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Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet! February 4, 2010

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Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet

Restaurant: Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet
Cuisine: Japanese (buffet)
Location: Level 6, No. 12, GuanQian Road, Taipei
Price: Monday to Friday: Lunch (11:20-14:00): TWD 620 (kids TWD 250); Afternoon Tea (14:30-16:30): TWD 460 (kids TWD 200); Dinner (17:30-21:30): TWD 750 (kids TWD 330).  Saturday/Sunday: Lunch and Dinner: TWD 750 (kids TWD 330); Afternoon Tea: TWD 460 (kids TWD 200)
Contact: (02) 2371-3311
Website: http://www.shinyeh.com.tw/japan_a.htm

I love Japanese food and I love buffets.  Put the two together and what you get is Shin Yeh Japanese Buffet in Taipei!

But let’s face it – we usually associate big buffets with mountains of disgusting food, messy scraps and morbidly obese people pushing and shoving each other like they had just completed the 40 hour famine.

But rest assured, Shin Yeh is nothing like that.  We’re talking genuinely delicious, high quality Japanese food, sensational variety, plenty of space, clean and lots of staff cleaning up after you.  It’s the type of buffet you would expect in a 5-star restaurant.

Take a journey with me through Shin Yeh in pictures after the jump.

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My favourite thing about Shin Yeh is probably the sushi.  The sushi there is made fresh by the sushi chefs, and they go pretty quickly.  The amazing thing is that apart from the variety, the sushi is very tasty, heads and shoulders above anything you would expect at your normal sushi train.  You can even request hand rolls.

The quality of the sushi at Shin Yeh is amazing and unexpected

I didn’t get a chance to take photos of everything (besides, that would be too weird), but there’s a lot more than just sushi at Shin Yeh.  There’s fresh salad (good quality salad too, not your run of the mill browning leaves), a selection of cold meats, cooked meat and vegetables with various condiments (like tangy miso sauce).  There’s hot soup and oden (hot pot food), tempura, skewers, fish, fried rice and udon noodles, and much much more.  All of the food is cooked fresh and gets replenished almost as soon as it goes.

The back wall is full of popular Japanese dishes

There’s no need to rush, but sometimes the food looks so good you can’t help but overload.  Here’s an example of what I picked up on my first round.

I am not an animal!

Of course, no buffet is complete without dessert, and Shin Yeh has a ridiculous selection of desserts.  Complete with chocolate fountain, there are stacks of cakes, puddings and mousse.

I am not an animal!

See the coffee in the right hand corner?  Shin Yeh has a separate drinks bar where you can order many different beverages, from soft drinks to fresh juices, from champagne to fruit vinegars…and even Taiwanese beer.  And you know what else you can get there?  Ice cream!

Flavours vary day to day

Lastly, cleanse the palate with some fruit.

I rest my case.  Because of the consistently high standard of the food, I give Shin Yeh a solid 9 out of 10!

How to get there

As I understand it, there are a couple of Shin Yeh Japanese Buffets around Taipei (not to be confused with other Shin Yeh restaurants which serve other food).  The one I went to was on GuanQian Road, which is directly across the road from Taiwan Main Station.  It’s the road between the Shinkong Mitsukoshi and Nova.  Walk down that street, past the McDonalds, and it’s on your right hand side.  Take the elevator to level 6.


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