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The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time February 14, 2010

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There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high ‘rewatchability quotient’ (as I like to call it).

You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there’s something else on that you haven’t seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time.

Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it out every now and then and put it on for whatever reason, and then find yourself sitting there two hours later, still captivated despite having seen it 10 times already.  The freakiest thing is that some of these movies actually get better the more times you watch it.

Following an agonising culling process, I have finally come up with my top 20 most rewatchable movies of all time.

Let’s count them down.

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20. The Sound of Music (1965)

Be fair.  The Sound of Music is a rewatchable classic, and it’s pretty much on all the time.

You know all the songs.  You sing along.  Admit it.

19. The ‘Burbs (1989)

I am not kidding here.  The ‘Burbs is one heck of a comedy about life in the suburbs, complete with nosy neighbours, crazy characters, and maybe even serial killers.

It has Tom Hanks, before his head got too big.  Bruce Dern in his prime.  Rick Ducommun  (a poor man’s Dan Akroyd) at his best.  Carrie Fisher, before she was too far removed from Princess Leia.  Corey Feldman, when he was allowed out of rehab on occasion.  Eighties comedy at its best.  What more could you ask for?

18. Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Quentin Tarantino makes rewatchable movies, and Reservoir Dogs is highly rewatchable.  Fragmented, but in a stylish way, with a cast of super actors belting out classic dialogue.

The whole film is like a collection of memorable quotes on everything from tipping etiquette to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ (“How many dicks is that?”).  After a couple of viewings you’ll be talking like Mr Blue or Mr Blonde (or my favourite, Mr Pink).  I believe this is one of those quality cult films that get better each time you watch it.

17. White Fang (1991)

My favourite ‘boy and pet’ movie has to be White Fang, adapted from the classic Jack London novel of the same name.  I must have watched this movie at least half a dozen times, though it was primarily because my sister had an Ethan Hawke infatuation at the time.

That said, it is a genuinely great movie.  Beautifully filmed, and the bond between Jack (Hawke) and White Fang (a half-wolf half-dog hybrid) is truly heartwarming in the way that only Disney films can be.  All kids should watch this.

16. Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

One of those outrageous, silly and crazy 80s action flicks with a wacky storyline and hilarious one-liners.  Directed by John Carpenter, Big Trouble in Little China makes no excuses for its Chinese stereotyping, but that is part of what makes it so funny.

I think this could have been Kurt Russell’s best role ever.  A perfect combination of bravado, utter stupidity and dumb luck, Russell’s Jack Burton has made the film a cult classic.

15. 12 Monkeys (1995)

One of the most underrated sci-fi classics of all time.  I was a bit on the young side when I first saw 12 Monkeys (the film, that is; I was much younger when I first saw 12 monkeys at the zoo), so I didn’t ‘get’ all of it – but the amazing thing is that it still blew my mind.

The film had it all – a post-apocalyptic Earth, terrific envisioning of the future without going overboard with the technology, quirky characters (including a loony Brad Pitt), sweet dialogue, and of course, Bruce Willis trying to save the world.  And that whole circular time-travel, cause-and-effect business that I just thought was so clever at the time.

Repeated viewings have not dampened my enthusiasm for 12 Monkeys.  Actually understanding everything that happens in it has made it even more enjoyable.

14. The Rock (1996)

Controversial choice here.  I had to put one Nicholas Cage action classic in here, and I went with The Rock over Con Air and Face/Off, even though I think Con Air is the best film of the three.  The difference must be the presence of old Sean Connery.  The man is just too awesome.  Oh, and Ed Harris as the bad-good bad guy, and David Morse as the good-bad bad guy added an extra dimension to the film.

All very exciting stuff – road chases, Alcatraz setting, hostages, rockets with deadly gases, a geek and an old man against a whole army of bad-asses.  Extraordinarily over the top and about as cheesy as you can get, but highly rewatchable and fun.

13. Meet the Parents (2000)

First saw this on DVD with very low expectations and laughed so hard I almost fell off the chair.  This was Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro at their comedic peaks (I know, Zoolander, but not for me), and the jokes were very ‘rewatcher friendly’.  Classic lines usually are.

I have since watched Meet the Parents several times, and each time it still brings out the laughter.  “The animal doesn’t even have thumbs, Focker!”

I was disappointed with the sequel, Meet the Fockers, which went too far below the belt for my liking.  Hopefully the third film in the series, set to come out in 2010, will be better.

12. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

I think this was one of the first films I watched more than once at the cinema, and actually wanted to watch it again after that.

When it came out, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was a landmark in filmmaking.  Arnie was at the peak of his powers and Edward Furlong came out of nowhere to be the next big thing.  And who could forget skinny Robert Patrick as the unstoppable liquid metal T-1000?  You had unbelievable special effects, insane action (including that truck vs motorbike road chase), and memorable lines and scenes that have withstood the test of time.  A true classic in every sense.

11. Minority Report (2002)

I am a big fan of Dick (Philip K Dick, that is) adaptations, and Minority Report is right up there as one of his best.

As sci-fi films go, Minority Report has one of the coolest and slickest visions of the future thanks to Steven Speilberg.  The morally confusing premise, the cool gadgets, the intriguing storyline, the cool colour scheme; precogs (I love that word), rolling eyeballs, amazing futuristic transport, and a ripper of an ending – Minority Report is one of those films I always continue watching when I am lucky enough to stumble across it.

10. Total Recall (1990)

Another Dick adaptation and another classic movie capable of multiple viewings.  From the Martian landscape, Arnie’s bulging eyeballs, and Sharon’s Stone’s bitch fight, to the lady with the three breasts, Total Recall had plenty of lasting images.  In my opinion Paul Verhoeven’s best film.

A true measure of the film’s classic status is that it is still debated to this day – was it real or was it all in his head?

9. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Hear me out.  Happy Gilmore is Adam Sandler’s best film as his old self (the new ‘dramatic’ Sandler doesn’t count).  Better than Billy Madison, better than The Waterboy, and better than all his later crap.

The main reason is that Happy Gilmore is actually funny.  Still a bit hit-and-miss at times, but it definitely has the highest hit ratio of any of Sandler’s early films.  Many of the laughs come from Christopher McDonald’s Shooter McGavin, one of the best villains in history (“I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast”), as well as Carl “Apollo Creed” Weathers as Happy’s golf coach.  The best scene, of course, was the Bob Barker fist fight.

I really wish they would make a sequel.

8. Armour of God (1987)

Here is a random one.  Armour of God is in my opinion Jackie Chan’s best film, and miles better than any of his later stuff.  He also almost died filming one of the scenes, when he fell from a tree and hit his head on a rock, cracking a hole in his skull (and hence the difference in hair length before and after).

The story follows Chan, an ex-band member turned treasure hunter who, together with an old mate, searches for the various pieces of the Armour of God in order to save an ex-girlfriend from an evil cult.  Sounds tacky, I know, but Armour of God was way ahead of its time.  It had that Indiana Jones-esque feel to it, with unbelievable innovation in terms of action, gadgets and stunts.  The fight scenes were also some of the best of Chan’s career, especially the final battle, where he takes on four buffed kung fu women at once (I am not making this up).

Definitely check it out if you can find it.

7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

My favourite of the Indiana Jones franchise and the most rewatchable one of the lot.  It was more fun, more funny and more exciting than the original and its sequels.

The premise was also probably the most ridiculous (until the Crystal Skull came along), but Indy and Kate Capshaw (and Short Round) took it in their stride.  Whether it was eating monkey brains, crawling amongst bugs in the dark, ripping hearts out of chests, or roller coaster rides in underground mines, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom manages to capture that old fashioned adventure feel that is rarely replicated these days.

6. There’s Something About Mary (1998)

I first went into There’s Something About Mary not having a clue what it was about, and came within an inch of pissing my pants (the only other time I came that close was when I watched Paradise Road, but that was because I had 3 large beverages before the movie and it was too freaking long).

There have been so many copycat movies since (including by the Farrelly Brothers), trying to take the grossness and the outrageousness to new heights, but none have come close to the magical power of Mary.  We, the viewers, became like Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon, hopelessly devoted to the film like they were to Mary.  Everyone remembers the zipper scene and the hair gel scene, but the best parts for me belonged to Dillon’s Pat Healy, who combined wonderful sleaziness with killer politically incorrect lines.

No matter how many times I watch Mary, I still laugh hard, every time.

5. Pulp Fiction (1994)

The first time I watched Pulp Fiction, I may have been too young or not focused enough, and as a result I didn’t find it all that great.  It wasn’t until several years later, when I watched it properly, that I realised what a freaking masterpiece it was.  And the more times I watched it, the more I loved it.  Now, it’s one of my all-time favourites.

From the initial diner scene to the gimp scene to the hilarious sequence beginning from the car ride with Marvin to the final diner scene, every segment is a classic.  It makes you wonder how anyone could have come up with such sensational dialogue and situations that make you clueless as to what the heck is going to happen next.

How many lines from the film can you recite off the top of your head?

4. Fargo (1996)

Fargo was the last film I expected to like when I accidentally stumbled across it one day at the video store, but I loved it from the very first time I watched it and loved it more and more with each subsequent viewing.

It’s black comedy at its very best.  Some of the dialogue and scenes make you wonder whether it’s appropriate to laugh, until you realise it’s too late and you’re already laughing your ass off.  It made Steve Buscemi my favourite actor – from his banter with Peter Stormare to his encounter with the escort lady to getting shot in the face, it was simply a masterful performance that should have gotten just as much credit as Frances McDormand (who won the Oscar) or William H Macy (who got nominated).

I must have annoyed the hell out of everyone when I went through a phase responding to any human interaction with “The heck d’ya mean?” or “You’re darn tootin’!”

3. Stand By Me (1986)

Stand By Me was the first home video we owned in the family and my sister and I would watch it religiously, over and over (yes, she had a crush on all the boys except the fat one, who happens to be Jerry O’Connell).  I can say with confidence that there is no film I have seen more.

Based on Stephen King’s novella The Body, Stand By Me is the ultimate coming of age movie and the ultimate friendship movie.  There’s that distinctive narration by Richard Dreyfuss, the innocent young faces of Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell, and of course the late River Phoenix, whose poise and screen presence even at that age makes me sigh every time I think about his tragic death.  Oh, and who can forget Kiefer Sutherland as the bad older kid?  I bet that’s what Jack Bauer used to be like as a teenager!

Stand By Me is one of the films that, no matter how many times you watch, still gets to you in the end.  They just don’t make movies like this anymore.

2. Die Hard (1988)

“Yippee-ki-yay, motherf&*ker.”  I have a friend who insists Die Hard should be number one, and to be honest, it came very close.

It’s the film against which all other action films are measured.  It is also the film against which all Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and the dad from Family Matters’ films are measured.

One man (John McClane) against an army of terrorists, trapped inside a massive corporate building.  He’s hurt, he’s bleeding, and he’s all alone.  And yet he’s their only hope!  Gotta love that.

It’s a premise that film-makers have challenged many times, but for some reason Die Hard just has that special supernatural ability to make you want to keep watching it.  The most amazing thing is that all the sequels to Die Hard are actually pretty good, but none can even come close to the brilliance of the original.

1. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The first time I watched Shawshank, I went “WHOA”.  The second time I watched Shawshank, I still went “WHOA”.  And the third time, and the fourth time, and so on.  There’s no movie quite like Shawshank when it comes to rewatchability, and what makes it more remarkable is that it is a freaking prison drama with very little humour and almost no action.

There’s a good reason why Shawshank is consistently ranked as one of the top 2 at IMDB.com.  It’s the type of film that, after watching it, you need to sit through the credits just to compose yourself.  You don’t have to speak to the person beside you or even tell them “That was good,” because you know they know it was bloody awesome.

It’s a downright travesty that despite being nominated for 7 Oscars in 1994, Shawshank didn’t get a single one.  Seriously, look at the other 4 nominees for Best Picture that year: Forrest Gump (winner), Pulp Fiction, Quiz Show and Four Weddings and A Funeral.  Yes, all good films.  Forrest Gump was very likable and enjoyable, but if you ask anyone now which was the better film, 9 out of 10 would say Shawshank, without a doubt.

The most amazing thing about all of this is that Stephen King also wrote the novella (Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption) upon which the film was based (that makes it 2 out of my top 3 on this list!) and even crazier, both novellas were in the same book (Different Seasons)!


Yes, as you may have noticed, there were a lot of comedies and action films in the above list.  Well, that’s because comedies and action films are the most rewatchable genres.  They are easy to watch, don’t require much emotional investment or brain usage, and are more likely to still be watchable even if you start watching mid-way.

On the other hand, dramas and romances take too much out of you, and except for the really amazing ones (like the ones in this list), lose their emotional impact on repeat viewings.  Few horrors and thrillers are capable of scaring or thrilling people the second or third time round (some can’t even do that on the first), and apart from the really exceptional ones, the more you watch the clever/twist films, the less clever they become.

Oh, and the reason why there aren’t any recent films on the list?  Because they haven’t been out long enough to be capable of repeated viewings.

So there.  My top 20.  What are yours?

Missing the cut

Con Air (1997), True Lies (1994), The Mighty Ducks (1992), Back to the Future II (1989) , Dead Poets Society (1989), What About Bob (1991), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), The Lost Boys (1987), Gladiator (2000).  A friend has also told me that the British comedy Withnail & I (1987) is also highly rewatchable.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for all their likes and comments.  I was surprised that I found a lot of the films mentioned by people were films I also rewatched often and totally forgot about for the purpose of this list.  So I’ve done an updated post with some additional films.  Check it out here.

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1. Nate - February 18, 2010

This is a great list. I don’t think I’ve never thought or come across one like this. But now that you’ve got me thinking……..

Where’s The Princess Bride? Aliens? Newly minted Star Trek? Hot Fuzz? The Little Mermaid? The Lion King? Titanic? Speed? WALL-E? The Lost World? Ghost? Kill Bill? The Simpsons Movie? Poltergeist? It?

pacejmiller - February 18, 2010

Ahhh…I definitely should have put The Princess Bride and Aliens in there. I’ve only seen Star Trek once and I think it’s too new to warrant all-time status. And believe it or not, I’ve never seen Hot Fuzz (the film, of course) or The Little Mermaid.

Titanic I did see several times, but after the 4th or 5th time I got a bit annoyed with it. Speed, yes, should be on the list. WALL-E I’ve only seen once and haven’t had the urge to see it again. The Lost World…seen only a couple of times…Ghost, yes, should be on the list. Kill Bill…once. Simpsons Movie…too new. Poltergeist, can’t remember! IT! Yes, I did watch that many times, but it is too freaking long!

b72ndy - June 30, 2011

Wow I can’t believe you haven’t watched the little mermaid

thatdude - June 29, 2011

This is a shitty list.

fessols&naps - June 30, 2011

it seems in every country is the same list. This globalization make everybody enjoy with the same films all over the world. It’s funny this insight could affect anybody.

fessolsandnaps - July 4, 2011

maybe Cape Fear is one of them, lawyeeeer

Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) - June 30, 2011

Wall-E sucked but Aliens is my favorite!

theamberlight - July 1, 2011

The Princess Bride…be still me heart….Little Darlings (Christy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal)….Dances with wolves…Star Wars……GhostBusters…..Coal Miners Daughter (know every scene thanks to HBO)….Superman (the first Christopher Reeves version)….Mne in Black (first)…..yesyesyes Lion King…Poltergiest…..Close Encounters…..Amityville Horror…..Rosemary’s Baby…..Halloween….Prancer (OMG is there a better Chrsitmas movie)….A Christmas Carol (Albert Finney version)….The Dark Knight (new but fun to watch),,,,Smokey and The Bandit….Top Gun…..Days of Thunder
Fun post…thanks!!!

2. Mark Campbell - February 21, 2010

Woteva happened to Madeleine Stowe? Luved her in 12 Monkeys! Will have to Google her to find out… I want her back on the big-screen so was so graceful and pretty in all her roles. And always concerned about The Little Mermaid… How do mermaids reproduce? Do they lay eggs? Are they mammalian? So many questions…

pacejmiller - February 22, 2010

Apparently Stoweput a halt on her acting career to concentrate on her family and kids. Yeah she was awesome on 12 Monkeys and most other things she’s been in. An underrated actress and beauty I reckon.

As for the Little Mermaid, I think she was underage anyway. I’d imagine Mermaids reproduce through IVF.

Ells - July 5, 2011

Surely it would be like a platypus – they lay eggs, but still produce milk… Seeing as a mermaid has fishy lower parts to lay the eggs and human upper parts to produce milk, I guess that would make sense, in a messed up kind of way!

But anyway, didn’t the little mermaid turn into a human at the end of the film? So, she’d have human babies – problem solved!

sylviahubbard1 - June 30, 2011

i’m cracking up over here about mermaid reproducing

3. 7zethlen - April 12, 2010

Pretty nice list, if you ask me. But i’ll always think the first terminator was better that the others, not to say that that one’s bad. However, this is kinda embarassing, but I would add the Neverending story to this list. I’ve seen it bajillions of times and it never gets old. kinda cheesy though.

Also, I know it’s new, but I could wath Avatar over, and over, and over. That movie was so frikken AWESOME!

pacejmiller - April 21, 2010

I never got into the first Terminator like I did the second one — I think my age when the two movies came out might have had something to do with it.

