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Tomic knocked out of Aussie Open; continues whining January 20, 2010

Posted by pacejmiller in Tennis.
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Who would have thought.

After years of pining for a successor to Lleyton Hewitt, one of the most successful and reviled Australian tennis players in recent memory, the Aussies finally have a candidate – 17-year-old Bernard Tomic – who just happens to be even more irritating.

Tomic, who is embroiled in a feud with Hewiit (which is really hilarious when you think about it), is lashing out at Australian Open organisers after he was knocked out of the second round in a five set thriller against Marin Cilic, 6-7(6-8) 6-3 4-6 6-2 6-4.

The match began at 10.20pm and did not finish until 2.10am, which Tomic calls “ridiculous”, especially for a player as young as him.

“After 1am, 2am, for a 17-year-old to go out and play, it’s difficult. For the people I requested to play during the day, and it didn’t happen, I think it’s ridiculous.”

For the record, Tomic believes he “should have won” had they played earlier in the day.

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Seriously, at this stage, I would rather watch the ball boy who urinated all over the court than Tomic – at least it’s easier to sympathise with the poor kid.  Come on, everybody loves the urinating kid!

The only way for Tomic to turn things around for himself is to shut up, play hard, and actually win something (or at least get close).  For all his faults, fans often turned the other way when Hewitt acted like a dick because he was a never-say-die fighter, he beat an aging superstar as a youngster (Andre Agassi), he actually won stuff (like Wimbledon and the US Open), and he dated a likable tennis star (Kim Clijsters – who made us think, ‘well, if a foreigner, someone as nice as Kim, can see something good in him, maybe we should also give him a chance’ – until, of course, he married a soap star who did nothing except give ‘exclusive’ photo shoots to women’s mags every week).

Then, and only then, can Tomic start abusing linesmen, make racist remarks, spit at people, marry Bec Cartwright, say he can win the Aussie Open every year ranked 108th in the world, and still have the Australian public on his side, rooting for him, and actually believing that maybe, just maybe, he can do it.


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