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HK Shopping Spree: Causeway Bay to MegaBox July 26, 2010

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Hong Kong is very much like Taiwan when it comes to shopping — except better (or worse, depending on your perspective).

Just about every district is a shopping district, full of shops, restaurants, department stores.  Take the MTR (subway), get off at any random stop, and chances are there will be a department store connected to it.  It’s impossible to avoid it.

There’s the multitude of shopping complexes in the Central and Admiralty (eg Pacific Place) areas.  There’s the ever-busy Causeway Bay district (including Times Square) near where our hotel was.  And of course there is the famous Nathan Road along which the Tsim Sha Tsui to Prince Edward MTR stations are situated.  And those are just the ones that I know.

We only had one day to do most of the shopping.  Here’s what happened.

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Starting off in Causeway Bay

Since our hotel (Regal) was in Causeway Bay, that’s where we started off.  Right on top of the MTR station is the department store SOGO (also visited in Taiwan), where we had a quick look.  The nearby streets were also full of shops and it was hard to resist going into at least a couple.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for me (mostly cosmetics, shoes and bags).  I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

Source: travel-oversea.com

apm mall at Kwun Tong

Next stop, the MTR to Kwun Tong on the green line, a bit out of the way to be honest.  Friends had told us of the great shopping there at apm mall, a 7-storey shopping arcade with hundreds of shops and dozens of restaurants.

Yep, it was pretty good, but we ended up spending way too much time in a shoe store (not for me).  I did, however, buy a couple of cheap books on special (one for stock trading and also Anne Frank’s diary).

Source: skyscrapercity.com

Electronics and Ladies Market at Nathan Road

After apm, we caught the MTR again, continuing along the green line to Mong Kok, right where all the action is.  The MTR Stations Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan and Tsim Sha Tsui are all along Nathan Road, which is extremely long and extremely busy.

There were two main reasons for visiting Mong Kok — shopping for electronics and the famous Ladies Market.

If you’re looking for video games and comics, then look no further than Sino Centre, which is at 582-592 along Nathan Road.  It’s several levels of video games, comics and cool toys (plus some “adult” specialties behind closed curtains — apparently there used to be heaps but the cops cracked down on the illegal ones).  Now it seems most of the stuff there is strictly legal, though I did see a few stores selling “pirated” games under the tables.

Sino Centre is where I bought the PS3 games for my friend (including the sensational God of War III which I, um, trialled for him).  I ended up purchasing 3 games for about half the price they would have cost in Australia.

If you’re looking for camera equipment, then check out SimCity (for details click here).  I bought a new camera battery and memory card there for real cheap.

I took this one

The Ladies Market in the streets behind Nathan Road is an interesting one.  Lots of cheap stuff like imitation bags, jewellery, fans, towels, CDs, DVDs, all sorts of stuff.  There are always lots of foreigners there trying to negotiate their way to a good bargain, but they’re probably still getting ripped off.

By the way, if you want to haggle, the correct process is as follows:

1. Ask for the price.
2. They’ll tell you a price.
3. Ask for a cheaper price (say half)

Then repeat steps 2 and 3 until you end up with a price you’re willing to pay.  Otherwise walk away.

I made the constant mistake of only doing steps 1 and 2 before walking away.  I’m not very good at haggling.  But because of that, I probably saved a heap of money!

Detour to MegaBox

Whilst at Sino Centre, my wife spotted a young couple holding a portable fan that can be hooked onto prams.  Wanting to buy it for our little niece, we asked them where they got it from.  After much discussion and several drawings, we had our next destination: MegaBox near Kowloon Bay (even though the guy wrote “Megan Fox” on the piece of paper.  Seriously, I’m not making that up).

And so back on the MTR we went, back along the green line until we arrived at Kowloon Bay.  There’s the mega mall Telford Garden at the station, but we didn’t have time for it.  The trip to MegaBox was a bit of a hassle because we had to walk through the mall, get out of it, then line up for a special bus.

MegaBox literally looks like a mega box.  Check out the details here.  It’s huge and it’s new and it’s very pretty.  Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time there to check things out properly, and even worse, the fan thing we went all the way for wasn’t even sold there!  Maybe the guy did get it from Megan Fox…

Still worth checking out though.

Source: Apple Daily


It was dinner time and we had a reservation near Central (I’ll detail the experience in my next post).  So we caught the MTR down there and raced through the IFC Mall, which is where a lot of the high end products can be found.  Again, I wish we had more time to see things, but not to be.  I’m sure it saved me a lot of money!

Back to Causeway Bay

Finally, after a long dinner, we caught the MTR back to Causeway Bay.  Since the shops in HK close so late, we still had a bit of time left on our hands.  On the other side of the station stood Times Square (a different one), which is another massive mall.  I was malled out by this stage so we only took a quick look at a couple of shops.

I needed some sleep.



1. Leonard - August 13, 2010

Since 1999 I had lost interes in travel to HK. This post has aroused a new interest. Thanks!

pacejmiller - August 14, 2010

why had you lost interest in HK since 1999?

2. BST - August 15, 2010

Nice..Keep up the good work..

3. kellee89 - September 21, 2010

nice blogs. thank you
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4. atik - January 28, 2011

Lady’s Market very bad to shop for me, because i dont now how to make negotiation that why sometimes i get high price. Better shop at the boutiq or mall with the nett price and all of them will give special discount…and guaranteed quality

pacejmiller - January 29, 2011

For sure, if you don’t know how to bargain you could get ripped off at the Lady’s Market. It’s a very different experience to shopping at the malls because the quality of the products are completely different — but so are the prices. If you want to get good quality stuff and you are willing to pay for it, definitely, go for the malls.

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