Oh yeah, I forgot about The Neverending Story! That was definitely a classic. I also remember watching Willow many times too!

American Delight - June 30, 2011

Ditto on adding the first Terminator. Good call.

4. sightfulproductions - May 30, 2010

Totally agree with you on Shawshank!

5. Gideon - June 11, 2010

This is a great list and I think critics need to consider the “rewatchability quotient” when they initially evaluate movies. Here are some I would add.

1) Shaun of the Dead
2) Young Frankenstein
3) Ghostbusters
4) Zombieland
5) Signs
6) The Sixth Sense
7) Nightmare Before Christmas
8) Scary Movie 3
9) Jurassic Park
10) Jaws
11) Oh Brother! Where Art Thou?
12) Christmas Vacation
13) The Host
14) Avatar
15) Whip It
16) Jumanji

With special mention (only because of the Netflix Instant watch Queue) for the following TV Shows that seem to get better and better:

1) Futurama
2) 30 Rock
3) King of the Hill
4) The Venture Bros
5) Family Guy
6) Metalocalypse
7) My Name is Earl

pacejmiller - June 12, 2010

Haha, thanks for commenting. From that list (bearing in mind I haven’t seen them all) I can only agree with Zombieland, The Sixth Sense and Jurassic Park. As for the TV shows, my most rewatchable ones are definitely Seinfeld and Arrested Development.

chelsea - November 15, 2010

i love you

pacejmiller - November 15, 2010


sylviahubbard1 - June 30, 2011

putting anything my M.Night is an abomination. i can watch them once and just be mad forever.

but i’ll give you O Brother

But take back Whip and Shaun of the Dead.

oh Come on!!!!

belknits - June 30, 2011

Young Frankenstein – YES!!! I love it and still quote from it often.
Also on my list:
Rocky IV
The Matrix
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Waydowntown (my all time favorite)

tlf - June 30, 2011


theamberlight - July 3, 2011

I love Xanadu…..most def a rewatcher

6. Ricky - August 19, 2010

The Princess Bride
Neverending Story
Are a must Have then my own few :)

The Sting
Midnight Sting (diggstown)
Robin Hood – Prince of thieves
Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Great list though m8

7. fup - October 14, 2010

i stumbleuponed this and while reading i had my doubts about where you were going but your top 5 picks were perfect. as soon as i read shawshank redempmtion i almost jizzed because of how perfect a number one it is. shawshank has always been my favorite movie and my most common reasoning is my ability to watch it over and over again. multiple times ive watched the movie two or threetimes in a row because its so perfect, its beauty is in its simplicity.

pacejmiller - October 14, 2010

you said it man!

8. ARYA - November 7, 2010

I dig your concept of rewatchability but not what you picked. For me everything Keanu Reeves ever did is rewatchable.

pacejmiller - November 7, 2010

Actually, you know what, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure probably belongs on that list!!

I can’t recall but did I put Speed on it? If not, it should be.

Perhaps the first Matrix too??

9. Paul - November 12, 2010

This list is invalid because Dumb and Dumber is not on it.

Its like naming top geniuses of all time and forgetting einstein…..

Too bad

pacejmiller - November 12, 2010

I think that belongs on the list of 20 most ‘never want to watch ever again’ movies of all time

10. Gideon - November 15, 2010

I didn’t like Dumb and Dumber the first time I saw it either, but my son kept watching it over and over and it grew on me.

Its now one of the few movies that I like that stars Jim Carrey.

11. jellyjam - November 19, 2010

why has no one said fight club. eh?

pacejmiller - November 19, 2010

Because the first rule of Fight Club is…?

Ben Tompkins - January 11, 2011

good comeback;)

12. About Writing: 2010 in review « About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller - January 2, 2011

[…] The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time February 2010 21 comments 3 […]

13. kindall - January 4, 2011

totally agree with the last 3 comments that is automatically what I had thought at the end of your list

Dumb and Dumber!!!!
Fight club
Kung Fu Hustle
Lost Boys
Jaw Breaker
Ninja Scroll
Judge Dread
Tekkonkinkireet (sp)

14. Ben Tompkins - January 11, 2011

I think Die Hard should be # 1, and how could you not include The Empire Strikes back?

15. Antithesis Jones - January 11, 2011

The more I look at this post and the various suggestions, the more I realize that so-called “rewatchability” is just a matter of a person’s taste, and has little or nothing to do with the inherent merit of the movie itself. Some movies just appeal to some people a lot over and over again, and it doesn’t really mean anything either about the person or the movie.

For example, take number 9 “Happy Gilmore.” I didn’t really like it the first or second time I watched it, and after that I realized I really didn’t like Adam Sandler either. Now he’s often a popular performer. A lot of people do like him, but some don’t. I don’t find any of his movies “rewatchable” or even “watchable.” Then take number 4, “Fargo.” I liked it the first time I saw it, and then I tried to watch it again because of this list and I didn’t really want to finish it. I just found the whole story depressing. I suppose some people will enjoy seeing William H. Macy’s character’s ill-thought out plans spiral into chaos over and over again, but once is enough for me.

So it seems it’s more a matter of personal taste than anything else.

pacejmiller - January 11, 2011

You are absolutely right when it comes to my post. Though factually (nothing I can prove) there are some movies that tend to get a lot of rewatchers for whatever reason. Say Titanic.

attheamericantable - June 30, 2011

Oh Titanic is – I hate to say it – an age and gender thing. Girls who were 14 when they first saw it (at least 14 times) will probably continue to rewatch it, again and again.

16. Gareth Perch - March 14, 2011

I agree that Die Hard’s a rewatchable, as is Die Hard 2. Aliens too. Terminator 2 I saw many times at the cinema, as well as Titanic, but Jurassic Park was probably my most watched at the cinema.

I have a definite top 3 of films that stand constant rewatching and I’d class them in the same category (whatever category that might be); “Pleasantville”, “The Truman Show” (talking of great Jim Carrey films – you shouldn’t overlook “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” either) and “Groundhog Day” (rewatch within rewatch).

Brad W - June 29, 2011

Glad you mentioned “Groundhog Day.”

I would also nominate “Weird Science,” “Better Off Dead,” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” … I’ve seen those three a million times and I could watch any of them right now and be entertained.

Damian Trasler - June 30, 2011

There’s something metaphysical about the concept of watching “Groundhog Day” over and over again….

17. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - June 29, 2011

I gotta agree with most of these, except Sound of Music. It’s not that I don’t like musicals, My Fair Lady or Victor, Victoria I could watch over and over. But not SOM. Love that you have Cohens and Tarantino represented.

18. matthewhyde - June 29, 2011

I don’t recall seeing much love for it before, so thanks for giving some love to The ‘Burbs. One of those films I’ll always watch when it’s on TV.

(Then again, you might want to ignore me, as one of my favourite re-watch films is Dodgeball…)

Ellie - June 30, 2011

The burbs, dodgeball – both are brilliant! ha!

19. Alex - June 29, 2011

Nice concept! I should advise, staying in the area of English-language films: Who framed Roger Rabbit (I rewatched it many times and still dig it), Addams Family Values, Batman Returns, Home Alone… You shouldn’t underestimate Spanish-language, French-language or German-language cinema either… but that’s another story!
Oh, another one from Britain: The Full Monty

20. Mikalee Byerman - June 29, 2011

Perfect list! Yes, I know every word to every song in Sound of Music — and I could probably almost recite Shawshank by heart as well!

Thanks for sharing this …


21. Ashley Clark - June 29, 2011

Gotta be Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee…
Congrats on Freshly Pressed (way after the fact!!)


22. Pedro Suarez Luna - June 29, 2011

Gracias por la aventura q me proporcionan dentro de la página es muy divertida

23. Lauren - June 29, 2011

Die Hard, The ‘Burbs, White Fang … LOVE them! Of course, we mustn’t forget Empire Records!

24. cranege - June 29, 2011

“Shawshank Redemption” is a great movie. I too have seen it many times and it is still powerful each time.

25. Kristin - June 29, 2011

Just wanted to say thanks for adding Happy Gilmore. It’s always been on my “rewatchable” list, and I LOVE it. Many friends don’t understand how it’s Sandler’s funniest movie, but I’m assured that it is! And I totally agree that Shooter McGavin gives some of the funniest laughs of the movie. The only part I would have added was that Ben Stiller as the nursing home attendant was pretty damn funny. Thanks for this post – I will definitely have to watch some of these movies now!

26. girlonthecontrary - June 29, 2011

Mighty Ducks should totally have made the list!

My top 5 would be:
1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2. Jane Eyre (The newest release)
3. Clueless
4. Little Miss Sunshine
5. Amelie

Loved this post!!! Thanks!

27. Michelle - June 29, 2011

Great list, especially Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, Temple of Doom, and Stand By Me; I’ve watched all of those a ridiculous amount of times! I would add:

The Goonies!
Fight Club
Peter Pan
Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet
Shaun of the Dead
Toy Story
Dirty Dancing
Wall-E (I know it’s quite new but it’s inherently rewatchable)
Pirates of the Caribbean (1)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

28. Conor Odonoghue - June 29, 2011

Shawshank Redemption is a movie i would gladly watch over and over again!

However i would agree with Gareth Perch. The Truman show would be on my re-watch list.

29. Anonymous Betty - June 29, 2011

Great list! Pulp Fiction is one of my all-time faves!!!!!

30. mewithmycamera - June 29, 2011

I believe you may be able to add “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” ,”Home Alone” & “The Breakfast Club”

31. Aparna - June 29, 2011

Good job on the list! I’ve watched Shawshank one time too many. It used to be a favorite, and I watched it repeatedly till I got sick of it :) Dead Poets is another that I’ve gotten sick of by watching again and again. Agree with your list on these movies: burbs, white fang, 12 monkeys, terminator 2, happy, indiana, mary, meet the parents, pulp fiction, fargo, diehard 1. Some other movies on my rewatch quotient list would be- Home alone, Finding neverland, se7en(despite its gruesomeness), Big Fish, Erin Brokovich, night at the museum2

32. Stu - June 29, 2011

OK, there seems to be a definite age gap going on here. At 40 and at least cresting the hill, I weigh-in from the John Hughes generation.

But first, golf clap at seeing Sound of Music on the list. (Would be a roaring applause if it had taken its rightful place in the top 3.)

Of Hughes’ classics, at least 5 deserve All-Time Rewatchable consideration:

National Lampoon’s Vacation
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Weird Science
The Breakfast Club
Some Kind of Wonderful
Sixteen Candles
Pretty in Pink
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Uncle Buck
Home Alone

and, for the two non-Hughes, ALL TIME OMISSIONS of the same era:

Caddyshack and, the #1 Classic of all time bar none….


Also, an honorable mention and truly satisfying experience anytime, anywhere: Predator.

33. lanceschaubert - June 29, 2011

I beg to differ.

Dramas and romances are most watched because they hit us at a deeper level. People are not truly this shallow. People want to be moved. If you count storylines that have been duplicated, romances and dramas take the cake. People have watched Romeo and Juliet over and over again in a thousand different different forms. It’s like Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen – their songs have been covered more than anyone precisely because of their depth. Look at Cohen’s “Hallelujah” – people don’t want to chuckle and watch crap blow up. People want to be moved. They go laugh and experience high-visual effects when they don’t know where to go for depth.

I offer, for your consideration, the REAL 20 most rewatchable movies of all time (in no particular order):

20. 10 Things I Hate About You (Shakespeare)
19. Inception (Dante)
18. Memento (Salinger)
17. Shawshank Redemption (Dumas)
16. Titanic (Shakespeare)
15. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (Campbell)
14. The Usual Suspects (Faust)
13. The LOTR: Return o/t King (Tolkien)
12. Pirates of the Carribean (Defoe)
11. The Fountain (Thomas)
10. Elizabethtown (Campbell)
9. Love Actually (Shakespeare)
8. Vanilla Sky (Hemmingway)
7. Tombstone (Shakespeare)
6. Big Fish (Campbell)
5. A Beautiful Mind (Poe)
4. The Neverending Story (Ende)
3. Monty Python: Holy Grail (Malory)
2. Dead Poet’s Society (Greek Mythology)
1. Donnie Darko (Hawking)

attheamericantable - June 30, 2011

I really like the rationale here!

pacejmiller - June 30, 2011

I’m replying to you specifically because I am in awe of your list. That’s sensational.

everythinktwice - July 1, 2011

woohoo!!! three thumbs up ^__^ very clever!!!

34. jerry - June 29, 2011

good movies. thanks for sharing.

35. lexy3587 - June 29, 2011

great list, and great explanations of them. The one I can say I don’t really want to watch again is Stand By Me… My mother insisted on me watching it one time when I was very young, and it gave me nightmares… I hated it witha passion. I’m sure it’s better than I remember,but I’m unwilling to test that :P
I’d also add Poison Ivy (a Michael J Fox movie from 1985) to the list, because it is a hilarious summer-camp film, and I have no idea how many times I’ve watched it.
congrats on FP!

36. numan - June 29, 2011

ı bookmarked this article, i will use it :)

37. Joe @ Not Your Average Joe - June 29, 2011

Shawshank probably deserves number one, unbelievable flick. I vote for Rocky and Godfather I and II…

38. hopeingaza - June 29, 2011

The rock is one of the best things that ever happened to hollywood.. for me i would add on my list “The Hurricane, The Gladiator, Troy, A beautiful Mind, Pearl Harbour and Armageddon” and much more of ourse :D

39. kellelynn - June 29, 2011

I agree with The Rock and The Sound of Music. Love those and will watch them if I stumble upon them on TV. I’m not sure about the order of my list or even what else would be on it, but I’d have to say these would be:

Dirty Dancing
The Guardian
Blazing Saddles

Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

40. Andreas Moser - June 29, 2011

I can watch James Bond films every day.

41. Sultan Abdul Haseeb - June 29, 2011

out of all these, i have only watched “the rock”. And now i definitely wanna watch pulp fiction and minority retreat!
Thanks a loads :D

42. marriagecoach1 - June 29, 2011

Great list but it really should be the top 50 because of the great ones that you did not include. North by Northwest and the Birds should be on there. I totally agree with Sound of Music being #1. I have seen it so many times and it was my first official boy girl date.

Gunfight at the OK Corral (the one starring Kurt Russell) should be in there as well as any of the spaghetti westerns. Unforgiven should have definitely made the list.

The Magnificent 7 should be on there.

How could you have a top 20 list and not list Top Gun?

And what about the Karate Kid. You really need to redo the list and make it the top 50.
John Wilder

43. sincetheworldsending - June 29, 2011

I love the list, but was sad to not see The Warriors on it.

44. cbowiephoto - June 29, 2011

I agree with your number 1. What a great movie.

45. halfwayto50 - June 29, 2011

Meet the Parents is on TV all the time because it never gets old! What about Christmas movies? I seem to watch the same ones again and again each year including Christmas Vacation and It’s a Wonderful Life! On another level, what about great 90’s romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail, Serendipity, and Sleepless in Seattle? Those movies are ones I keep on the DVR at all times for a rainy day.

46. simmyhundal - June 29, 2011

superb blog post; i subconsciously meditate on rewatchability all the time. your theory was both eloquently put and 96% correct in my semi-professional opinion – call me a lazyboy but as much as i love your top notch drama list, they’re in mid section of my re-watch list unless i have a random spurt of inspiration. but respect nonetheless pace

47. My 10 Most Rewatchable Films | Lost in My Own Mind… - June 29, 2011

[…] by one of today’s Freshly Pressed blogs, go here to read it, I especially appreciate #8 and […]

48. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) | touchdownohio - June 29, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

49. Nora Weston - June 29, 2011

Wonderful list! I’d have to add Serenity, Happy Accidents, Chronicles of Riddick, Garden State, The Silence of the Lambs, Frailty,and this seems an odd fit for my additions, but…Pride & Prejudice from 2005.

50. rockfarsan - June 29, 2011

1. Warriors
3. Christmas Vacation
4.fletch 2
5. Vacation european.
6. old school
7. anchor man

51. Bookish Hobbit - June 29, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of the movies on this list, some of them only once though and I can’t really remember enough of them to agree or disagree with your observations.

I watched “Meet the Parents” last year because my mother had borrowed the DVD and found it to be sadly lacking. That’s one movie I do not intend to watch again.

52. itslifekid - June 29, 2011

Great list! Makes me want to head to the dvd store and grab a couple of those films :)

I would throw in Old School, Anchorman and Hot Fuzz in there myself, as I’ve gotten great re-watch value out of those. But yeah, great job!

53. Iibuli - June 29, 2011

There must be a huge gab in my education since I haven’t seen most of those films. (Yeah shame on me!) I do own Stand By Me though and I have seen there’s something about Mary a thousand times since apparently people in Finnish television love it!

I don’t know if I can come up with 20, but I’ll give you my best shot: Stardust, Pride&Prejudice(2005), The Holiday, Underworld trilogy, Becoming Austen, Devil wears Prada, Chocolat, In Her Shoes, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of Opera, Edward Scissorhands, The Notebook, Casino Royale, V for Vendetta, Dirty Dancing, Memoirs of a Geisha and Ps. I love you. (No pun intended)

54. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « sieveslockeroom - June 29, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

55. flatland57 - June 29, 2011

12 Monkeys is one of my favorite movies of all time, plus it was filmed here in Baltimore–at least some of it–at the Engineers Club in Mt. Vernon.

