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Hopkins gets revenge against Jones Jr in stinker April 4, 2010

Posted by pacejmiller in Boxing.
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Today I went to the same public venue where I watched Manny Pacquiao take on Joshua Clottey last month to see Roy Jones Jr take on Bernard Hopkins in their long-awaited, 17-years-in-the-making rematch.  While the place was packed beyond belief last time, I was stunned to find that this time it was virtually empty.  No one there could care less about a fight that would have been huge 10 years ago, but couldn’t even muster a live crowd of 7,000 now.  Even Danny Green (the man who knocked out Jones in one round last year), who sat behind right behind me, had a stern “that should have been me” angry look plastered across his face the entire time.

Hopkins (45) smashed Jones (41) in a clear unanimous decision, 117-110 (twice) and 118-109, in a foul-filled, boring stinker where both fighters didn’t have much to give.  Especially Jones, who had to resort to multiple foul tactics (hitting behind the head and low blows) just to keep things interesting.  Hopkins actually collapsed in his dressing room from the back-of-the-head blows.  Both men had to be taken to hospital for tests afterwards.

In the lead-up to the fight, many people warned me that it would be an absolute crapfest, but a part of me still wanted to see two old legends settle a score that should have been settled years ago.  Well, I shouldn’t have wasted my time.  It was sad to see what had become of them.

While we all knew that Jones was way past his best, but people were still saying that Hopkins could fight.  Against Jones, he could, but to be honest he wasn’t much better.  I know Hopkins doesn’t fight pretty, but this was ugly.  If Hopkins goes up to Heavyweight to challenge David Haye like he says he would, then good luck to him.  He could get seriously hurt (just like if Haye challenged the Klitschko brothers).

Let’s hope both men retire and not further tarnish their glorious careers.



1. Uppercut Punch Bags - April 10, 2010

Shame to see two legends passed there best… Think hopkins should retire now.

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