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The Last Lunch: Yung Kee Restaurant July 28, 2010

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And so we’ve come to our last meal in Hong Kong, a quick lunch near Central before we had to take the Airport Express to head back to Australia.  It was our intention to leave the best for last, and Yung Kee‘s glowing reputation as one of the top places to eat in Hong Kong (and it’s one Michelin Star) made it a prime candidate.  It’s roasted goose, in particular, is apparently world famous.

We arrived at the well fitted restaurant on Wellington Street (near the popular Lan Kwai Fong district in Central) at just after 2pm, and were starving for a meal.  The place was not quite as crowded as we had imagined (it was a week day) and it appeared most of the lunch patrons had headed back to work.  Nevertheless, the hostess led us into an elevator (and there was another hostess in there) who took us up to the second floor.

We took a seat and began flicking through the menu.  We decided to go with the roasted goose of course, the specialty, but didn’t want to be too full for the flight so we didn’t get one of the set meals.  We asked the waitress if the roast goose plus rice along was sufficient because we weren’t very hungry and she said no.  We then asked what she recommended and she said the fried prawns.  We agreed before realising that the dish was insanely expensive!

Following a short wait, the waitress arrived with the two dishes we ordered, the roast goose and the fried prawns.

Yung Kee's famous roast goose

The very expensive fried prawns

The verdict?  Both very disappointing.  I think it might be because it was after lunch and we looked like obvious tourists, so they didn’t exactly give us their best stuff.

The roast goose was surprisingly tough to chew and as evident from the photo, way too oily.  I think we could have asked for better parts of the goose perhaps?

As for the fried prawns, they were cold and the batter was soggy.  Again, I think if we came during peak hour and got the fresh stuff it would have been hot and crispy.  Alas, it was not to be, but I was not happy about the recommendation from the waitress because: 1. it wasn’t very good; 2. it was very expensive; and 3. we didn’t need the dish.  The goose alone was more than enough for two.

Yung Kee wasn’t horrible, but given its reputation and for the price (I think it was more than 600 HKD), totally not worth it.

5 out of 10



1. Rachel - April 27, 2011

:-/ Yup, that was a pretty bad part of a roasted goose. It’s the breast/sidebreast, and the favoured part is the thigh.

However, thigh meat is sold separately, so I don’t think that you would have gotten it for the same amount of money.

Also because you were tourists, they knew you wouldn’t complain too much, and probably no one there spoke fluent English anyway, so they would just nod and look “sorry”.

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