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Raohe Night Market in Taipei! January 29, 2010

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The number of places I visited in Taipei for the predominant purpose of eating over my two-week stay there is really starting to repulse me.  It was really a Guinness-World-Record-type feat of gluttony.

Nevertheless…I cannot go on without telling you about the Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei, one of the most famous, and in my opinion, one of the best tourist night markets for food in Taipei.

Yes, there are a quite few odd things to buy in the shops lining either side of the lengthy strip (like any other night market), but it’s the food that sets Raohe apart.

Let me take you on a trip through the Raohe Street Night Market in pictures.

(Click on ‘More…’ to begin)

We started in this supposedly 'famous' restaurant on the side which sold this delicious soup made with fried crumbed pork chunks and radish. Really unbelievably amazing.

I didn't have this, but this is a sweet peanut soup with fried dough. Judging from the satisfied looks on faces, I'd say this was a winner.

Another thing I didn't have because I'm not a huge fan of lamb - but one of the most popular things at Raohe is the lamb dish all these people are enjoying

Like many night markets, Raohe has one of my favourite Japanese foods of all time - Takoyaki

Mmm...Takoyaki...essentially batter balls with a chunk of octopus in the middle + bonito (fish flakes), spices and sauces

You'll find quite a few of these types of stalls at Raohe that sell weird stuff - like these dried faeces-looking mochi that's surprisingly tasty

The single most crowded stall at Raohe - the one that sells the 'pepper' pastries. Destined to line up.

Here it is: the pepper pastry. Essentially a you-have-to-taste-it-to-believe-it pastry stuffed with minced lean and fatty pork, lots and lots of shallots/spring onions and pepper. They cook it by sticking the buns on the inside walls of a cylindrical metal cooker. The first bite usually brings, apart from ecstasy, an explosion of hot juices.

My camera ran out of battery, but I still managed to catch this little stall which sold lots of cool stuff, much of it disguised as other stuff

How to get there

Raohe Street Night Market is unfortunately one of the more difficult night markets to get to because it’s not particularly close to any MRT station (not yet, anyway).  Houshanpi is the nearest, but it’s still a reasonable walk to get there.  Closer options are bus, train, and of course, taxi.  See the official website for more details (in English).


1. davis - October 12, 2010

no comments yet

pacejmiller - October 12, 2010

There is now!

2. Ivan - January 10, 2011

great info Pace, thanks! I’ll be visiting Raohe Street when I go in January thanks to your review!

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