Love Stand By Me, Pulp Fiction etc.

I would add Casablanca (come on), and pretty much any Hitchcock movie, especially Rear Window.

Loved your post. What fun!

56. flatland57 - June 29, 2011

Oh yeah, I should add that as a former english major (lots of time on my hands) that re-watching, just like re-reading only enhances the story and your understanding of it. So it’s not just mindless activity.

57. slavesincorporated - June 29, 2011

Glad u ended it with SHawshank
‘He crawled through a river of filth and came out clean.’

On my list, Desperado tops. I have lost count of how many times I have seen it. The ultimate in cool, good performance and great music

58. Lakia Gordon - June 29, 2011

Big Trouble–I love that movie
Meet the Parents is hilarious!
Indiana Jones– I would watch that movie over and over

All are my favorites!! Thanks for sharing :)

59. thor27 - June 29, 2011

A lot of good movies most I’ve seen some I haven’t
nice blog !!

60. tinkerbelle86 - June 29, 2011

stand by me is such a beautiful film! i would add men in black and the cat in the hat. becuase i love them.

61. Sajib - June 29, 2011

For me, unfortunately, the first would have been The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption in the second. I recently watched Minority Report and it was unpredictable!

62. Jodi - June 29, 2011

The one I can watch over and over and every time it is on is “My Cousin Vinny”

63. realsupergirl - June 29, 2011

OMG the only movie on that list I would want to watch more than once is Terminator 2. Though i’ll give you Pulp Fiction is a good pick, I did go through a period of time where I watched it many times. Now I can’t watch it all anymore. But none of the other movies are ones I would want to watch even once.

You’ve inspired me to make my own list.

64. Ricky Criticon - June 29, 2011

Great post! I would have also included: Home Alone, Jurassic Park, The Fifth Element and my guilty pleasure “Four weddings and a Funeral”.

65. TRC - June 29, 2011

The Rock, Terminator 2, Pulp Fiction and There’s Something About Mary, I’ve enjoyed those more than a couple of times and certainly I’ll do it again. I do not share the opinion about Con Air being a better film than The Rock though. As a geek who has watched Con Air more than 10 times, I can tell you is rubbish, rewatchable, but rubbish anyway.

66. Marathon Sweetheart - June 29, 2011

Problem Child, Clueless, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Jurassic Park, Good Burger, Little Mermaid, Forrest Gump, Selena, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Dumb & Dumber!

I love yours: Terminator 2, Something About Mary! Never seen your #1, but it looks like I’ll have to! :-)

67. liradand - June 29, 2011

Every time I watch Pulp Fiction, I notice something new. Great list!!!

68. Kathy Bruins - June 29, 2011

Great list….some of them I haven’t seen yet, so perhaps I will soon. A couple of movies I love to see over and over are First Knight with Richard Gere and You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan.

69. mezba - June 29, 2011

Great list! I would definitely add
– Home Alone (only the first one),
– Back To The Future (again, the first one),
– Aladdin
– The Mask
– Speed
– Air Force One (this would be #1 for me).

(Read With Meaning)

70. acleansurface - June 29, 2011

The Sound of Music is my most watched.
Seeing Tom Hanks here on your list, from The Burbs, makes me smile. I have been watching his son Colin Hanks in a show called The Good Guys through Netflix recently. Colin sounds just like his dad sometimes, especially when he yells!

71. Phil Reid - June 29, 2011

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller??????????

72. scandalousmuffin - June 29, 2011

Congrats on the Freshly Pressed!

This quite the an eclectic list. I’m sure you will have no shortage of “but oohh oohh you forgot this one!” comments today.

Nice one on Reservoir Dogs, though my list would have had more Tarantino. I loves me some witty dialogue and catchy soundtrack music.

73. Deletrius - June 29, 2011

I would definitely agree with The Sound of Music. Absolute CLASSIC, and it truly is always on TV. I saw the Shawshank Redemption once, but I think I was too young to understand most of it. I think I’ll have to take the time to re-watch that film. Thanks for the list!

74. The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife - June 29, 2011

I agree with a few of those on The List. I would have to put Princess Bride and Gladiator on there too.

75. ILIKA - June 29, 2011

i think the harry potter series should have been on the list. you can watch it anytime from any point. ALWAYS.

76. 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time « Supergirl Saves the World - June 29, 2011

[…] featured this blog post with someone else’s list of rewatchable movies, and I was amazed at how many of the movies on […]

77. notesfromrumbleycottage - June 29, 2011

These are great but you need some family movies such as The Incredibles, Toy Story and Tarzan on your list. I have watched these many times with my kids and never fail to have a good time.

78. marisabynum - June 29, 2011

Where’s This Is Spinal Tap?

79. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « Meanlittleboy Blog - June 29, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

80. journeytoepiphany - June 29, 2011

The Godfather
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
and for some really weird reason Napolean Dynomite (its just so quirky and I notice different things every time)

81. The Letter "B" - June 29, 2011

Yes to several included in “Missing the cut”….especially The Mighty Ducks. :)

82. tmso - June 29, 2011

Kung Foo Panda, anyone? Come on.

Second, third, fourth, fifth, or whatever Princess Bride. I just saw it the other day. So much fun.

83. Paul McFadden - June 29, 2011

Ha amaaazing! was scrolling down thinking i haven’t seen most of these, but then the last 2 or 3 i was just YES!

However, definitely lacking an entry from disney there…

84. JamesQuirk21 - June 29, 2011

Love most of these films. (well the ones i have seen at least!) Surely Romeo and Juilet must be on there?! Im new to word press, any ideas or tips?! Love your blog by the way :)

85. Jim - June 29, 2011

Your list is great, but it it is for the 21st Century. If you enjoyed some of the movies listed above (especially Fargo and Pulp Fiction), there are a library of movies from the 40s thriough the 50s you need to consider. These would include:

1 – Casablanca
2 – The Hunchback of Notre Dame
3 – Twelve Angry Men
4 – Yankee Doodle Dandy
5 – The Maltese Falcon
6 – G Men
7 – True Grit
8 – The Manchurian Candidate
9 – Fail Safe
10 – Angels with Dirty Faces

Hali - June 30, 2011

That is the worst list I’ve ever seen if you’ve considered re-watchability at all.

86. bluelineswork - June 29, 2011

I just saw this, and just wanted to add in no particular order, Man On Fire, Domino, Fight Club, The 5th Element, and The Professional.

87. hollyjb - June 29, 2011

I have to say, I haven’t seen most of these films! Maybe it’s my age. Sound of Music, YES, Meet the Parents, sure, Something about Mary, it’s been a while, Shawshank, OH MY GOODNESS OF COURSE (I actually saw the end first…I walked into a friends house and it was on, but it didn’t ruin it for me). I’ve seen a couple Die Hard’s, but not the original.

The Back to the Future trilogy is one of mine and my sister and I can watch Twister (Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton) any time. The Princess Bride is awesome too. There are so many for me I wouldn’t really be able to make a list, but I think The Goonies needs to be on someone’s list!

There’s one movie that always sticks out as one I can’t watch that many times. I think I’ve seen it twice and I have no desire to see it again and time soon. I don’t know why, it’s a good movie; I Am Sam.

hollyjb - July 1, 2011

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail!

I can’t believe I forgot that one. I hated the first time I watched it, I just didn’t get the humour. Than a few years later I watched it with a group of people who were sitting there quoting it and I loved it. That’s the best way to watch it, with everyone quoting as much of the movie as they can.

88. Denichan - June 29, 2011

wow! This post was from over a year ago! Nevertheless, I thank WordPress to link me to it… :) it reminded me of really nice movies (some of which I’ve watched many times) that I wanted to watch again!

I agreed with most of your list, and from the comments… yes! Speed is nice.

Some of mine: “Defending your life”, “Who framed Roger Rabbit?”, “Sleepless in Seattle” (because I’m a girl… xP)

89. cakepopsandmore - June 29, 2011

I could watch Wedding Crashers and Love Actually 700 times!

90. blog-notlarım | mnatakan - June 29, 2011
91. bridgetehemann - June 29, 2011

Yes! Shawshank as #1! I totally agree and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

92. tantracore - June 29, 2011

I agree with about 1/2 your picks and much of the other comments. Here’s a few more not mentioned to consider:
A Knight’s Tale
American Beauty
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Dirty Dancing
Don Juan de Marco
Field of Dreams
It’s A Wonderful Life
Little Big Man
My Cousin Vinnie
Paint Your Wagon
Song of the South
The 5th Element
The Secret of Roan Innish

93. bradenbost - June 29, 2011

I largely agree with your list. Especially T2 and Shawshank.

94. Dave Adams (host) - June 29, 2011

One of mine is “Executive Decision” – Kurt Russell really had a great role.

95. actortim - June 29, 2011

I’m gonna plant Ghostbusters and Withnail and I in here too.

Oh, and Amelie.

And Lost in Translation.

But good list! I agree, it’s a ruddy miracle that all of the Die Hard sequels are decent! But they are, even 4.0!

96. Dave Adams (host) - June 29, 2011

(sorry — I’m NOT “the host”)

97. actortim - June 29, 2011

“I’ve never seen Hot Fuzz ”

Woah! Make it your next rental, you owe it to yourself.

98. stressingoutstudent - June 29, 2011

Oh man, this is a great list. I agree with a lot of the choices, especially #1! I had the same reaction watching the first and subsequent times: “whoa.” And I see I have a few movies to add to my “need to watch” list.

99. actortim - June 29, 2011

“The Truman Show” (talking of great Jim Carrey films – you shouldn’t overlook “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” either) and “Groundhog Day” (rewatch within rewatch).

^^ Oh, and these too. :P

100. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « Woman on Pause - June 29, 2011

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101. Thomas Stazyk - June 29, 2011

When I read lists like this I look for areas to disagree and as I read down I kept saying, “yeah, yeah.” I could quibble but I think its a great list. And anyway, any list that doesn’t include Star Wars is alreay pretty good!

102. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « My Social Media Strategy by coaching train - June 29, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

103. clintonwight - June 29, 2011

The Temple of Doom was my least favorite of the Indiana Jones movies, I think raiders of the lost ark was the best.

104. coachingtrain - June 29, 2011

Great post

105. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) | Ado Feck - June 29, 2011

[…] The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

106. ournote2self - June 29, 2011

I LOVE The Burbs!!! There are so many good one-liners from that movie. :) I can’t get enough of it.

107. Tammy - June 29, 2011

You’ve inspired me to compose such a list. I’ve only seen 8 of your 20.

108. Chad - June 29, 2011

Simply put…The Big Lebowski and Groundhog Day need to be on this list.

109. rlhoover - June 29, 2011

No films older than 1965? Some of my picks:

The General
City Lights
Duck Soup
A Night At The Opera

110. Jay - June 29, 2011

Don’t forget about the Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler. That movie is hilarious every time I watch it.

111. She Traces - June 29, 2011

I haven’t seen like about 10 movies on your list, so I can’t really judge but I do agree with The Shawshank.
Personally my list would include:

1. CURLY SUE- Who doesn’t love a girl in curls?
2. HOME ALONE 1 or 2- Though I prefer NY.
3. MRS. DOUBTFIRE- Fields without osteo and Williams looking young and bushy-eyed? Come on! Who didn’t dislike Brosnan after this movie?

112. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « dommylive - June 29, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

113. michaeleriksson - June 29, 2011

Reading the title, I my thoughts immediately went to musicals and how much greater their value on repeated watchings (on average) have been to me compared to ordinary movies. (The same applies to non-musicals very heavy in good music.) Then I read the actual post—and immediately come faces to face with Sound of Music. The twist is: This is one of the musical that I consider a see-once-every-ten-years-and-then-remember-why-I-have-not-seen-it-in-ten-years movies. Consider, instead, My fair lady—that is a musical worth seeing and hearing. Or take The Wizard of Oz, which is not only amazing entertainment, but also, considering when it was made, a candidate for the “pound-for-pound” greatest movie of all times. (Also one of the very few movies which actually does provide entertainment for the whole family.)

114. Ruksi - June 29, 2011

Nice, but you forgot rush hour 1! :)

115. Gabe Garcia - June 29, 2011

Pat Healy is one of the funniest characters ever!
“My passion is my hobby.”
“Really? What’s that?”
“I work with retards.”
“Isn’t that a little politically incorrect?”
“The hell with that! Nobody is going to tell me who I can and can’t work with!”

shetraces - July 13, 2011

That´s funny!! What movie?

116. Justin - June 29, 2011

I would like to respectfully disagree… most of these films I have seen and weren’t all that special… I mean Temple of Doom? It was alright but I’d have to say that Last Crusade and Raiders were the best… although that’s just my opinion and Hudson Hawk is on my list! So take it for what it’s worth… my list is large so if you or anyone else want to see it, you can at http://justinchristopherdavis.wordpress.com/movielist/

But very nice job on your list and I agree that Happy Gilmore should be on everyone’s list!

117. nicole b - June 29, 2011

No one has mentioned the Emperor’s New Groove!

118. saramosier - June 29, 2011

Tarantino and Coen brothers movies are ALWAYS rewatchable. I’m sad to not see Zoolander or American Beauty on this list, though.

119. newsy1 - June 29, 2011

For me it’s Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Casino, The Graduate, Annie Hall, The Green Mile, Pretty Woman and John candy’s Summer Rental.

120. redheadmouth - June 29, 2011

Forest Gump, Donnie Darko, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

121. marcsart - June 29, 2011

i’m trying to find ‘armour of god’… is it the same thing as ‘operation condor’?

122. Hajra - June 29, 2011

I am pretty upset that Forrest Gump didn’t make it to the list! Would have loved to see it here but Shawshank makes up for all the dissapointment!

123. stoptheinvasionoforegon - June 29, 2011

I totally agree with you about 12 monkies- I do watch it over and over again however I still dont understand it.
I love bruce willis.
I would add French kiss and take off reservoir dogs which was iawful violence,
I also think Casino can be watched over and over again. Some films are just too dark to do a lot , like Fargo which is brilliant but I cant stand the scene where they cut the bodies up .,,,
GEt Shorty is a comedy with Violence and a great plot and then there is apollo 13-

124. zachynyoga - June 29, 2011

Hi Pace, great choice on Stand by Me, the new movie Super 8 is similar to Stand by Me. Great blog can’t wait for the next one.


125. Eva McCane - June 29, 2011

I can’t say I agree with the entire list…there are a couple I haven’t even seen. But overall, great picks. And I’ll make a point to check out the ones I have yet to see…

126. Natalie Gorna - June 29, 2011

It’s awesome you have listed “White Fang” on your list…I thought nobody watches these kind of Disney gems anymore, especially not my age group. I definitely love that film and I agree that it is “rewatchable” in every sense. :)

127. My Top 20 Most Re-Watchable Movies of All Time | The Faery Inn - June 29, 2011

[…] of all, I blatantly stole this idea from a blog WordPress featured on the Freshly Pressed page. Instead of leaving a comment there, I thought I’d try to hash […]

128. Jeff Baumgart - June 29, 2011

Great selection! Without giving it too much though, I think I would have to include The Princess Bride, Dumb and Dumber, and Braveheart.

129. faerylandmom - June 29, 2011

I decided to write a post of my own. I think the only movies on both our lists are The Sound of Music and the Shawshank Redemption. In all honesty, there are only a few movies on your list I’ve actually seen. Sad, right?

Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

130. Hopewell - June 29, 2011

3 out of 20 for me.

131. tessafleur - June 29, 2011

It is a good list (I loved meet the parents, there’s something about Mary…) and it gave me alot of ideas of movies to watch.
But, ‘there is a but) I am soooooo disapointed there isn’t “The usual suspects”, I mean , that movie is my n1 rewatchable one!

132. Katie - June 29, 2011

1. I LOVE that you have my favorite movie as #1 on the list. And yes, it’s probably my favorite because it’s so rewatchable. Light bulb!

2. Very well written reviews.

3. I think “Love Actually” could make the cut, just to throw a rom-com in the mix.

4. I’m ashamed to admit there are a couple of those I haven’t seen. I’m probably going to have to rectify that soon.

4. Congrats on getting freshly pressed over a year after you wrote the post!!

Katie - June 29, 2011

That last one should say #5. Doh.

133. Silverhawk - June 29, 2011

Totally with you on Shawshank, Die Hard and Armor of God (hat of to you for even mentioning it). I couldn’t possible come up with a list of 20 as I have so many favorites. Tho I know Shooter (would be my nr 1) Cashback, Resident Evil 1-3, Jason Bourne movies, Bye Bye love, Mad mission 1-3 and Urotsukidoji.

