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Pointless Royal Wedding Observations April 30, 2011

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I’m neither a monarchist or a republican, but I just couldn’t bring myself to care about the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate (sorry, Catherine) Middleton yesterday.  I purposely avoided the ceremony live, but couldn’t avoid catching the highlights in the papers and on TV the next morning.

Here are five random, pointless observations from the royal wedding.

5. I have no idea why Ian Thorpe was invited to the royal wedding, but boy has he lost a lot of weight!  Might have something to do with him going broke and having to make a comeback at the London Olympics next year.

4. I’m also not exactly sure why the Beckhams were invited either, but Victoria Beckham’s outfit and facial expression both conveyed funeral more than wedding.

3. I really don’t understand what’s the deal with people camping out on the street for days so they can see the royal car drive by on the wedding day for five seconds.  Why not sit in the comfort of your own home and watch the whole thing from start to finish?

2. Princess Catherine, I must admit, made a marvellous princess.  Regal, elegant, beautiful — she actually seemed right at home.  Nice dress, very royal.  Actually looked a lot like the Aussie Danish Princess Mary.  Same vibe too.  I wonder if she’ll be happy.

1. Prince William — what the heck happened to him?  He had it, then he lost it.

Ahh, I wonder when we’ll have another royal wedding again?

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