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Week 2: Time to Freak Out March 9, 2010

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The start of week 2 of my studies has brought about a bit of panic.

Before I started this course, I had fantasized that it would be a time of relaxation, leisure, exercise, movie watching, reading and writing.  Finish my novels.  Write a script.  All at my own pace and with plenty of time for other things.

Naturally, things aren’t as cruisy as I imagined they would be.  The day goes by way too quickly!  A couple of household chores, an errand here and there, and the entire day is gone!  Blog posts and articles take far longer than I expected, especially the weekly ‘National Assignments’ I’ve been doing for Bleacher Report, which require at least 5 hours of research, planning, and structuring. 

And of course, there is the actual stuff from the course.  It’s one thing to write for fun, but when you have deadlines, topics and writing exercises that force you to write, it’s a different feeling.  That said, I welcome the experience.  I still find the reading and writing more interesting and enjoyable than anything I’ve ever studied.  For once, I truly want to learn!

However, I haven’t been doing as much as I should have, and the thought of falling behind is freaking me out.  There’s actually a lot to read and write for each subject every week, and on top of that there’s the assessments.  Looks like I need to reprioritise and focus on my studies first.

I probably should have finished up from my job a week earlier than I did.  The week I had off was spent primarily getting my affairs in order and tying up loose ends, without much time to unwind.  So last week, the first week of class, turned into my ‘relaxing’ week instead, when I really should have been organising my shit and getting into the swing of things.

Oh well.  Thankfully it’s not too late.  Tomorrow!



1. j-a brock - March 9, 2010

just a suggestion – why don’t you study part time? your job sounded like it was really full on, and those kinds of jobs take at least a year to get over. that way you’ll still have time for your own creative work.

pacejmiller - March 9, 2010

I initially enrolled part-time in a similar course, but thought it would be better to get it all done and dusted in one year! I’m sure I’ll have time for my own creative work. I just need to get my act together! There’s actually a lot of freedom in picking assessment tasks, so perhaps I could combine the two. It’s just that when something becomes assessable, it instantly becomes more complicated than it should be!

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