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Chateau Elan Hunter Valley August 27, 2010

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The front entrance to Chateau Elan

The resort we stayed at during our visit to the Hunter Valley was Chateau Elan, a 5-star spa resort located at the Vintage, a Greg Norman designed golf course.  We decided on Chateau Elan after a long search for special deals in the Hunter Valley.  It still wasn’t cheap, but given the exorbitant prices of some of the other luxury resorts, it was one of the cheaper ones.

Chateau Elan has the feel of a boutique hotel, elegant and tranquil, with wide views of the finely maintained golf course.  We had a choice of two types of rooms — the Spa King suite or the Spa Villa.  The Spa King is an open plan room where the spa is located right on the other side of the bed.  The Spa Villa is more spacious with a separate bedroom and kitchen.  We ended up going with the Spa King for two reasons — we didn’t need the kitchen and the Spa King had a Nespresso machine and an “Ergomotion” bed.  I can’t understate the importance of this bed.  More on this later.

Anyway, even though we were right next to this beautiful golf course (The Vintage), the thought of playing never crossed my mind.  I am a hopeless golfer, and all the people that played there were old, wore vests and drove those little carts.

The view of the Vintage golf course from our room

Chateau Elan serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Legends Grill, which is essentially the golf course’s club house, and the food there is supposed to be very good.  We had buffet breakfast there both mornings, and it was okay, and the menu did not really stand out (mostly steaks and heavy stuff), so we didn’t end up having dinner there.

Chateau Elan also has a couple of tennis courts and a gymnasium, neither of which we utilised.

Our room was very nice.  Not particularly big, but it was luxurious-looking, with a separate toilet and shower, a small mini-bar with a Nespresso machine, a spacious spa in the middle of the room, and the Ergomotion bed on the other side (sounds weird but you get used to it).  There’s a 42-inch flatscreen TV and windows that open up to the lush grass of the gold course.  Each room has a theme — like Monte Carlo, Great Barrier Reef, etc — we got the Moscow room, which didn’t mean much.  A couple of paintings, with books from Dostoevsky and a Dr Zhivago video on the shelf.

The Legends Grill

Back to the bed.  This Ergomotion bed thing was remarkable.  You have a remote control that controls the bed, which you can move up and down and all around, plus it has vibrating massage functions.  I particularly liked the “zero gravity” function where your head is down but your legs are up.  Not exactly zero gravity or anything but it sure was comfortable.

I had about 6 naps on that thing in 2 days.

In all, I’d definitely recommend Chateau Elan for those visiting the Hunter Valley, particularly if you intend to play golf (look for specials though).  Even if you don’t, it’s a relaxing place to stay, and it was worth the stay just for the Ergomotion experience.  I probably wouldn’t want to sleep on it every day, but it’s not a bad bed to sleep on for a couple of days.

PS: When booking, try and request for a room facing the golf course.  It’s prettier.



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