I’m more of a series geek lately.
1. Farscape
2. Life (Curse you NBC for cancelling)
3. Keen Eddie (Curse you Fox for cancelling)
4. Game of Thrones
5. Human Target (First real show for guys and they cancelled *sigh*)
6. Luther
7. The Killing
8. Sinchronicity
9. Coupling
10. Lie to me
11. NCIS
12. Surface
13. Drive (seriously 6 episodes, woot???)
14. Alias
15. Primeval
16. Buffy
17. Angel
18. The Master (series from the 80s)
19. Criminal Minds
20. CSI

134. Tattoos, love and lunacy... - June 29, 2011

Oh I have to disagree on some of these, particularly “Big Trouble in Little China” eek! I remember buying it on VHS from KMart back in the day and being completely bummed out when I got it home and watched it haha! I do agree with “Meet the Parents”, “Something About Mary”, “Pulp Fiction”. I love “Shawshank” but couldn’t re-watch it all the time. I’d add to the list “Bridget Jones Diary” and “The Devil Wears Prada”. Ugh, I’m such a girl ;)

135. Fancy Lingerie - June 29, 2011

Something about Mary is our favorite!

136. prettygirllost - June 29, 2011

You have some really good ones there. Shawshank and the Terminator movies are a couple of my favs.

Someone mentioned Young Frankenstein, which reminded me of Airplane. Who can’t quote at least one line from Airplane? Major rewatch ability.

A few more of my favs:
Star Wars movies
I Robot
Matrix movies
Men in Black

Thanks for sharing your list and listening to ours! :)

137. taureanw - June 29, 2011

I have watched #1 on your list so many times it is ridiculous and the sad thing is that if it was on TV right now, I would still watch it!

138. 48colorrainbow - June 29, 2011

I agree with the earlier posters who mentioned “The Princess Bride”, “This Is Spinal Tap”, and “Casablanca”.

I’ll add in “Coming To America” (the old men in the barbershop still crack me up, even after lots of viewings) and “Dogma” (maybe not for everyone, but I have noticed something new with each viewing).

139. nimd4 - June 29, 2011

Nora beat me to it :( Serenity!..:)

140. The 10 Most Re-Readable Books « Reading Dangerously - June 29, 2011

[…] just read a very cool post about the 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time and decided that it was such a cool idea that I had to steal it. Here are my top 10 most […]

141. cloudy5 - June 29, 2011

Good blog, I’ve loved reading all the lists and adding to my ‘must watch’. Mine would include: Amelie, French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, Mr Bean’s Holiday (it makes me laugh ok!), Life of Brian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Le Valet, The Closet, Big Fish, Swallows and Amazons, Nim’s Island, Airplane, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Holiday, Gone with the Wind, There’s something about Mary (very adolescent but man did I laugh), She’s the Man, Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Juno, Fargo, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Bridget Jones (1 and 2), Groundhog Day, The Illusionist (a must-see!), Dirty Dancing, Despicable Me, all of the Bourne movies, Almost Famous (probably my number 1 or 2), When Harry met Sally. Yes I’m female and unashamed of my choices! My husband’s would include all the Lord of the Rings, Japanese martial arts movies, most Clint Eastwood movies, most war movies and lots of sci-fi. Look forward to reading more…

142. cparente - June 29, 2011

Good list. For me SAM and T2 battle it out for top honor. You’re so right about Matt Dillon — thinking about his dentures has me laughing right now.

I also agree with your methodology — action and humor wear better over repeat views. But some others on your list, not so much. Here are some that should have made the list:

Aliens – classic, and the action hero is female
Last of the Mohicans – best date movie ever
Road Warrior – spawned so many copies
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — essential 80s
Knock True Lies off, replace with Predator
and as many have said, Casablanca.

143. noblebull - June 29, 2011

Wow. Great list, although I would have an incredibly difficult time narrowing it down to twenty movies unless I went by genre, then categories and so on. But since you asked, here are my top ten re-watchables, in the Movie Classic genre: 10.) The Ten Commandments; 9.) How the West Was Won; 8.) Rear Window; 7.) Pillow Talk; 6.) Rio Bravo; 5.) The Parent Trap; 4.) House of Wax; 3.) Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner; 2.) The Great Escape; 1.) Charade
Thanks again for the great Blog!

144. milieus - June 29, 2011

I’ll be honest… I have only seen 4 of those movies.

My top movies I can keep re-watching are “Centre Stage,” “Legally Blonde,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and any Disney cartoon (preferably of the princess variety.) For me, the movie has to be mind-numbing and fun to get me to watch it over and over again.

145. Charlotte - June 29, 2011

Nice post. Now you have me thinking which movies I’d choose. Shawshank is defintely at the top of my list. I don’t agree with your opinions about dramas though. I can watch a good drama over and over – Out of Africa, for example. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched that movie! Another that would def be on my list is Lost In Translation – never tire of that one.
Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

146. Bri Barbieri - June 30, 2011

Great post. . .Meet the Parents never gets old!

147. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time | Travel to Johor - June 30, 2011

[…] FreshlyPressed This entry was posted in Kota Tinggi Waterfall and tagged AllTime, Most, Movies, Rewatchable. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Relax And Unwind This Summer With A Luxury Holiday To Malaysia […]

148. Cahya - June 30, 2011

I would love to watch Armor of God and Die Hard (by seeing this list) again :).

149. Chris - June 30, 2011

Any movie that I get on DVD or Blu-ray is ripe for re-watches! Heh heh… Of special note would be:

1. Spider-Man Trilogy
2. The Matrix Trilogy
3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
4. The Prestige
5. Definitely Maybe
6. Wall-E
7. The Incredibles
8. UP
9. Top Gun
10. Stealth
11. Iron Man 1 & 2
12. The Incredible Hulk (the Edward Norton one)
13. Gladiator
14. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
15. Star Wars: Episodes I through VI
16. Transformers 1 & 2
17. Megamind
18. Watchmen
19. Despicable Me
20. King Kong (the Adrian Brody one)

There’re a whole lot more but I watch these movies again and again and again. Iron Man, Wall-E & UP deserve a special mention.

150. adimase - June 30, 2011

I like terminator 2..
It very beutiful.i have social bookmarks in http://www.beritabaris.com you can see it..thanks

151. mybakingempire - June 30, 2011

you’ve totally inspired me to make my own top 20… Great post, though only a few of your movies will appear on my list :) Makes me want to watch School of Rock…

152. ravingmadscientists - June 30, 2011

Great list my friend!!! Can’t argue with Die Hard and Shawshank. :)
Our blog actually did a list kinda like this a while ago, but it’s about comedies…..and we are girls, so our lists are pretty different from yours!
http://ravingmadscientists.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/i-love-you-more-today-than-yesterday/ and

153. hisownword - June 30, 2011

Nice work. Top 5 is premiere, but where is Dr. Strangelove. Haha. Funniest movie ever, right?

154. Patty - June 30, 2011

Interesting compilation of movies. I haven’t seen all the movies on your list. My list would be Somethings Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, The Wizard of Oz, Groundhog Day, Pride and Prejudice, A Fish Called Wanda, Ghost Busters, Julie and Julia, All the Bourne movies with Matt Damon, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, There’s Something about Mary, Secretariat, You’ve Got Mail, The Green Mile. My list is longer than yours. These are movies that if I see them on TV I would stop midstream and start watching them.

155. Saje - June 30, 2011

Our tastes in movies vary but I definitely agree with your controversial choice “The Rock” and definitely “Terminator 2”. Another that I find myself always watching is “Forrest Gump”. It is a fantastic movie and just takes me away.

156. Jon Michael - June 30, 2011

I’ve seen the Fellowship of the Ring like a million times.

157. sylviahubbard1 - June 30, 2011

oh this was a good one! here’s mine:

7 Brides for 7 Brothers
The best little whorehouse in texas
Big troublei n little china
Romancing the Stones
Pretty Woman
Blues Brothers
Maid in manhatten
Moulin Rouge (I serious can sing every song by heart and do some of the dance steps cuz i’ve watched it so many times.)
Lord of the Rings (all three in a row so it ocunts as one)
Harry Potter 1
Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Chronicles of Riddick (pitch black sometimes takes its place)
Star Trek
Salt (don’t know why i like this one when i’m not a fan of angelina jolie)
Tourist (again don’t know why i like this one when i’m not a fan of angelina jolie)

158. sylviahubbard1 - June 30, 2011

i forgot “hello dolly”

love this one to death as well.

159. vivian - June 30, 2011

that is such a great list! this reminds me of Sara’s topic blog called Horror Films. http://topiclog.com/topic/5D1aN4s2E

160. katz - June 30, 2011

I appreciate that any list of this sort is going to be subjective, but the omission of The Princess Bride is unforgivable. I can literally recite that film from memory.

161. giancarlo ♥ cinnamoroll;] - June 30, 2011

Oh! I just love THERE’S SOMETHiNG ABOUT MARY. it’s absolutely funny!

162. drawnoutdoors - June 30, 2011

Great list! I would HAVE to add

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Princess Bride
Field of Dreams
Toy Story (for my Munchkins)
…and talking of Munchkins the Wizard of Oz

and a couple of Aussie ones
Happy Feet
Muriels Wedding
Priscilla Queen of the Desert

I think the more you can sing along to the movie, the more you want to watch it!

163. The Writings of Ava Jones - June 30, 2011

I am certainly not a SI FI person by any stretch of the imagination… but Star Wars has to be on this list somewhere… surely?

164. ryanriduan - June 30, 2011


165. Casey Lewis - June 30, 2011

I think I would add The Office and Goodwill Hunting.

166. softwarevb - June 30, 2011

thanks for sharing the list. but most of them I have never seen yet, maybe next time.

Monica - July 3, 2011

I love the fountain…..its my favorite and have seen it more than 50 times till now….. nice post :)

167. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time | Fake Google - June 30, 2011

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168. culinarystorm - June 30, 2011

Love the list.
Except that I think Sound of Music should be closer to the top!

169. Olivia K - June 30, 2011

I would only add “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Rudy.” Great picks.

170. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time | Travel to Sabah - June 30, 2011

[…] FreshlyPressed This entry was posted in Sabah and tagged AllTime, Most, Movies, Rewatchable. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Best-Kept Travel Secrets — Private Tour Guide To The Rescue […]

171. kurchi - June 30, 2011

Hey, congrats on being ‘freshly pressed’!
Umm…as far as rewatchability quotient is concerned, I’d like to suggest ‘Home Alone’…slightly kiddish but an all time favourite..wat say??

172. Josiahe - June 30, 2011

For those of us who love movies, this is a pretty lame list; of course I think I’ve got better ones even though a couple are sleepers.

1) Cry the Beloved Country
2) Pride & Prejudice (new one w/ Kiera
3) The Girl In The Cafe
4) Something’s Gotta Give
5) Kingdom of Heaven
6) Fiddler On The Roof
7) Rob Roy
8) The Patriot – needs to be watched every 2 or 3 months’
9) Almost Famous
10) Bella
11) Good Will Hunting
12) Death at a Funeral
13) Working Girl
14) Sleepless in Seattle
15) Heat’
16) Sweet November

173. lifeofaphoenix - June 30, 2011

Congrats on being FP! Those last 2 are definately on my list! As well as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Thanks Olivia K). My husband and I watch Die Hard every time its on tv. Isn’t it funny that when some movies are on TV you just can’t help but watch them, even though you actually OWN them and could watch them any time! Madness I tell you! Great Post

174. jiggow - June 30, 2011

yeah, Shawshank, still Whoa until this time

175. kevindannycarr - June 30, 2011

A movie list with 12 Monkeys and the Burbs??? I’ll take it. Great post!

176. 7des7iny - June 30, 2011

Jackie’s old shows are much more awesome indeed!

177. Hali - June 30, 2011

You may not have heard of “Muriel’s Wedding” but you should see it. It’s an Australian Comedy – one of Toni Colette’s first feature films. I have seen it at least 20 times and it’s always funny. “Two Hands” starring Heath Ledger is also very re-watchable.

I also think you forgot to add “Wayne’s World”, “Jurassic Park”, “Ferris Bueller” and “Snatch”!

178. Z.H. - June 30, 2011

Definitely Blues Brother in there for me.
I have a theory (albeit unsupported by really anything) that families exposed kids to either Goonies or The Princess Bride, but not both. I was in the former category so got to the TPB too late in life to appreciate anything but Andre The Giant’s immense stature.

Have you ever read Different Seasons? Apt Pupil was probably the best out of the lot for me (despite its pretty horrific subject matter) but the film adaptation (Ian McKellen, Brad Renfro… and David Schwimmer!?) was a bit of a let down.
Thanks for the post!

179. sheokhanda - June 30, 2011

apart from few many are new to me…..

Though I would like to differ on many….

such as you have not mentioned many movies…

1. Lord of the rings
2. Godfather
3. Die Hard 4.0
4. Last of the Mohicans
5. Avataar
6. taxi driver
7. Matrix series
8. dark knight
9. Hidalgo
10. James bond : casino royal
11. Kingdom of Heaven
12. Rocky series
13. Rush Hour series
14. Men of Honour
15. Fight club
16. Inception
17. Aviator
18. Blood Diamond
19. The Departed
20. Goodwill Hunting

These are just few…..

jollof - June 30, 2011

At last, a list that comes pretty close to perfection.

You forgot Speed and The Mummy

I believe that X-Men: First Class has already earned its rewatchablility status. Prove me wrong :)

180. Adam - June 30, 2011

I may not agree with every movie on your list (personally I didn’t care for Pulp Fiction) but any list that has The Shawshank Redemption as number 1 works for me.

The Shawshank Redemption is the greatest movie ever made, and one of the very few pieces of art that can rightfully be called perfect.

181. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « I Can't Stop Raving - June 30, 2011

[…] The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) Filed under: Uncategorized by Ocean Muse Designs — Leave a comment June 29, 2011 There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

182. BRMW9 - June 30, 2011

Interesting…deff the rock. I love that one. Funny and good action

183. Sharp - June 30, 2011

how about as good as ie gets? :)

184. sidhu89 - June 30, 2011

informative list gud database u have gud writing skills and thanx for sharing…………one more thing, i watched shawshank just about 3 weeks ago and i love it……………but if u ask me about my favourite movie then it will be pursuit of happiness and saving private ryan

185. rr - June 30, 2011



186. Oman - June 30, 2011

can across this through WordPress recommendations. Amazing list and to spend hours enjoying
thanks. Add a few classics for me and you are on a winner

187. Phelios Cyros - June 30, 2011

I don’t purposely watch movie for the second time (unless it’s an accident). But, I do purposely repeat “Sherlock Holmes (2009)” and I’m planning to watch it again.

188. TheEverydayMuser - June 30, 2011

I love Minority Report. I’ve probably seen it like, gazillions of times.
I have a few more movies that you can’t get bored of watching over and over again.
The entire X-Men trilogy until The Last Stand. Come on, who can get bored of watching superpowerful mutants kick ass again and again? Best EVER.
There’s also The Mothman Prophecies, which freaks me out every time I watch it, but I still love it.
And then, last, and a little known movie, but still awesome, is The Interpreter.

189. Marie Therese - June 30, 2011

cool list :)

I haven’t watched The Shawshank Redemption yet, guess I’ll do that pretty soon!

190. viacoco - June 30, 2011

Great list ! a huge like from me.

191. boomblastic - June 30, 2011

awesome list ……………..really marvellous

192. Ciiku - June 30, 2011

Your number one is my number one too!! Shawshank is such an awesome movie! My number two is Forrest Gump. I always watch it whenever its on TV, even if I catch it halfway!

193. Marty Chamberlain - June 30, 2011

Gotta add Planes Trains and Automobiles.. always hilarious!

194. ninjawiththeorangetshirt - June 30, 2011

Awesome list! But I gotta add Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Goodfellas, A Clockwork Orange and 500 Days Of Summer :)

I just posted my Top Ten Romantic Comedies on my film-blog
Please check it out and support, thanks

195. Aisiri - June 30, 2011

i would include Hachiko : A dog’s Story too.. its too good… i loved it and definitely face off is better than the rokc :S

196. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time | slopestreetcats.com - June 30, 2011

[…] FreshlyPressed test Filed under Culture | Tags: AllTime, Most, Movies, Rewatchable | Comment (0) […]

197. pyrichb - June 30, 2011

Minority Report is my favorite movie forever.

198. Söderbaum - June 30, 2011

What about “Where Eagles Dare” (1969) with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood? A three-and-a-half hours war movie, non-stop action from the very first scene and full of twists. Most people who has watched it has seen it again, and I know of MANY people from all over the world who has seen it more than ten times. It’s a super-classic.

See the unofficial movie site: http://www.whereeaglesdare.com

Jakob Soederbaum, Sweden

199. Palo343 - June 30, 2011

Eh, good post!!!!!!!!!

200. earthymind - June 30, 2011

why no animated movie in the list???there are so many of legendary animated movies that can make to this list…wall e,finding nemo,despicable me and so on. other than that movies that i can watch over and over again are shutter island, Chicago,a lot like love,august rush, monalisa smile, the brothers bloom,etc

201. carlosnightman - June 30, 2011

Great list, I’ll throw in my 2 cents: For Carpenter films I’d throw in The Thing, Assault On Precinct 13, and Halloween over BTILC- something about those 3 keeps them from aging while Trouble seems stuck in the 80s, not that that’s a particularly bad thing.
Arnie-wise, I’d say that anytime most of his big 80s classics are on tv (even though I have them on DVD and VHS) I’ll probably end up watching them- Predator, Commando, Terminator mostly. Though I love Conan The Barbarian, I find you need to be in a certain mood to watch it.
Like some above mentioned, I’d have to say Aliens too- it has that special magic which drags you into the screen anytime it’s on. Similar to it, I would add Battle Royale, which I watched repeatedly in the months after my first viewing.
I’ve never been a huge fan of Something About Mary, I’d replace it with Dumb And Dumber. That’ll do for now or I’ll be here forever.

