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2532 Words March 30, 2011

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City of Words by Vito Acconci, 1999

Yesterday wasn’t quite as productive as I anticipated.  I went to watch Red Riding Hood — I know — but it’s only because I had a free movie ticket that was expiring in a day or so and would have gone to waste otherwise.  Anyway, review coming soon, but for some reason the movie made me very lethargic and lacking inspiration.

Alas, more writing had to be done.  I powered through yesterday to 2532 words (meaning under 1000 words for a day).  I’ll still take that.  But I really started struggling as I reached the climax of the first chapter.  The wheels were in motion and the story was progressing, but it felt like something was missing.  The prose, the dialogue — none of it was as exciting as I had visualised in my mind.

I started committing the cardinal sin of editing while writing.  According to traditional wisdom, the first draft is supposed to be where you just pour it all out so you can rewrite it and fix it up later.  And it really slowed me down.  And the stuff I was amending wasn’t necessarily making it better.

I have a feeling it’s because I haven’t given enough thought to my protagonist, my narrator.  I’ve spent all my time and effort developing the six or seven other minor characters in the chapter and made them very intriguing people, but I’ve forgotten about the guy the readers are supposed to care most about.

Whatever.  The goal is to just get the first chapter DONE and worry about the rest later.  My guess is it’ll be around 3500 words or so and I’ll have to eventually trim it down to 3000.  Wish me luck.


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