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DOZO: Japanese Fusion Izakaya in Tapiei January 8, 2011

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Restaurant: DOZO Izakaya Dining Bar
Cuisine: Japanese Fusion Izakaya
Location: No. 102 GuangFu South Road, Da-An District, Taipei, Taiwan (take Exit 5 from the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station)
Phone: +886 2 2778 1134
Email: service@dozo.com.tw
Website: http://www.dozoizakaya.com
Price: Approximately NT600-1000 per person excluding drinks

I love Japanese food, so when I found out about Dozo, a popular ‘classy’ izakaya joint (they serve small servings of a large variety of food with alcohol) in Taipei, I decided I must go.

I remember it was raining that night, and we wandered right past the place a couple of times — not because it was small — quite the contrary — Dozo is huge, but it’s also dark and has an inconspicuous glass entrance that‘s hard to spot.

Inside, Dozo is extremely spacious and artistically decorated, filled dark funiture spliced with patches of bright red.  It has two floors and a long bar against the wall.  Dimly lit with moving lights that flash ‘Dozo’ all over the place.  Oozes classiness but probably also a costly bill (by Taiwanese standards).

Anyway, we got a seat without a reservation and were amazed by the variety they had — in both food and drinks.  Much of it was non-traditional fusion Japanese that included touches of Korean and Western flavours.  Very interesting mix.  The drinks in particular looked amazing.

I took photos of most of the dishes we got (unless we dug in before remembering) — though it was with a phone camera and in poorly lit conditions, so I apologise for the poor quality.


Slice Octopus with Kimchi and Mayo

Grilled Eel Rice

Salmon and Avacado Sushi

Skewer Platter

The Ham and Cheese Chicken Katsu

You can check out Dozo‘s entire food and drinks menu at their cool website here.

The food was, I must admit, not as good as it looked or sounded.  Pretty good, but not outstanding, though that might be because I’ve been to some terrific Izakayas in Japan.  It’s the type of place that you go for the ambience and atmosphere, and best visited with a group of people, so you can try as many of their dishes as you can.

7.5 out of 10



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