202. Un Oeil - June 30, 2011

Some of the list should be first watchable before getting the “rewatchable” grade !

Klaus - June 30, 2011

You said what I was thinking!

203. gaycarboys - June 30, 2011

Who would have thought Jerry O’Connell could go from That to That. I meant that nicely though!

204. milezaway - June 30, 2011

Some good choices in there, I would tend to agree with you that Happy Gilmour is the best Sandler film to date. I would have had Goonies in there though as well a true classic which always brings a smile to your face when you watch it.

205. What the crap is going on? « About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller - June 30, 2011

[…] to see there are hundreds of unread emails that aren’t spam!  Turns out, my post on ‘The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time‘ was ‘freshly pressed’ on WordPress (whatever that means).  All I know is that […]

206. whatsaysyou - June 30, 2011

Cool list! For me, the movie I would rewatch over and over again anytime are the Lord of the Rings trilogy :)

207. She's a Maineiac - June 30, 2011

Great list. I love The Shawshank Redemption! Other movies I can watch over and over: Ferris Bueller and Raising Arizona.

208. Dan - June 30, 2011

Weirdly I find Sweeney Todd rewatchable. I totally agree with your thoughts on Tarantino!

209. richannkur - June 30, 2011

Nice post

210. tinkertoot - June 30, 2011

I have several times tried to watch shawshank redemption over the years in fact i own 2 copies of the movie – I have NEVER seen the end… everyone tells me it’s great and i guess i have to believe them.. forrest gump and The Green Mile kept me awake and i think that ought to count for something>

211. Micky Kieboom - June 30, 2011

Nice list!!! Thanks for reminding me of the movie white fang! I watched that when I was a kid!! About time I watched it again!!

212. ronracer - June 30, 2011

I will agree with every movie on this list EXCEPT sound of music… Seriously SOUND OF MUSIC!!?? LOL there’s not a single list I can think of where you can put Sound of Music AND Die Hard….

213. ritetheleft - June 30, 2011

bad list or worst list ever?

214. Cherszy - June 30, 2011

I wouldn’t go and say I agree with your list because I don’t think I was already either born or old enough to have watched these films. What I agree on is ‘The Sound of Music’. I love the film! It’s a timeless classic!

Some of the other films that would probably fall under my rewatchable list would be ‘E.T.’, the ‘Home Alone’ series, the ‘Toy Story’ series, ‘I Am Sam’, ‘Freedom Writers’, ‘The Blind Side’, and ‘Gridiron Gang’, among others. As you have probably noticed, many of these are actually recent. I’ve not always been a movie buff (I ran out of the theater when I watched my first movie), so I have come to appreciate more of the recent ones than the older ones. I would, however, consider watching ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ since you listed it as your number one most rewatchable film. It must be that good! Thanks for sharing! :)

215. countdownto30andsingle - June 30, 2011

I have never even seen 70% of these… I will have to put them on my list… for some reason whenever some movies are on I have to stop and watch to…. Troy, ConAir for some reason, Pride and Prejuidice, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Happy Gimore, Waterboy, Meet the Parents I totally agreed with, Fools Gold, and I know there are two others I can’t think of.

216. Gabriela - June 30, 2011

I have many rewatchable movies but right up there are Back to the Future and Dirty Dancing.


217. Gabriela - June 30, 2011

You missed another Arnie movie, “True Lies” is just great!


218. Khaye - June 30, 2011

I love Happy Gilmore and The Shawshank Redemption. =)

219. Quill Takes Flight - June 30, 2011

I can NEVER rewatch “Meet the Parents”. I have a serious over-empathizing problem and it stresses me out too much to see him screw up constantly. I end up yelling at the TV and frightening my roommates.

Thanks for the list, though. I love “12 Monkeys”. I’ll watch the others on here that I haven’t seen yet, simply because you listed that movie and now I trust your film expertise. Don’t let me down! :)

220. Troy - June 30, 2011

Where’s “White Men Can’t Jump” and/or “Wedding Crashers”? ;)

221. A. C. Baker - June 30, 2011

I would have included, The Princess Bride, Monty Python’s Holy Grail, and Elf.

222. The 20 Most Re-Watchable Movies Of All Time. | The Cineaste's Lament. - June 30, 2011

[…] Here’s the full list. What are your favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← No Love For “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

223. seashore4 - June 30, 2011

We must be of a different generation! To me, the most re-watchable movies are the romantic ones. See my post: R is for Romantic Movies

96,239,702 – that’s how many views this video (the final scene in “Dirty Dancing” has had!!! The whole world loves a romantic movie!
It doesn’t make a difference if you are alone or with a beloved. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a sappy, dopey romantic flick to curl up and cuddle up with. Sometimes you want a good laugh (Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn), or you want a good cry (Ghost), or even both. And sometimes you just need to remember, be inspired, be entertained by love and romance and all that is just plain good in the world and in life.
My list of romantic movies would include the following –
AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (my all-time favorite)
GHOST (funny how both of them star Patrick Swayze!)
THE NOTEBOOK (voted the most romantic film by men!)
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE (okay, anything by Nicholas Sparks)
SINGING IN THE RAIN (I love romantic dancing!)
Do you love romantic movies? Which ones make you tremble with excitement and appreciation of all things about love?

224. iainthegreat - June 30, 2011

1. Godfather Part 1
2. Godfather part 2
3. Casablanca
4. An American Carol
5. The Winds of War
6. War and Remembrance
7. Red Dawn
8. On the Beach (1959)
9. Eva 1.11 You are [Not] Alone
10. Eva 2.22 You Will [Not] Advance

225. iainthegreat - June 30, 2011

11. Lord of the Rings Fellowship
12. Lord of the Rings Two Towers
13. Lord of the Rings RotK
14. The Dark Knight
15. Xmen
16. Xmen United
17. Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse Black Pearl
18. Xmen First Class
19. Empire strikes back
20. End of Eva

226. habituallearner - June 30, 2011

Love the list. I haven’t seen some of those in eons. How about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

227. The Debt Whisperer - June 30, 2011

I would like to add “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”.

228. yshin - June 30, 2011

Ooh, I’m surprised I haven’t watched a lot of these movies!
#ShallBeNextOnNetflixQueue. Thanks for sharing!

229. Jacob K. Bluhm - June 30, 2011

A River Runs Through It and Lengends of the Fall and Top Gun. That is my top 3. What a fun post. Thank you.

230. Eeshan - June 30, 2011

Perfect choice for No.1!
Shawshank is a real Masterpiece!!!

I would have liked to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in this list, one movie that always makes me cry.

231. briefcrackoflight - June 30, 2011

informative list…but it is a very difficult job to select 20 films out of so many. And again different people have different taste…
As per my taste i would have included the following mivies in the list

1. Lord of the Rings Series
2. Jurassic Par ( have seen numerous time)
3. Terminator II
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Back to the future
7. The Matrix Series
8. Aladin
9. Pretty Woman (i know you excleded romantic movies, but the movie is good)
10. Jumanji
11. Home Alone
12. My Fair Lady
13. Monty Python and Holy Grail
14. Kung fu panda
15. Rocky
16. Ace Ventura
17. Meet the Parents
18. Hot Shot
19. Sleepless in Seatle
20. Forrest Gump

Happy Watching :)

232. rebekahmeinecke - June 30, 2011

I have to say I have not even heard of some of the earlier movies on the list. Is that because I’m a 20-something? Or do I just have a dismal knowledge of classic movies?

233. CultureChoc2010 - June 30, 2011

Great list!

234. She.Is.Just.A.Rat - June 30, 2011

Ghostbusters…Zoolander…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…Breakfast Club… Will watch these anytime they’re on television even though I own them.

12 Monkeys is interesting to be on the list for me…mostly because I think I’ve seen it 30 times, but never in its entirety…most recently two nights ago… One day!

John - July 1, 2011

Like you. I’ve made many attempts to watch Twelve Monkeys but have never made it to the end. I even bought it with a view to getting through it finally but still couldn’t manage it. I’m not sure why, it’s not that I hated it or anything I just seem to lose interest in it half way through.

235. palmtreelifestyle - June 30, 2011

Interesting. I really agree with your no. 1.
Have you heard of a movie called “The gods must be crazy” A South African film. To me the best film in the world and I have watched it at least 50 times and cant get enough, makes me laugh at man kind. Story about a coke bottle landing in the Kalahari and some bushmen find it. Please watch it and have a great laugh. Typical Africa.

edenchanges - July 1, 2011

A brilliant and strange film. Definately rewatchable.

236. Syl Hoang - June 30, 2011

Totally agree with Indiana Jones – The Temple of Doom (actually I would agree with the WHOLE Indiana Jones series), Pulp Fiction and of course, The Shawshank Redemption. I’d like to add “breakfasts at Tiffany’s”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry met Sally” . For newer movies, the list should also include Inception…

237. babefromtheburbs - June 30, 2011

I would have to add Dirty Dancing and Dazed and Confused…

238. joseph - June 30, 2011

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239. news - June 30, 2011

I wish Free Willy and Bingo were included in the list. They are great movies of all time.

240. Jennifer Logue - June 30, 2011

love this entry! totally agree with you on There’s Something About Mary, Indiana Jones, The Sound of Music…
but where’s Harry Potter?? Those movies are soooooo rewatchable!!!! ;-) and the books soooo re-readable

241. absolutsteph - June 30, 2011

How about The Godfather? It’s a lengthy film, but I’ve watched it three times already and always have been engaged!

242. Alessie B. - June 30, 2011

Im so late, but I had to comment because I just knew Shawshank freakin Redemption was going to be #1. I swear I have watched that movie at least 18 times, I have even watched it back to back. Love, love, love that movie.

243. Coder4living - June 30, 2011

I agree with many of the points.

I would add Mad Max 2, Taxi Driver, Full Metal Jacket …

244. Ms. Tumbler - June 30, 2011

Nice review :D I’m definitely will try to find some of the movie you’re mentioned on the list ( white fang, stand by me, etc)

245. intheshoesofnicole - June 30, 2011

The month of July is going to be completing all twenty movies.

246. runningforautism - June 30, 2011

I love the list! The Shawshank Redemption is my number one favourite movie.

247. Onefineham - June 30, 2011

Although I have watched the vast majority of the films on your list I can’t say I would pick the same, although your #1 pick would have to be at the top for me as well. As for your Tom Hanks selection, I would have chosen Turner and Hooch as a good one, or Bachelor Party (though I am certain people will throw things at me for mentioning either).

248. 利奈弁琉 - June 30, 2011

The movies were old dude! :P I only know a few of them and yeah, I think they’re great. The last one was intriguing.

249. trevorwhitecliff - June 30, 2011


I could literally perform the entire movie as a one man show. I love it.

Good list, though. Was surprised by some, disagreed with some and found the inclusion of the Burbs to be inspired.

250. soundwareza - June 30, 2011

Ah man, you really brought back some memories. I have just watched 12 monkeys and enjoyed it till the end. Minority report is also a great movie.

251. Heather C.J. Atkins - June 30, 2011

I’ve seen and love a good 50% of the movies you’ve listed. Now I’ll make it a point to see the others. :)

252. sarisaritots - June 30, 2011

Have Dreams, Will Travel… Little Manhattan… 50 First Dates… The Godfather… Kill Bill… The Dark Knight… Braveheart… Lord of the Rings…

List down some of yours so I can try to watch them too this long weekend. Thanks!

253. trialsinfood - June 30, 2011

i actually like re-watching the romance movies and dramas even though i sometimes end up in tears. my favs are dirty dancing, footloose, bridget jones’ diary, grease, the notebook, sweet november, legends of the falls.

254. Jim - June 30, 2011

I would add Cinderella Man and Gladiator to the list, not to mention all the great war movies like The Great Escape, and Cool Hand Luke…but its your blog ;-)

255. xxaliasxx - June 30, 2011

Ah, Temple of Doom. My favorite of the Indiana Jones series. Mom and I made marathons out of the Lucas films. ;D

256. Charlie McDonald - June 30, 2011

Cool Post :) I only agree with four though.

Terminator 2 (Terminator 1 is also cool)
Die Hard

…………we must be totally different :)

257. halfwayto50 - June 30, 2011

Oh! Don’t forget to include Tommy Boy in this list! I’ve watched that about 50 times. Hearing him yell, “Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug!” never gets old!!

258. Jon The Blogcentric - June 30, 2011

Good list, however it’s always a matter of personal opinion.I think Gone With The Wind is another rewatchable.

259. Nick - June 30, 2011

I agree with the top 5 which would be my last of the top 20. As for Happy Gilmore, I prefer Little Nicky! It’s far too underrated.

260. revlandon - June 30, 2011

I was surprised but happy to see Total recall on there….When I opened it up I was thinking that if you didn’t have Shawshank on the list I was going to be upset…..Very good!

261. Yarani - June 30, 2011

I’m glad you added “Shawshank Redemption” seen it a million times, and I know if I come across it while flipping through channels, I would watch it again, I loved this line so much, I memorized it :

“Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice.”

262. Rocket Dog (Ergo Proxy) - June 30, 2011

Sintel should’ve made this list. It is a short film but VERY rewatchable.

Sintel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRsGyueVLvQ

and Lilo & Stitch

263. crpeterson - June 30, 2011

Fantastic list!

264. Juggling With Julia - June 30, 2011

Whoa, nice work. Clearly, from all the comments, the list is hard pressed to stay at 20. From my decidedly female angle(which you should not dismiss as irrelevant, as I rank Fargo and Total Recall right up there near the top), the two must-haves to add would be Clueless and Legally Blonde. Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon both nail those roles so perfectly, that I can hardly stand to see them in anything else for fear it will ruin my perfect enjoyment of them as Cher and Elle Woods.

Well done!

265. ravingmadscientists - June 30, 2011

Hey…great post! I will watch “The Shawshank Redemption” every time I catch it on TV even though I’ve seen it so much, I’ve nearly got it memorized. I comprised a similar list a few weeks ago specific to comedies…you can check it out (if you feel like it) here: http://ravingmadscientists.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/every-time-i-look-at-you/
I’d have to add “Fight Club” to this list. That gets better every time. :)

266. hissimplelook - June 30, 2011

I would agree with most of these!

267. gemmaglynn - June 30, 2011

Why isn’t Amelie on here? I could watch that movie a million times and never be bored.

268. tdpersay - June 30, 2011

Not bad of a list. Thought Minority Report is a bit high on the ranking. Three movies not on that definitely should be: Gladiator, Remember the Titans, and Coming to America.


269. thatboytim - June 30, 2011

True Romance! Christian Slater, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken…

Rounders – Matt Damon and Edward Norton!

270. Katie - June 30, 2011

Love Stand By Me…it is my ‘I’m having a bad day and need a smile” movie, I could watch it over and over!

271. MarathonLegs - June 30, 2011

Not a bad list. I LOVE Big Trouble in Little China with Spanish dubs; it cracks me up ever time. I could do without The Sound of Music; mom had us watch that every year it came on the tube. To put it nicely…I’m not a fan. How about Rocky?!

272. reHill - June 30, 2011

My top 11 all time Rewatchable?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (53 times) All time best.
As Good as It Gets
8 1/2
Where the Buffalo Roam
Dumb and Dumber
Caddy Shack (at the theatre so much they stop charging me)
Bourne Ultimatum
Groundhog Day
Rocky Horror (Although helped along the midnight show theatre experience)

273. biscuitskill3t - June 30, 2011

I’ve always loved Terminator 2! Classic.

274. weller songteller - June 30, 2011

I have a friend who thinks he is Shawshank. He robbed a gas station, buried the money, and found it again after he got out of the pen.

275. dansolar - June 30, 2011

Great list, keep’em coming. Seen most of the ones on your list the year they came out. Thanks.

276. GFanthome - June 30, 2011

I’ve gotta say two completely different flicks: “Spinal Tap” and “A Christmas Story”.

277. everythinktwice - July 1, 2011

I totally agree with Stand by Me & Temple of Doom… Grew up on them… Too bad The Goonies didn’t make your list and Titanic too :) But great choices. Oh, yeah, Pretty in Pink & 16 Candles didn’t make your list either. They’re my fab faves as well… now interested in Kurt Russell’s Big Trouble in Little China… (Gong sound) lol!

Deina Zartman - July 1, 2011

16 Candles! Yes! Big Trouble in Little China is awesome for its lines, like “Who are these? Friends of yours? Now, this really pisses me off to end…” LOL…

278. letterstoamilitarysister - July 1, 2011

Don’t forget the hangover!Its one of the funniest movies ever and totally re watchable.

279. Tilting Tiara - July 1, 2011

Just because it’s on TV right now and my husband stops and watches it every time he comes across it — A Few Good Men.
… and The Princess Bride.

280. RM - July 1, 2011

I’d be hard-pressed not to think Mulholland Dr as one of the most re-watchable movies.

