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Are my blog stats real? January 27, 2010

Posted by pacejmiller in Blogging.
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For those just passing by or stumbled onto this blog, please leave a message.  Anything.  Just so I know you’re real.

You see, I recently started wondering where I was getting all these hits from.  From humble beginnings where this blog would get 50 hits on a good day, it has now gotten to a point where 1000+ is the norm.

But when I checked my stats, it appears I sometimes get massive traffic from just a couple of posts (usually my European travel or boxing ones).  Once I got almost 4000 hits in a day just on one of them.  It got me suspicious.  Where do these people come from?  Just how do they find this blog?

I tried searching on WordPress and Google, and rarely do any of my posts come up in keyword searches.  The only place where I got more luck was Google image searches.  Could these people just be looking for pictures?

I went further and registered with Clicky (since you can’t use Google Analytics on WordPress).  It appears most of my visitors are unique (as opposed to one person clicking a thousand times), but the average time they spend here is like 40 seconds.  WordPress swears by its stats system but I’m convinced something is fishy here.

So please, leave a message.  Tell me how you found this blog.  I’ll reward you with this John Wall mix tape.



1. amy - January 27, 2010

I happen to have a whole load of blogs bookmarked that I check from time to time when I’m supposed to be studying, yours is one of them :-) I hope you don’t mind.
I think I bookmarked your blog because of the link it has to creative writing etc, but I can’t be sure. You see, I’m prone to going on blog binges whereby I trawl through people favourites on the side bar. Sorry my answer isn’t more helpful, or in fact interesting :-S but at least now you know I’m real (although I can’t lay claim to be responsible for ALL of the hits).
Keep the blogs coming, they help me stay sane in my frequent bouts of procrastination
From your only reader atm (it would appear :P) amy x

pacejmiller - January 27, 2010

Yay! Thanks Amy. Another visitor made this comment:

For a blog sufrer like me, 40 seconds is definitely long enough to log on and read the latest post (assuming one has been put up) or alternatively leave if there is noithing new. I think 40 seconds could still account for genuine fanboys like me.

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