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I ate a KFC ‘Double’…and survived April 15, 2011

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I went for a screening of Something Borrowed today (review to come shortly) and proceeded to KFC for lunch.  I hadn’t been to see the Colonel for a long time because the last time I went drive-through I asked for a Zinger meal and an extra Zinger burger (for two people) and they gave us around 20 pieces of chicken, four burgers and four large fries, amongst other things (and we didn’t realise until we got home).  We ate it for three days straight and for the rest of the week I felt like a lump of lard oozing oil from all pores.

But today was a special occasion because they had the notorious ‘Double’ on the menu (called the ‘Double Down’ in the US).  It’s essentially a burger with two chicken fillets as the buns, and cheese and bacon as the filling.  It was available in two formats — Original and Zinger (which is even unhealthier).  I went with the Zinger, of course, which contains 2515 kilojoules (or 601 calories), 35.7 grams of fat (17.2 grams saturated), 21.5 grams of carbs, and a whopping 2058 mg of sodium per serve.  I also got a fries and Mountain Dew to wash everything down.

The Down has been slammed by health experts as a coronary waiting to happen.  But hey, I’m healthy (at least before I had the burger) and I’m of a healthy weight (ditto), and most importantly, the Double looked sensational.  One is not going to kill me….I hope.

It was given to me in a cardboard box that had to be ripped open at its belly and flipped open.  I looked inside and was actually surprised by how small it looked.  And it fitted the description perfectly — two chicken fillets, melted cheese and bacon (which looked more like ham) in the middle.  I thought there was some kind of special sauce in there (the post looked like there may have been BBQ sauce) but I didn’t taste any.

The verdict?  The Double is not that bad for you (health wise), but it’s not that good either (taste wise).

If you want to talk about damage to health, the Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) Whopper is actually worse in terms of kilojoules (2882) and fat (40.2 grams).  The Double, however, contains a lot more sodium (I believe its nearest rival is HJ’s Spicy Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp (2001 mg).  And you know what?  It was obvious that the Double contained a lot of salt because you can taste it.  It’s an unnaturally salty burger.  While the crisp of the chicken fillet was nice, the filling was inexplicably ordinary.  I wanted there to be more flavour, but it was mostly just salt, salt and more salt.  It badly needed a tangy sauce of some kind — even a touch of mayo would have been good.

So yeah, I’m glad I tried it but I won’t be having it again.

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