The first time through is just a pre-requisite to the necessary second watching. And I’ve now seen it about 4 times and still feel like I have a lot left to get from it. Ya sure it’s not an all-ages for everybody movie, but if you like movies that make you think this one is a champ and I’m rather disappointed no one mentioned it yet.

281. Deina Zartman - July 1, 2011

You have to figure you’d have a lot of people chime in with their own lists… I haven’t seen a number of the ones you included, and there are several (like The ‘Burbs) I’d have to disagree with… the ones that come to mind that I can watch over and over would have to include Jaws… Get Shorty… Halloween (the original)… and Shaun of the Dead. Oh, and Labyrinth.

282. msmseb - July 1, 2011

Great list, but it could just go on forever.

283. spikeymom - July 1, 2011

In no particular order, here’s my top 20.I have watched all of these movies multiple times and I never get tired of them.

A Christmas Carol (Alistair Sim edition)
It’s a Wonderful Life
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth edition)
Sense and Sensibility
The Wizard of Oz
Lawrence of Arabia
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Sound of Music

Gone With The Wind
Doctor Zhivago
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
North by Northwest
Some Like it Hot
Singin’ In the Rain
An American in Paris
Ben Hur
Roman Holiday

(My newest candidate is The King’s Speech. I think it is going to bear repeated viewings.)

284. spikeymom - July 1, 2011

My “romance” list…..

Sleepless in Seattle
An Affair to Remember
Notting Hill
Roman Holiday
Doctor Zhivago
Jane Eyre (every version ever made)
Pride and Prejudice (ditto)
You’ve Got Mail

spikeymom - July 1, 2011

2 big omissions from my lists –both directed by Norman Jewison


— I watch it every time it pops up. I love that movie.

The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming

— still hilarious whenever I watch it.

285. yahjme05 - July 1, 2011

Great list of movies… Wanna watch all of them now … Minority report is superb …

wanna have a movie marathon with your top 20 movies. argh.

thanks for the post.

286. brentmasonlive - July 1, 2011

The Burbs, such an awesome movie. Tom Hanks looks so young.

287. lastboomerstanding - July 1, 2011

While I agree with at least 10 of your choices, especially your number one pick, I would have replaced the other ten with these:
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Harold and Maude
The African Queen
East of Eden
Thelma and Louise
Hairspray (the original with Divine)
Dancer in the Dark (tragic but really good)
Grease (silly but entertaining)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
True Lies

lastboomerstanding - July 1, 2011

Ooops… I meant “Woolf” not “Wolf”

288. lastboomerstanding - July 1, 2011

… and maybe On Golden Pond…

lastboomerstanding - July 1, 2011

Ooops… I meant “Woolf” not “Wolf”

and just for good measure, I would add Steel Magnolias to the list too…

289. The Muffin That Went Too Far - July 1, 2011

What about Jurassic Park?
Somebody probably mentioned that already, but still. I could watch it over and over again…I do, actually…

pacejmiller - July 1, 2011

I have a cousin that watched it 3 times at the cinema. I’ve watched it around 4 or 5 times myself, so I agree it is a worthy choice.

290. Consuelo - July 1, 2011

The Rock, rocks! :D

291. John - July 1, 2011

Sorry, but I’ve got to list my own twenty…

1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Misery
3. O Brother Where Art Thou?
4. The Odd Couple
5. Marathon Man
6. Wonder Boys
7. Robocop
8. The Omega Man
9. Trainspotting
10. The Parallax View
11. The War Of The Roses
12. Training Day
13. Se7en
14. Dead Man’s Shoes
15. The Eiger Sanction
16. Some Like It Hot
17. Planet Of The Apes (original not remake)
18. The Taking of Pelham 123 (original not remake)
19. The Sting
20. The Boys From Brazil

292. John - July 1, 2011

While I’m here can I just fuel a new debate by listing my top twenty foreign language films? In no particular order…

1. Amelie (France)
2. Il Postino (Italy)
3. A Prophet (France)
4. Old Boy (Korea)
5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Sweden)
6. Let The Right One In (Sweden)
7. 13 (Tzameti) (France)
8. The Lives Of Others (Germany)
9. Gomorrah (Italy)
10. Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico)
11. City Of God (Brazil)
12. Pan’s Labyrinth (Mexico)
13. Kung Fu Hustle (China)
14. The Beat My Heart Skipped (France)
15. The Sea Inside (Spain)
16. 101 Rekjavik (Iceland)
17. Jean De Florette (France)
18. Delicatessan (France)
19. Belleville Rendez-vous (France)
20. The Secret In Their Eyes (Argentina)

293. timdoring - July 1, 2011

nice blog
check out mine

294. Maggie Maguire - July 1, 2011

To be rewatchable generally I think it has to:

a) have snappy quotable dialogue eg The Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction or Fight Club (so you can quote it at appropriate moments)

b) Have visually engaging sets eg Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet, anything by Tim Burton (so you can see something new each time)

c) Have a great script with suspense and complexity eg Anything based on the work of Steven King or Phillip K Dick

My current most rewatchable In Bruges starring Colin Farrell – succeeds on most levels.


295. Natalia Perez Wahlberg - July 1, 2011

To me any blockbuster is re-watchable, mainly because a few months after I’ve seen it the first time I’ve forgotten the story-line (probably because it didn’t have one to start with). I’m talking about the ones with big FX and lots of things blowing up. Don’t get me wrong, I like those movies, but I tend to forget them easily and, therefore, watch them again when they are on TV.
But, aside from that, I love a lot of the movies from the 80’s (probably cause I’m over 30 and it just brings out the nostalgia in me).
Some that are worth mentioning:
Back to the Future I & II
The Goonies
The early Tom Hanks movies
When Harry met Sally (one of my Meg Ryan all-time favorites)
Dirty Dancing (must be a chick thing)
Coming to America
Beverly Hills Cop I & II
Indiana Jones
48 hours
The War of the Roses
The Jewel of the Nile
Who framed Roger Rabbit
Howard the Duck (although I saw it when I was very young and it scared me then)
The Princess Bride

And the list could go on and on… I have so many 80’s rewatchable movies…

Then there are the classics:
It’s a Wonderful Life
any Hitchcock movie is a definite “watch at least twice”, because you are more than likely to miss smth the first time around
The way we were
Out of Africa
The Godfather I & II
The Untouchables
Any Marx Bros movie, they are too funny to just watch once

Then, of course, there are some of my all time favs:
Big Fish
The Shawshank Redemption
TLOR trilogy
Most of the computer animated movies done to-date
Celda 211 (Cell 211)
Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervious (Women at the verge of a nervous breakdown)
Hable con ella

I could really go on and on… I just love movies! And, most of the time, I watch them more than once, unless I really hate them. I mean, I’ve watched The exorcist more than once… lol

So, there you have it, my 2 cents. Thnx for starting this discussion. There’s never such a thing as too many movie lists.


296. amateurgolfer - July 1, 2011

Would agree with Shawshank, Big Trouble in Little China & Happy Gilmore but would have included:-
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Green Mile

good list though.

297. stereobag - July 1, 2011

Many movies are rewatchable,like schindler’s list…

Chinese factory stereo bag for outdoor wholesale

298. Jon - July 1, 2011

Terminator is definitely better than Terminator 2. Also, Minority Report? Really?! Sooo many films that are infitinately better than that!

299. oreillydavis - July 1, 2011

Oh wow! There are some GREAT lists here! Some of the movies didn’t CLICK in again until I saw the Titles. I’m gonna try to post mine in Columns. Hopefully, I’ll be consistent.


* Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (First intro to Jim Carrey. HILARIOUS!)

*War of the Roses (Kathleen Turner, Mike Douglas) Dark but funny. Danny DeVito directed this)

*Death to Smoochy (Jon Stewart is in this. Another DeVito classic. He’s got a dark sense of humor in places.

*Wise Guys (Can ya tell I like Danny DeVito?) Joe Piscepo, Lou Albano (Directed by Brian DePalma) One of my fave DePalma flicks but others are on the way.

*Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. ( Watch ’em back to back)

* Man on the Moon ( a phenomenal film but I’m not sure where to put it. It’s more of a Drama-dey) Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, Paul Giamatti,

*All About EVE !!!!!!! (Bette Davis, Anne Baxter) While it is a drama, some of the dialogue was Brilliantly funny!
“When we get home, you’re going to get into that girdle and act for two and a half hours!”

“I couldn’t get into that girdle in two and a half hours!”


“On behalf of the citizens of this town, I would like to extend a Laurel and Hardy handshake….”

* PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (drama, comedy, music, tragedy. It was a ‘feast for the senses!!)

I WILL KICK MYSELF for forgetting some other memorable comedies I could watch every day, but this is a start.


Again, *ALL ABOUT EVE. I could watch that movie once a month for a year and find something new.

* Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (Maybe this should be listed as a comedy) Davis and Crawford HATED each other and it worked so well for the movie!

“But ya ARRRRE, Blanche! Ya ARE in that chair!”

* The Color Purple (Had a hard time believing that this was made by the same guy who directed JAWS) From tragedy to triumph. Hated Danny Glover’s character in this movie, and then I felt sorry for him.

*Jaws. The movie that will make sure I never swim at Martha’s Vineyard, unless they have an outdoor Pool!

*A Christmas Carol (Allistair Sim) I’ve seen it every Christmas for YEARS and will likely see it for every other Christmas to come.

*Rosemary’s Baby ( a couple of scenes bother me, but it’s still a classic. Loved Ruth Gordon’s character, even despite what I knew about her.

* Godzilla (Matthew Broderick version) Don’t know why it was panned when it first came out. I would have seen it again, and again… THREE cast members from The SIMPSON’S are in this movie. WHO are they?

*King Kong (Adrian Brody) LOVED ‘Central Park scene!

300. thebigbookofdating - July 1, 2011

Classics, good idea for something to do over the weekend though! (:

301. oreillydavis - July 1, 2011

Oh wow! There are some GREAT lists here! Some of the movies didn’t CLICK in again until I saw the Titles. I’m gonna try to post mine in categories. Hopefully, I’ll be consistent.


* Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (First intro to Jim Carrey. HILARIOUS!)

*War of the Roses (Kathleen Turner, Mike Douglas) Dark but funny. Danny DeVito directed this)

*Death to Smoochy (Jon Stewart is in this. Another DeVito classic. He’s got a dark sense of humor in places.

*Wise Guys (Can ya tell I like Danny DeVito?) Joe Piscepo, Lou Albano (Directed by Brian DePalma) One of my fave DePalma flicks but others are on the way.

*Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile. ( Watch ’em back to back)

* Man on the Moon ( a phenomenal film but I’m not sure where to put it. It’s more of a Drama-dey) Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, Paul Giamatti,

*All About EVE !!!!!!! (Bette Davis, Anne Baxter) While it is a drama, some of the dialogue was Brilliantly funny!
“When we get home, you’re going to get into that girdle and act for two and a half hours!”

“I couldn’t get into that girdle in two and a half hours!”


“On behalf of the citizens of this town, I would like to extend a Laurel and Hardy handshake….”

* PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (drama, comedy, music, tragedy. It was a ‘feast for the senses!!)

I WILL KICK MYSELF for forgetting some other memorable comedies I could watch every day, but this is a start.


Again, *ALL ABOUT EVE. I could watch that movie once a month for a year and find something new.

* Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (Maybe this should be listed as a comedy) Davis and Crawford HATED each other and it worked so well for the movie!

“But ya ARRRRE, Blanche! Ya ARE in that chair!”

* The Color Purple (Had a hard time believing that this was made by the same guy who directed JAWS) From tragedy to triumph. Hated Danny Glover’s character in this movie, and then I felt sorry for him.

*Jaws. The movie that will make sure I never swim at Martha’s Vineyard, unless they have an outdoor Pool!

*A Christmas Carol (Allistair Sim) I’ve seen it every Christmas for YEARS and will likely see it for every other Christmas to come.

*Rosemary’s Baby ( a couple of scenes bother me, but it’s still a classic. Loved Ruth Gordon’s character, even despite what I knew about her.

* Godzilla (Matthew Broderick version) Don’t know why it was panned when it first came out. I would have seen it again, and again… THREE cast members from The SIMPSON’S are in this movie. WHO are they?

*King Kong (Adrian Brody) LOVED ‘Central Park scene!

302. oreillydavis - July 1, 2011

OOOPS. Double posted. Please delete the first post. Thanks.

303. Und Sie so? « Zackenschwert - July 1, 2011

[…] Interessante Filmliste, die meinem Geschmack wirklich ziemlich nah kommt, ausgenommen 2, 3, 4 Actionfilme und den mit Tom Cruise, den muss ich mir nicht mehrmals geben  … es geht um die wiederholenswertesten Filme aller Zeiten und zumindest die ersten 5 Plätze sind recht gut besetzt. Erst gestern habe ich ernsthaft in Erwägung gezogen, Die Hard käuflich zu erwerben… […]

304. jmount43 - July 1, 2011

Good list, but where is The Godfather? Goodfellas? The Exorcist? Jaws? This is only the tip of the iceberg. Keep up the good work.

305. nomoregluten4me - July 1, 2011

Nice list, some of my favorites are on it.

306. Fayescool - July 1, 2011

I like the ROCK….

307. Susie Mc Sellers - July 1, 2011

Interesting list….but I have some to add too….
Finding Nemo, Bruce Almighty, The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Toy Story (all of them), The Lion King, Elf, Ferris Buellers Day Off, When Harry Met Sally, Serendipity, Freaky Friday (the original and re-make), ET, Home Alone (all of them),Diehard (as you mentioned)and pretty much any Christmas flick is worth seeing over and over again…thanks for your post! :) Blessings!

308. *sm* - July 1, 2011

I’m glad you had Stand By Me on that list! That’s a definite rewatchable, Love it! … good post.

309. sleepydogs - July 1, 2011

I’m with you on The Sound of Music! Not as much the others, but it’s a fun idea for a list!

310. Kenton Lewis - July 1, 2011

Lists thus far are void of Casablanca, Third Man, Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, Night of the Hunter etc.

311. jbreez - July 1, 2011

I actually like this list (although I’ll admit I haven’t yet gotten around to seeing all of the movies, but hey that’s why god invented netflix), I’ve got a few suggestions or addons to this list. The Return of the King, Godfather II, Training Day, Enemy of the State, Silence of the Lambs, and or anything made by Nolan.

312. nowsayitwithme - July 1, 2011

Some of my favs are definitely on this list. I loved Shawshank and just saw it for the 1st time this year. Call me slow lol

313. ogirl74 - July 1, 2011

I’ll give ya 3 out of those 20…most I never wanted to see the first time.
Im with others. Where is Princess Bride and Wayne’s World???

314. Glipkerio Kistomerces - July 1, 2011

The Blues Brothers

315. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time « Spencer's Boutique - July 1, 2011

[…] Posted by pacejmiller in Entertainment, Movie Reviews. Tags: all time, best films, best movies, Die Hard, Fargo, Indiana Jones, Most rewatchable movies, Pulp Fiction, Rewatchable movies, Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, There’s Something About Mary trackback […]

316. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « paulaertker - July 1, 2011

[…] The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) Posted by paulaertker ⋅ July 1, 2011 ⋅ Leave a Comment Filed Under  all-time, best-films, best-movies, die-hard, entertainment, fargo, indiana-jones, most-rewatchable-movies, movie-reviews, pulp-fiction, rewatchable-movies, stand-by-me, the-shawshank-redemption, theres-something-about-mary There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

317. Learningjunkie - July 1, 2011

For me it is Woody Allen movies. But i love this list, thanks. I never saw the Burbs. May have to check it out

318. Jodi Edwards Wright - July 1, 2011

Did anybody say Splash? Besides being hilarious, I can watch it over and over just so I can see Daryl Hannah try to look natural while she is out of breath underwater, and the part where she says her name in dolphin kills me. Tom Hanks was still fresh and cute, and John Candy is a scream.
Edwards Scissorhands is so sweet and sad and inventive, and Johnny Depp is good in just about everything he has ever been in.
In many ways it is such a trashy film, but I laughed my guts out when my kids made me watch it: Tommy Boy with David Spade and the late Chris Farley.
The Blues Brothers totally stands up after repeat washings…oops, I mean watchings! :)
I think what we have proven here is that there are so many movies worth a second look that it is hard to keep track of them all!
Great choices, everyone!

319. Pamela Kay Noble Brown - July 1, 2011

Pretty good list Pace. My hubby likes Happy Gilmore too. My favorite movies to watch over and over (there are many more, but I’m trying not to take up pages and pages) :

1. Laura – The witty and sarcastic banter between Clifton Webb and Vincent Price make this movie one whose lines you find yourself actually trying on people in real life to see if they have the same sting. (Not the same without the background music though). But great movie.

2. The Five Heartbeats. Every drunk at a party has had a “My name is Eddie Kane Jr.” moment. You still see yourself in all of your former glory, but everyone else can see the sad remnants of what you have become. This movie can be watched over and over and it never ceases to catch us by surprise that the fantastical show business world that seems so glamerous can have such a seedy underbelly.

3. Purple Rain – Not all of the lines are memorable. But Prince can look at the camera with a pout and eyes that spout more dialogue than an entire ensemble cast. And the dramatic sidelong glances, yes you can watch this movie over and over.


