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Full UK Review, Part III: TV July 20, 2009

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Over 9 months in the UK, I also watched 17 seasons of 11 TV series

Some were for the first time, others continuing.  Here are the TV series and the relevant seasons watched (and rating in parenthesis):

For the first time:


Can't wait for the Arrested Development Movie

Arrested Development S1, 2, 3 – after being told by friends for years to watch this show, I finally relented and began watching it for the first time in the UK.  And I can’t believe I almost went through my entire sad, wretched, pathetic life without having experienced this brilliant show.  I must have watched all 3 seasons at least 5 times each.  It’s that good, and sadly way too short.  Bring on the new movie! (5 out of 5)

Weeds S1, 2, 3, 4 – wasn’t really sure what to expect with this one at the start, but as the episodes went on it kind of grew on me and now I’m looking forward to recommencing my adventures with Nancy & Co in the new Season 5.  Wacky and seriously disturbing at times, but it has a heart. (4 out of 5)

Fringe S1 – look, it’s not the X-Files (I don’t think any show can be the (early seasons of the) X-Files anymore) but I like the story arcs and the characters.  Some episodes are a bit messy but on the whole there were some fascinating episodes.  Will definitely keep watching from Season 2. (3.5 out of 5)


True Blood

True Blood S1 – there are some decent elements in this highly sexualized vampire romp but it hasn’t been as good as most people are telling me it is.  Maybe it’ll grow on me a little more in season 2. (3 out of 5)

Gossip Girl S1, 2 – just to set the record straight, it was not MY idea to watch this…though I will admit that for a while at least, this was the most addictive show I was watching.  Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf definitely steals the show as the funniest and most intriguing character, but the others aren’t too bad either.  However, somewhere during the 2nd season I started wondering whether it was going anywhere, or if it was just going to keep rehashing the same storylines over and over in a big loop.  Hopefully next season should be different as the characters move on to college (3.5 out of 5)


Cast of Doll House

Doll House S1 – very interesting concept, with some interesting characters and plotlines, but some episodes were poorly executed in this uneven series.  Not to mention some appalling acting – no need to mention any names.  Overall still has entertainment value.  (3 out of 5)

Continuing series:

I’ve been watching these because I watched all of the earlier seasons.


Still trying to save the world...Heroes Season 4

Heroes S3 – it has gotten to a point where I wonder if there is a point to anything that happens because powers come and go, people die and resurrect, storylines get butchered – on just about every episode.  Even some of the more appealing characters from the start have become annoying (eg, Hiro).  They can still save the show – they just need to pear things back a little and maintain some stability and direction.  (2 .5 out of 5)

Smallville S8 – possibly the worst show that I still watch slavishly because I’ve already endured 7 seasons.  This season was not as bad as say the one where Lana becomes a witch (from Charmed), but let’s face it – the show needs to wrap up – for the sake of the last few loyal fans like me.  Losing Lex was a huge blow, and the new characters (Tess, Davis) don’t live up to their initial hype.  The Green Arrow is the only character that adds a little spark occasionally.  Things picked up a little towards the middle but it killed all merit by staging possibly the worst season finale of all time. (2 out of 5)

24 S7 – I’m not going to lie and say I was not excited by the latest season of 24, one of the most addictive shows ever when it wants to be.  This season was somewhat uneven, but even a bad season of 24 can still be highly watchable.  Of course, the return of my favourite character (Tony Almeida) gave it bonus marks, but unfortunately the season fizzled out towards the end and felt slightly contrived.  But it is still good enough to keep me eager for Jack’s sendoff in the final season. (3.5 out of 5)


Didn't they break out in Season 1?

Prison Break S4 – like most fans of the show, I’m just glad they ended it before it became a joke (some say it already is).  Season 1 was one of the best of any show I’ve seen, but every season thereafter just tried to cash in on the initial success.  Finally, all that goodwill has been exhausted.  Season 4 does wrap things up nicely (including a 2-hour special that goes back to the show’s roots), but boy did it take its time getting there.  Any longer and Wentworth Miller would get too fat to fit on the screen (sorry, I just had to mention what everyone’s been talking about). (3 out of 5)

Lost S5 – another one of those shows that I watch against my better judgment because I’ve followed it from the beginning.  Surprisingly, the penultimate season of Lost was not as frustrating as the last couple because it actually starts to give some answers (to questions we’ve mostly forgotten about already, but at least we’re not going in circles anymore) – well, of course until the season finale, where it tread a fine line between intriguing and just plain stupid.  (3 out of 5)


1. watch gossip girl - July 20, 2009

Your technology ‘category’ helped me a lot in my studies. Thank you.

2. Nate - July 21, 2009

You’re killing me here! Okay let’s see: Weeds? I don’t know I think it jumped the shark and it has become pointless and needs to end. True Blood is so bloody (pun intended) good! Season 2 (which you haven’t seen) is freaking awesome! the most addicting show right now.
Which brings me to Gossip Girl? GOSSIP GIRL? Really? Oh man, I refuse to even consider watch that show and there’s people in my orbit who keeps saying that I should check it out but there are times when I just can’t go there.
Out of the rest, you already know the ones I watch and how I feel, but let me ask, is Dollhouse really worth the pain? I saw the first two eps and I just couldn’t deal with the devoid of tension plot and terrible acting and dialogue so I didn’t bother. Are you saying I should watch the full season? I know some people said it got better, I’m just hesitant to believe them.

pacejmiller - July 21, 2009

Hehe – really? I have to start watching Season 2 of True Blood. I felt the same when Gossip Girl was first brought up, but you should reconsider, at least for season 1! Once it falls into a groove the show is totally addictive, very funny.

Doll House is uneven. You get a good ep and then get really let down the next. So I wouldn’t exactly say it got better. Willing to give season 2 a chance for a couple of eps at least. But hey, I’m still watching Smallville…call me loyal.

3. jessy - August 10, 2009

True Blodd sucks!

4. bringbackclarkfromseason1and2 - September 9, 2009

although i agree wiv you about smallville cuttin lex out, ever since green arrow showed up it got worst, i love smallville i’ve been watching it since the first season back in 2001 and why they brought justice league into it god knows clark saved more lifes before the “green arrow” come in to it whos he telling clark he’s lazy or what ever. in the next couple of seasons i want to see lex coming back, justice league booted off from my screen and clark to be wearing a cape, and maybe johnathan kent appearing in a 1 off episode, dont care how the writters can think of something like that if they can bring people from the future here 2day for a pointless encounter then i’m sure we can have johnathan kent come back for an episode and martha!!!

pacejmiller - September 9, 2009

Hey thanks for commenting and I agree with you on most points – but Rosenbaum left the show because he was sick of playing Lex and wanted to do other things (and it was hard to get jobs with no hair!), so I doubt we will see him until the entire show is coming to an end. Also I think at the very start of the show the producers said that you won’t get to see Clark fly or in uniform during the show…maybe they’ll change their minds or throw it in at the end to satisfy the fans.

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