James Wan (the Aussie duo who kick started the Saw franchise), Insidious is a unique spin on the haunted house genre, something I didn’t expect and was pleasantly surprised by.

It tells the story of a young married couple played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, who move into a new house with their three boys.  Weird things start happening and a tragic event occurs — but that’s just the beginning.  At some point in the film the story takes a turn and takes us in a new direction.  Some will like the fact that we are being treated to something we’re not used to seeing.  Others will despise it.

You will have to either know a little bit about what I am referring to or be able to keep an open mind in order to truly appreciate it.  If you can’t, you’ll probably write off the film as silly and farcical.  But if you can (and I could), I believe you’re in for a real treat.

For those put off by the Saw reference, don’t be, because Insidious is nothing like those torture porn films.  It’s also nothing like Paranormal Activity (also referred to on the poster because it has common producers, including Oren Peli), which I thought sucked.  Whannell and Wan have shown their versatility with this one, using clever and authentically frightening situations, escalating tension and downright freakish moments to create one of the most suspenseful ghost films I’ve seen in years.  Sure, none of the tactics are necessarily original, but the execution was undoubtedly superb.

The film does have a few shaky moments, especially towards the end, but if it’s frights you are looking for, then Insidious definitely delivers.

4 stars out of 5



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2. uioae - May 16, 2011

And you give nothing away about the story…

pacejmiller - May 17, 2011

I never do…

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6. Kyle - July 22, 2011

Insidious was one of the most terrible movies i have seen in 2011 thus far. Terrible dialogue accompanied by poor acting team up to make this one movie you’ll wished you didn’t see. Horrible rip off of poltergeist.. keep fingers crossed for no “Insidious II’ !!

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8. Tara (@TaraMarylin) - August 13, 2011

This was such an amazing movie – i loved it. I was terrified, and I watch horror movies at a regular basis too!!

Would totally recommend to horror fans out there. But yeah ofc, u can’t walk into the movie and laugh at everything – that way u’ll just ruin it for yourself. U’ve gotta stay focussed – it’s absolutely terrifying. I had shivers down my back the whole time and there was definitely the occasional gasp/scream!! Go Insidious!!!

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