320. skraterfield - July 1, 2011

12 Monkeys.. I never tire of that one.

Even with your update, you missed a couple of my favorites..

The Lion in Winter: Peter O’Toole, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins.

Woody Allen’s Sleeper.

Maybe they’re too old for you to have caught them. Do. They’re worth it.

321. slowlikesweethoney - July 1, 2011

I agreed with those movies that I had seen and this list made me want to go out and watch the ones that I haven’t seen. :0) Enjoyed reading this!

322. orlandfreelibrary - July 1, 2011

I can’t believe how long it took anyone to mention The Wizard of Oz. That would be my most rewatchable movie because I’ve probably seen it over 200 times. Strictly by that here is my list.
Rustler’s Rhapsody-Every western town has a railroad going through]-so funny!
The Princess Bride [My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die!]
Meet Me in St. Louis [I’ve worked all my life to be a senior]
To Kill a Mockingbird [I’m little but I’m
Cabaret [This whole Nazi movement will blow over]
Casablanca [Round up the Usual suspects]
A Few Good Men [have I made myself clear..Crystal]
The Graduate [One word..Plastics]
It’s a Wonderful Life [How does it feel to be an Angel with no wings]
Calamity Jane [The Deadwood Stage]
Singin’ in the Rain [Talking pictures, do you think anyone will ever use them]
Twelve Angry Men [It’s possible]
Shawshank Redemption [Or am I being obtuse?]
The Sound of Music [How do YOU solve a problem like Maria?]
Grease [Why this car could be GREASED LIGHTNING]
Moonstruck [Snap out of it!]
Young Frankenstein [Would you like to have a roll in the hay?]
Arthur [How does it feel to have all that money?….Wonderful]
The Wizard of Oz [How do you talk if you haven’t got a brain? ..{Scarecrow} I don’t know, but it seems to me that some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.]

dreamiliscious - July 2, 2011

Though I find Wizard of Oz epic and ingrained into my childhood membrane, it is not on my top 10 list of watch over and overs.

I like your list though, and would watch the Graduate a million times over.

323. stranger111 - July 1, 2011

Good one, indeed!! I have watched only a handful in the list yet I could say they are given their stand. A few movies like Catch me if you can, 12 angry men, The pursuit of happyness, The Terminal, Braveheart, Troy are seen fit to me to be included in this list.

But your choices are all good… Great work!!!!

324. Para Kazanma - July 1, 2011

nice list but some films are forgat..

325. stranger111 - July 1, 2011

And I gota say I’d grab the chance to watch the best ones as recommended by you… There are a few I’m yet to watch… Thanx…:)

326. edenchanges - July 1, 2011

I’ve only seen about half of the films you’ve mentioned!

As a few other people have said Casablanca is very high on my list. Not sure about the others but I think this is a great new variation on the top 10 movies list that often goes round the dinner table at our house.

Thanks, Stephen

327. awesomepunkrawka69 - July 1, 2011

I posted a top movie post too, and we both put Pulp Fiction xD

Mine was more on lowest common denominator form of entertainment value though.

328. pleasebekindrewind - July 1, 2011

Good list! I so agree with you on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. That’s always been my favourite one of the Indy movies and the one I watch again and again. It’s also the funniest one. I also re-watch Pulp Fiction and each time find it funnier. Quentin Tarantino coming up with all that – wow – I am a fan! I also pledge my eternal love for Speed and Point Break. God knows why, but I never tire of watching them…

329. orlandfreelibrary - July 1, 2011

I can’t believe how long it took anyone to mention The Wizard of Oz. That would be my most rewatchable movie because I’ve probably seen it over 200 times. Strictly by that here is my list.
Rustler’s Rhapsody-Every western town has a railroad going through]-so funny!
The Princess Bride [My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die!]
Meet Me in St. Louis [I’ve worked all my life to be a senior]
To Kill a Mockingbird [I’m little but I’m
Cabaret [This whole Nazi movement will blow over]
Casablanca [Round up the Usual suspects]
A Few Good Men [have I made myself clear..Crystal]
The Graduate [One word..Plastics]
It’s a Wonderful Life [How does it feel to be an Angel with no wings]
Calamity Jane [The Deadwood Stage]
Singin’ in the Rain [Talking pictures, do you think anyone will ever use them]
Twelve Angry Men [It’s possible]
Shawshank Redemption [Or am I being obtuse?]
The Sound of Music [How do YOU solve a problem like Maria?]
Grease [Why this car could be GREASED LIGHTNING]
Moonstruck [Snap out of it!]
Young Frankenstein [Would you like to have a roll in the hay?]
Arthur [How does it feel to have all that money?….Wonderful]
The Wizard of Oz [How do you talk if you haven’t got a brain? ..{Scarecrow} I don’t know, but it seems to me that some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.]
Oh yes, among the middle in there was supposed to be
Airplane [A Hospital! What is it? …It’s a large building with patients, but that’s not important now.]

330. Kamaluddin - July 1, 2011

I am looking for cowboy “The Jesse James” .
Please send it for me
Thank you

pacejmiller - July 2, 2011

The film or the cowboy? In any case I can’t send either.

331. spikeymom - July 2, 2011

Orlandfreelibrary, I included The Wizard of Oz back in my post
I really liked all the memorable one-line quotes from the movies you listed. Very creative – nice work!

Sure is fun revisiting all these old movies.

332. spikeymom - July 2, 2011

Who else loves TCM for all the great old movies they air?
One of my faves just showed up – The Barretts of Wimpole Street
(was first a great play) One of Charles Laughton’s best-ever roles as Elizabeth’s domineering father. Later today, from the the same Laughton series (sorry I missed it) was The Canterville Ghost, with Laughton as the ghost. Great stuff.

333. thor27 - July 2, 2011

Another classic I’d add would be the Wind and the Lion with Sean Connory Candice Bergen and Brian Keith that was a classic I’ve rewatched.

334. travelwithlaughter - July 2, 2011

Great reminders of some oldies, but goodies!

335. Ryan Brockey - July 2, 2011

Gladiator got cut from your list, but it is in the top three of my list. I watch that movie at least three times a year. It is just so great to put on and listen to, looking up when the great parts come on.

I am also shocked that no Star Wars movies made your list. Empire is great for quote-ability.

Really great list, though. About half-way through I opened up Netflix and started adding things to my queue.

336. beckiblake - July 2, 2011

Thank you so much for this! Perfect timing for a long Independence Day weekend over here in the US of A.

337. chrisdavy - July 2, 2011

Great list, but these kind of lists are so subjective… Depends a lot on the viewer… For instance Inception; I think it is a preety good movie, although they could’ve pushed it harder, yet some friends of mine think that it sucked because it didn’t make sense…
Some movies you have mist:
American Gangster – one of very few movies that can make you feel as if you are actually reading a book.

Blood diamond – Great acting, touching story, overall wonderful package

The Great Debaters – Another great story and screenplay

These are just some and they are not that recent. In my opinion as a viewer those are excelent movies that I would watch over and over again:)

338. FelterUpgood - July 2, 2011

Think about it another way…. if you made a friend with someone who just showed up from a third world country and had never seen any movies… which ones would you go rent and watch with them?

Shawshank is one… and there are some good action movies that are fun to watch ONCE…. but I wouldn’t want to sit through them again… except for maybe the first Rambo movie… I would rather watch…

Unforgiven, Pulp Fiction, Silence of the Lambs, Lady Killers, Airplane (is one you have to see a few times because there are so many amusing things going on in the background of evey scene that you don’t catch the first couple times, Pe Wee’s big adventure. haha

339. odyssaparkin - July 2, 2011

I agree with a fair few of your choices – but Happy Gilmore? Nope. And you could seriously do with out Nicholas Cage! :)

340. Robin Turner - July 2, 2011

I’m definitely with you on Big Trouble in Little China.

341. sidkock - July 2, 2011

Life is Beautiful,
Children of Heaven,
how about these two?

342. sidkock - July 2, 2011

oh I missed one – Forrest Gump

343. sidkock - July 2, 2011

oh I missed two – Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan……watch these ,

344. bobee8 - July 2, 2011

I miss Dirty Dancing!!! Great and lovely film :)

345. TheRegularAmerican - July 2, 2011

Wow, I love these type of blogs because they really create dialogue. My oh my, what a horrible list! I’d give Fargo and The Shawshank Redemption a second look, but the rest of them? Quentin Tarantino is probably the worst writer/director Hollywood has ever produced. I wasted a good 2 hours of my life a few weeks ago on Reservoir Dogs which I wanted to see for a long time (I heard it was good)….GARBAGE. I’m more of an Academy Award type movie buff. Maybe cliched a bit, but overall EXCELLENT movies…..Godfather, Raging Bull, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, etc…… I could watch these movies a hundred times and never get tired of them.

346. CHG - July 2, 2011

Around this house, the channels stop flipping if The Godfather, Scarface, Wedding Crashers (even I know the whole script now) and Old School are on. Lately, also, the Princess Bride. No, it’s not me…it’s my man. But Shawshank, that’s one that is also #1 on our list. Best damn movie ever.

347. Arch - July 2, 2011

Awesome list .. but mine would have one addition “The Terminal”..

348. decibelbelownormal - July 2, 2011

Great list! Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom just fascinated me as a kid – especially the cage that went into the pit of lava and the crazy eyed, heart stealing man shouting “Kali Ma will rule the world”. It was exciting, scary and felt like a real adventure. I still love it. Just watched The ‘Burbs for the first time a few months ago. I’ve already seen it 4 times. Rick Ducommon was great! He’s not a poor mans anything!

349. muvahead - July 2, 2011

Well that’s quite a List. i sure would liek to go through most of the movies in there which i havent watched.
most of the movies that i havent seen in here were released when i was too small to watch them anyway.
Given few of my choices i personally would like to add few more to these movies here among which top10 would be :

1. A Few Good Men – Tom Cruise is amazing in this & i think one of the few movies that established Him in his early days, not to forget Jack Nicholson, who fits in every Evil Character he plays…
2. Remember The Titans – A great tale of Upcoming for Black Community in yet another hard time & not to forget Sports.
3. Men Of Honour – Great Performance by Two of My Fav Actors ROBER D NIRO & CUBA GOODWIN JUNIOUR.
4. The Money Pit – Another Light Hearted Tom Hank’s comedy.
5. An Officer & A Gentleman.
6. We Are Marshalls – A Fairy tale Rise of a town in Rugby which had lost a major chunk of young guys & had a heavy loss emotionally.
7. Sea Biscuit.
8. Dreamers – amazing story telling & cute performance of Kid Dacota Fannin with Macho Kurt Russel.
9. Notting Hill – a beautiful love story.
10. A Walk To Remember – A great love story….

350. shsmani - July 2, 2011

I have not watched all the movies that you mentioned, of the lot I have mentioned I completely agree with you on Shawshank Redemption, There is something about Mary and Meet the Parents!

There are no words to describe the awesomeness in Shawshank Redemption! There certainly is something about Mary! and Meet the Parents was helluva lot of fun!

351. Barb@CafeToday - July 2, 2011

Hello Pace,
I pretty much agree with the list in any order. With 2 exceptions: Temple of Doom and Meet The Parents? No Way!
What about the Matrix? Godfather?
Makes a great discussion does it not.

352. Hakuba Blog - July 2, 2011

Pretty good mix of movies there. I disagree with Shawshank though as I thought it was brilliant the first time but I think you lose the power of it when you know whats happening.

353. Leslie - July 2, 2011

LOVE White Fang. Growing up, I remember that was the go-to movie for “movie days” in grade school! And the director, Randal Kleiser, was my MFA mentor and is basically the nicest person EVER!

354. jaleninstyner - July 2, 2011

Great list…unique! Joted some of them down to my gotta-watch list!

355. johenna - July 2, 2011

I feel bad… I only saw three movies of that list and I did not like “Meet the parents”. I should make a night full of those movies to feel better!

356. Kooky Guy - July 2, 2011

I love your list. Have you ever watched the movie Gattaca. It’s one of my favorite sci-fi movies.

pacejmiller - July 3, 2011

Actually, I’ve always wanted to watch Gattaca but haven’t had the opportunity. Heard it got mixed reviews (like ‘Crappaca’), but fans of the film swear by it.

357. minnesotatransplant - July 2, 2011

I love rewatching many of these movies (a few, I will have to put on my list to see for a first time), but No. 2 is great. Try watching “Die Hard” on Christmas Eve (instead of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”) A whole new perspective then.

358. angelique523 - July 2, 2011

Pace, I have watched “Fight Club” about 50 times. This week I saw the movie “Kick Ass” and fell in love all over again as it almost fits the same type of genre. Your blog is great. Right now I am watching the movie “Fourth Kind” and why not because it is a three day weekend. Saw a movie recently about wealth building that was pretty good too. Power Team and also filmed a huge black bear in our swimming pool jacuzzi about two weeks ago in the morning. I will share it with you here if you would like to see that. The bear is incredible. That is was in our pool is completely insane in itself. You try waking up, turning the coffee pot on and looking out the window to see that! Bear Visits Our Pool Thanks for blogging with us all Pace! You are doing a great job..

359. rhyss25 - July 2, 2011

I definitely agree on Pulp Fiction and Stand By Me, coz I`ve watched one too many. And teh Sound of Music, every Christmas season since I was 10, so that would be more than 20 times already.

360. Interval training - July 2, 2011

Nice list! I am a fan of The Rock movie

361. whataconceptblog - July 2, 2011

The BURBS!!! Everyone forgets about that movie. I watched it hundreds of times as a kid. Great selection.

362. scandalousmuffin - July 2, 2011

There were no documentaries on the list.

Some documentaries worth mentioning include Exit Through The Gift Shop, Encounters at the End of the World, and This Film is Not Yet Rated. Taken from a list at: http://www.suite101.com/content/ten-intriguing-documentaries-to-stream-on-netflix-a377986

363. dreamiliscious - July 2, 2011

gotta add some more…

Almost Famous
Devil Wears Prada
Fabulous Baker Boys
Breakfast Club
Get Shorty
Out of Sight
Annie Hall
all the old 007 films
Rear Window

I’m gonna stop, because once you start down the classics list… you’re not going to stop anytime soon.

364. gothichydran126 - July 2, 2011

Some stuff I liked on your list but not all. For me some titles on my list would be The Blues Brothers, It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world, The Seven Samurai, Labyrinth, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,….and so on. That’s just me thought.

365. My top 20 favorite songs of all time « The Regular American - July 2, 2011

[…] saw a blog post the other day that inspired me to write this post. It was “The 20 most  re-watchable movies  of all time”. It was a horrible list in my opinion, with movies such as The Burbs, Happy […]

366. fuzzyrants - July 2, 2011

Not a very impressive list, I must confess. Apologies. I agree with a couple of the movies though, but you surely did miss a hit on some of the best Hollywood classics ever.

367. myfilthyroom - July 3, 2011

there’s something about mary.. :)

368. iancaimercer - July 3, 2011

Interesting list, wouldn’t agree with all, but really is a subjective subject anyway!!
Star Wars should have been in there, as would be The Goonies, perhaps replacing Minority Report.
Then there’s The Muppet Movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Wizard of Oz, 20 is too few!!
Just like them all, much easier!!!

369. Sana Johnson-Quijada MD - July 3, 2011

i just want to b your 350th comment. keep on.

370. Athais - July 3, 2011

I have replaced the movie Gettysburg three times now and Atonement twice. I still enjoy Sleepless in Seattle as well as You’ve Got Mail. And there is something about Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter. Maybe because it portrays the dysfunctionality that is present in all families so well. Definitely yes to Fargo and any Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson film.

Loved the list, but don’t agree with all your choices. Congrats on being FP.

371. gonewiththesummer - July 3, 2011

I can definitely tell this list was written by a guy… these are all movies my dad likes (: The movie I never get tired of is ‘Gone With the Wind’… such a classic. Other movies that would make my personal list include Radio, Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and The Great Debaters.

George - July 4, 2011

Yeah your right. Cause all guys know that chick flicks suck! JK I am telling you what I wanted to tell my wife. She loves that film. Sorry if I offended you :)

372. lilo - July 3, 2011

I think that “back to the future” all of them are really good movies… :)

373. pjmg11 - July 3, 2011

I love this post! And I love films.
My personal top ten would be (in no particular order)
Mean Girls (any 90’s kid would agree)
Final Destination 1
Scary Movie 3
Saw 2
Black Swan
Football Factory
Green Street
Along Came Polly
White Chicks

Pulp Fiction I have to agree is an amazing film. I had to watch this film for A-level Media before Christmas, analyzing shot types and iconography etc. I think all of this is partially what makes it such a great film. They tell you a story just through the way the characters are perceived through shot types, and particular lighting to signify danger or death.

374. suffernchessclub - July 3, 2011

Wow. This post has certainly generated a lot of comments. I agree that action films and comedies lend themselves to frequent viewing. I would put Fargo and Pulp Fiction at the top of my list too.

Other movies that I find entertaining are:
1. James Bond – From Russia with Love or Goldfinger
2. Oliver! – another musical that everybody knows
3. Jaws
4. The Empire Strikes Back
5. Sleeper
6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I happened to write a film trivia article regarding chess in movies on our blog http://www.sufffernchessclub.com for those who are interested in other types of trivia.

