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Taipei Adventure – An Overview January 2, 2010

Posted by pacejmiller in Food, Taiwan, Travel.
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The sensational Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei...for the record this photo was too nice to have been taken by me

I’ve been in Taipei for a whole week now, but have yet to put up any posts about it yet.

Too busy – too much to do, too much to buy, too much to eat!

I thought I would kick things off with a quick overview.  Taipei is the capital of Taiwan (otherwise known as the Republic of China).  Taipei has a metropolitan population of over 10 million, despite it being a pretty small place.

Walking around the streets of Taipei, it’s hard not to recognise what an amazing place it is.  The skies appear to be perpetually grey.  There is literally food and shops along every narrow street and at every corner.  People, cars and scooters everywhere, at all hours of the day.  The public transport system is phenomenal, with buses, trains, a convenient metro system (some of which are linked by underground walkways lined with shops), and when all else fails, a plethora of yellow taxis.  Various shopping districts, department stores and night markets littered throughout make Taipei a difficult city to stand still in.

There’s also an uglier side to Taipei.  The people are emotionally charged when it comes to politics (yes, those videos you’ve seen of politicians pulling hair and scratching each other in parliament).  There are amputated and disabled people begging on the streets while others pass them by without batting an eyelid.  The back streets are filled with dog crap landmines and homeless animals.  And worst of all, bizarre, putrid odours seem to pop out of nowhere when you least expect it (eg when taking deep breaths!).

Anyway, I’m going to start diligently preparing some posts on Taipei very shortly – mainly on the delicious food, but also a few on the wonderful shopping.  I’m going to create a special ‘Taiwan’ sub-category under ‘Travel’ for these posts.  If there are enough posts (and I think there are), I’ll create a special page with an index.  Keep your eyes peeled!



1. My Kafkaesque Life - March 23, 2010

You have similar impressions as me. It’s an awesome place, but some back streets are not very clean. That smell may be the stinky tofu, that is sold almost everywhere. I’m getting used to it, but it always shocks me a little, when I smell it :)

pacejmiller - March 24, 2010

Ha, I absolutely cannot stand the stinky tofu, though I got used to it eventually. Apparently it smells great when you eat it, but I’m not game to test that theory.

2. Dave - February 1, 2011

I working in Taipei a long time ago. We went out for a meal with the office guys, while there and the interpreter pointed to a dish on the table and exclaimed. ‘This, load of shit’!

Turned out later that what he had said was, ‘This, lotus seed’!

(True story..)

3. pinoy boy journals - March 20, 2011

good insight about Taiwan. i’m planning my trip for a few days in the capital city and surrounding areas. looking for off-the beaten path destinations!

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