375. namethe - July 3, 2011

Forrest Gump, Lord of The Ring, Inside Job

376. Achyuth Sankar - July 3, 2011

I wonder,how can you not include Good Will Hunting? :)

377. gitval's world - July 3, 2011

i’m watching reservoir dogs and die hard for hundred times.
the action of the actor are really cool.
but my top 10 is :
300, prince of persia, inglorious basterds, banlieue 13, die hard 4 (the bald willis :D), ocean’s trilogy, starwars, step up 2, the island, hangover.
you have a really nice taste of movie :D

378. Doreen - July 3, 2011

Yeah-gone-can’t believe Annie Hall, Postcards from the Edge, Forrest Gump, and Sixteen Candles was not mentioned…..hey, gals-where are you?

379. writeorelse - July 3, 2011

Meg Ryan? Diane Keaton? Merryl Streep anyone?
Joe vs. the Volcano, Annie Hall, Postcards from the Edge written by the great Princess Leah herself!

380. hippybaby - July 3, 2011

Wow, I love your list…and have to admit I’ve never seen “Reservoir Dogs,” but now i MUST. I can only imagine how agonizing it would have been to even make such a list!…Personally, I would add in “O Brother Where Art Thou” for the sheer quotability…”Well! Isn’t this place a goddamn geographical oddity! Two weeks from everywhere.”

381. marcys - July 3, 2011

A very subjective subject! Your list is your list and not a final objective statement. That said, I think a movie is eminently rewatchable when it has so much happening in it you see new things each viewing. I’ve seen West Side Story upwards of 30 times now, and I still see something new in it with each viewing. That’s a big brawling musical; a quieter movie can have a lot going on too, on psychological levels– the only movie on your list I agree with, for instance, is Pulp Fiction.

382. sketchjay - July 3, 2011

Harold and Maude?
One of my favorites…

383. blizzy - July 3, 2011

great post , love it, i really learned a lot from your article

384. timelessmoviemagic - July 3, 2011

Die Hards a definite in my list as well as the Wizard of Oz. A few others that need an honorary mention. Laura,Gilda,First Blood,Predator,Cant Buy Me Love,Field of Dreams,Citizen Kane,Its a Wonderful Life.


385. hassaan4084 - July 3, 2011

just one word.. awsome.. :) hey do check this, hope u will like it http://hassaanrabbani.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/if-you-wish-to-be-loved-then-love/

386. keith - July 3, 2011

lord of the rings.

387. keith - July 3, 2011

how about tv shows star trek, game of thornes, star gate sg-1,star gate universe,the event, the big bang thory the list goes on an on

pacejmiller - July 3, 2011

As for TV shows for me it’s Seinfeld and Arrested Development. Simpsons is pretty rewatchable too.

388. blahnikgirl - July 3, 2011

I totally agree on Shawshank, best movie of all time. Stand by me is also great. Personally I would add to the list My Sisters Keeper, Top Gun, Officer and a Gentleman, Message in a Bottle, Beaches, Stepmom, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and the Sex and the City series!

389. GD - July 3, 2011

Sound of Music :D. It’s a very long movie, and sometimes I can’t sit through the whole thing, but all the same: I can’t count how many times I’ve watched and rewatched it.

Thanks for this post!
Visit my writing blog at https://shelleddreams.wordpress.com/

390. Ashford Daniel - July 3, 2011

I agree with several of the movies that you have in the countdown. I shal always remember Stand By Me, Big Trouble in Little China, Terminator 2 and Shawshank Redemption.

A film though that I think is just full of perseverance and great poetic justice is the 1989 classic Lethal Weapon 2. I mean, the plot, the lines,the witty lines, the humour, the romance, the action all leading to a climax that shows good guys are just as tough as bullies, make it worth-the-time watching!

391. vetanjo - July 3, 2011

Is It just me, or was “SLING BLADE” left off this list, REALLY?????

pacejmiller - July 3, 2011

It was just you. I liked Sling Blade and thought it packed an emotional punch, but I don’t consider it rewatchable (personal opinion, of course) for two reasons. 1. It was far too long and slow, and 2. Once you’ve seen a ‘normal’ Billy Bob it becomes hard to adjust your mental image to the ‘Sling Blade’ Billy Bob.

392. lamilne - July 3, 2011

Great list and I would definitely agree with Shawshank being the most ‘rewatchable’. I’d have to say ‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Closer’ would feature quite highly on my list. Much like Shawshank there isn’t much action and is mostly based in one location but somehow makes for a wonderfully addictive film!

beezee747 - July 4, 2011

yep clearly SSR is the best.

393. micahkavros - July 3, 2011

I noticed a few of the movies, but not all of them. I need to make a redbox run and check some of these out. hah Meet the Parents and Happy Gilmore are the best! Nicely done.

I’m new to this site and trying to make more “blogging friends”. Would you mind checking out my page and telling me what you think? Thanks!



394. Daniel Bertorelli - July 3, 2011

Great list, but… Rocky Balboa Series? Rambo Series? At least Arnold hits the list twice!!! :)

395. flamidwyfe - July 3, 2011

Besides Sound of Music… the 3 most rewatched film by me were:
Forrest Gump
and, believe it or not,
Speed… LOL… I had a friend that dragged me to this a million times, I went for the popcorn :)

396. karlao - July 4, 2011

I find this a rather male centred list but some good choices in there nonetheless. Great blog.

397. karolinez - July 4, 2011

DEFINITELY agree with the Sound of Music! I know every word, every song, and pretty much every movement they make! It’s my favorite movie of all time!

398. Brimouse - July 4, 2011

Even though it is very long the Titanic is my favorite movie. I don’t know if its the love story or the story of the titanic that appeals to me but i just love it!

399. helptheworldinmanyways - July 4, 2011

I commend you for being able to chose that is a feat!! Like a lot of your choices!

400. sakuyastarwind - July 4, 2011

Pulp Fiction is definitely a perfect choice. It’s hard to narrow down the best movies of all time, but I would definitely have to have Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Little Nicky on this list! Great post though, a fun read!

401. richannkur - July 4, 2011


402. richannkur - July 4, 2011


403. Keiran Fuller Blogs - July 4, 2011

Definitely agree with some of them. Shawshank Redemption will always be one of the best films of all time.

404. beezee747 - July 4, 2011

I managed to find a good film that I haven’t watched here. Stand by me..

405. f0rg0tt3n - July 4, 2011


406. Shahi Hafez - July 4, 2011

This is an awesome list. I can’t count how many times I have watched Meet the Parents.

407. George - July 4, 2011

As far as a movie that I have seen multiple times and I love quoting it as I watch it , it has to be Scarface. I am sure this movie is in the top quoted of all time.

408. S. Trevor Swenson - July 4, 2011

Interesting and certainly ecclectic choices, I liked that you picked a Terry Gilliam film(12 Monkeys) in the rewatchable list as I have always felt his “Attention Deficit Disorder” film making style demands the viewers to watch his films more than one time to pick up on all the details. His films are great ( Time Bandits, Brazil Etc) are very busy, but well worth the multiple viewings.

409. DrAnthonysBlog - July 4, 2011

Thanks for the movie ideas…interesting choices!

410. Katie - July 4, 2011

This is a good list. My most rewatchable film is ‘500 Days of Summer’ though. I must have watched it everyday for a month when I first got it.

pacejmiller - July 4, 2011

Good choice. That was a magical film. Loved it too.

411. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) « Emotfit's Blog - July 4, 2011

[…] There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

412. The Realistic Side - July 4, 2011

My friends and I looked at your list and disagree. We have only watched ONE of the movies! There is something wrong here! We believe the list should include: Harry Potter (one through seven), Hitch, Letters to Juliet, X-Men First Class, The Lion The Witch The Wardrobe, Tangled, The King’s Speech (for educational perposes).
Thank you for your time.

pacejmiller - July 4, 2011

You and your friend must be quite young. All these films are relatively new. It’s much easier to assess rewatchability for films that have stood the test of time. The kings speech is a great film, but can you watch it over and over? And xmen first class isn’t even out on DVD yet!

413. Dee - July 4, 2011

This is so true, just last night Meet the Parents was on… I debated leaving it on that channel, and for some reason just did. It’s hilarious! I’m surprised that A League of Their Own isn’t on the list since so many television channels play it! Plus it’s my all-time favorite movie since childhood.

timelessmoviemagic - July 7, 2011

Forgot about this film, Fantastic Movie!!!


414. Alan King - July 4, 2011

This is a great line up, Pace, especially “The Burbs” and “Shawshank Redemption”. I’ve definitely had that I came “across one night on TV” or “on DVD” that still captivate me “despite having seen it 10 times already.” The movies that “actually get better the more times” I watch them.

For me, that’s still the case with “Love Jones,” “Raising Arizona,” any Guy Ritchie movies, and a host of other “rewatchable” greats. Thanks for this post!

415. bcjefferson111 - July 4, 2011

Hi pacejmiller, I just opened a blog on WordPress which would explain why I’m commenting so late to your ‘rewatchability’ list. I had to concur with eight of your twenty:
Pulp Fiction
There’s Something about Mary
The Rock
Terminator 2 – Judgment Day
Minority Report
Total Recall
Die Hard

Alternates for me would be:
Indiana Jones- Raiders of the lost Ark 1981
Star Trek 2009
Predator 1987
Forrest Gump 1994
The Natural 1984
Spy Game 2001
Bourne Ultimatum 2007
The Italian Job 2003
Out of Time 2003
Jackie Brown 1997
Fight Club 1999
Shaft 2000

Rewatchability Honorable Mention: all the Bond films that do not have Roger Moore
Thanks for the posting its fun to think about movies this way.

416. maryct70 - July 4, 2011

Love the list! Sound of Music, of course! I would also add Midnight Run, a funny DeNiro classic that my husband watch until the end whenever we come across it on Cable!
Congrats on being Freshly Pressed too!

417. 45rps - July 4, 2011

you must be about 30 years old and white. very very very white. and american. This list of movies is the top movies for 4th of july weekend maybe. Some movies for the kids, some for the pre-teens, and some for the god-loving americans.

pacejmiller - July 4, 2011

Got the age about right. Everything else: wrong, wrong, wrong. Tastes don’t discriminate.

418. SevenDollarPants - July 5, 2011

Totally agree with Stand By Me. LOVE that movie. But my all-time favourite re-watchable movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

pacejmiller - July 5, 2011

I so have to watch that movie. Like now.

419. fiercespirits - July 5, 2011

I completely agree with you about Meet the Parents. The second time I watched it I laughed even more because I picked up on some things I missed the first time around. It happened again when I watched it the third time.

420. phonymahoney - July 5, 2011

Oh man, we are very close in movie taste. I could watch any Indiana Jones film 2116134634 times. In a row. The Last Crusade is my favorite, followed closely by the Temple of Doom, though.

The Shawshank Redemption, The Rock, Happy Gilmore (I’m a diehard Boston Bruins fan, so the “The price is WRONG, bitch!” scene is a classic for me), The Mighty Ducks, Meet the Parents… it’s like you’re inside my brain, which is a very scary place to be.

Personally, I’d add Braveheart, History of the World Part I and The Princess Bride to this list.

421. Rich baderinwa - July 5, 2011

Great list ….Phillip k.Dick was a visionary.here’s my top 20.
1)star wars
2)shawshank redemption
3)lost boys
4)the burbs
5)pulp fiction
6)man on fire
7)back to the future
8)true romance
10)good fellas
11)the golden child
12)coming to America
14)the dark knight
16)the matrix
17)any given Sunday
18)wall street
19)blade runner
17)ferris buellers day off
18)top gun
19)die hard.

20)trading places or 48 hours

422. Rich baderinwa - July 5, 2011


423. The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) | Minimal ve Maksimal Yazılar - July 5, 2011

[…] The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time (via About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller) Posted on July 5, 2011 by Cengiz Erdem There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high 'rewatchability quotient' (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there's something else on that you haven't seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

424. Rob Gibb IV - July 5, 2011

The movie I have been re-watching most most recently is “Inception.” I can’t get enough of it and Christoper Nolan is making a name for himself among all the re-watchers that share a taste similar to mine. Re-watch. Re-watch. Re-watch. Good emotions, good action, good dialogue, and a good score (especially) age well. We can revisit scenes in a movie later in time, as they were when we first experienced everything within them. Life is not like this. Movies are magical yet again.

1. Dumb & Dumber
2. The Fellowship of the Ring
3. The Matrix
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. The Dark Knight
6. Lost in Translation
7. Clear & Present Danger
8. U.S. Marshals
9. The Patriot
10. Armageddon
11. The Shining
12. Adventureland
13. Thirteen
14. A Bridge Too Far
15. Gladiator
16. The Shawshank Redemption (for sure)
17. Beauty & the Beast
18. Homeward Bound
19. Aladdin
20. Inception

425. admin - July 5, 2011

Meet the parents is one of my most rewatchable movies too)

426. scottcarberry - July 5, 2011

I’ve watched “Raising Arizona”, “Pink Flamingos” and “The Exorcist”, combined….easily 1000 times.

427. padasaatnya - July 5, 2011

…its an opinion. ^^

428. sunnylocks - July 5, 2011

I do like the list, I will have to add a few to movies I need to watch and books I need to read…oh but where does the time go? I will agree with others the fight club…I mean c’mon, and kill bill as well. Every time I see it on cable I tune in even though they take out some of the most awesome parts of the movie…thanks for the compilation, can’t wait for more!

429. lisawang19830427 - July 5, 2011

I have seen forust gump, it’s full of history evens and forust’s growing up things, teaching me a lot, and now I’m going to see shawshank.
because many people say it’s worth to see, not one time.

430. Imaginarium of Pau - July 5, 2011

I agree on most of the films you featured here. Interesting post. :)

431. reverseprofessional - July 5, 2011

Nice ranking!
Their ranks are also very persuasive.

432. hosannanield - July 5, 2011

Shawshank Redemtion is AMAZING! It’s true… after the movie you just sit there, rethinking. Matching everything in your brain. Morgan Freeman doesn’t age a bit in the movie. What a guy. haha

433. phylliskirigin - July 6, 2011

Wow! What great interest your post has stirred up! Congrats! I have to throw in my two cents beyond all those mentioned: How about the original (French) Diabolique, La Strada and Rafifi?

434. realanonymousgirl2011 - July 6, 2011

My husband would definitely agree on Shawshank Redemption and have to add Top Gun to that list. As for myself, you should The Sweetest Thing. Yes its a chick flick but with raunchy humor and a lot of great lines!

435. countoncross - July 7, 2011

So many great one on your list…..Meet The Parents has to be my #1 – So funny :-)

436. Aishah Williams - July 7, 2011

There movies may have been a little before my time, but I agree with The Terminator!

437. Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time « Njuul - July 8, 2011

[…] article is inspired by this post. Head on over there, read it and let the author know what you […]

438. My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours - July 8, 2011

There’s an amazing indie film you should see called ‘THE BIG SHOT-CALLER.’

439. North West Bouncy Castles - July 9, 2011

Its not a bad list you have here – the beauty is that everyone has their own taste – so whatever works for you is great!

440. Burgeoning Queues « The Scenic Drive - July 13, 2011

[…] upon Pace J. Miller’s blog from a “Freshly Pressed” feature linking to his “20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time” post.  After reading it through, and agreeing with many of his takes, I began adding movies […]

441. Sun Movie Store - July 16, 2011

This blog is very informative as it provides us a list of those movies that are all time watchable movies.

442. wiibii - July 18, 2011

Agree with only the Happy Gilmore one

443. threesticksofwatusi - July 29, 2011

White Fang seems interesting. And it has Ethan Hawke in it. **

444. Play it Again – Top 20 Rewatchable Movies | Sonia G Medeiros - August 8, 2011

[…] Check out this list  of the 20 most rewatchable movies by Pace J. Miller. Find movies you might not have seen in awhile but are definitely worth rewatching ( Die Hard, The Shawshank Redemption or any of the Indiana Jones movies perhaps) and maybe some you haven’t seen before but want to put on your to-watch list (Armour of God for me)…  There are some films that, for one reason or another, have an extremely high ‘rewatchability quotient’ (as I like to call it). You know, one of those movies that you happen to come across one night on TV when you have nothing better to do, and you end up watching till the end (even when there’s something else on that you haven’t seen before) – and you still found it enjoyable and not a waste of time. Or if you have it on DVD, you might whip it ou … Read More […]

445. jaysquires - August 8, 2011

I’ll have to crank up my dvd and sign up for Netflicks (I’ve been meaning to do it for years) and have a real kick-back-rest-of-the-summer. I should be able to justify time away from my keyboard (as dear Kristen Lamb suggests) by making it a learning experience enhancement of my novel writing. Appreciate your list but I don’t know how you could include “The Sound of Music” and not “My Fair Lady.” — Jay

446. hannah - August 12, 2011

what a looooogie list

447. 800th post snapshot! « About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller - August 30, 2011

[…] My top post remains My European Adventure Round-Up, which has amassed 66,273 hits, though it is almost certain to be overtaken shortly (in the next couple of days) by The 20 Most Rewatchable Movies of All-Time. […]

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