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Update: Greek Holiday, Writing and Exams! June 21, 2009

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I’m finally back from one of the greatest experiences ever in Greece.  Have a stack of posts lined up about the journey with pictures too (here’s a taste below).  Let’s just say it was interesting, educational and spectacularly beautiful, but it wasn’t without drama either!

A random pic from our last stop in Santorini

A random pic from our last stop in Santorini

So much has happened too.  The Lakers won the NBA Championship in 5 against Orlando, Nadal dropped out of Wimbledon and Floyd Mayweather Jr had to postpone his July fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.  During the trip I also found out (after much sweating) that I passed my course and will officially have a Masters in Law in a few days!  Very stoked about that, considering it was, after all, the reason I came to the UK in the first place (though I did get somewhat sidetracked by working on a novel and starting this blog, amongst various other activities!).

Speaking of novel writing, my plan to do a little bit of work on my fantasy novel each day turned out to be less than fruitful…in fact, I didn’t even write one word!  Just too tired after long days out in the sun to be bothered, to be honest.   However, the trip to Greece has renewed my enthusiasm, especially seeing all these old ruins, artifacts and castles that have really invigorated my imagination and has also given me some new ideas I can’t wait to try.

Oh, and somewhere in Greece I finally finished reading God, Actually by Roy Williams.  Review for that coming soon too.  It has definitely changed my scepticism towards religion a little.  However, I still have a fair bit of travelling to do in the next couple of days (day trips) with the folks so I have to be at optimal efficiency!

First, catching up on some sleep…


1. Nate - June 22, 2009

So you passed your course? Well more congratulations your way man. A lawyer huh? Just watch out for any of that Keanu Reeves/Al Pacino business.

pacejmiller - June 23, 2009

Hey mate. Yes I did indeed make it through the course in one piece! I was already working as a lawyer for a few years back home, but decided I had had enough so I went ahead and applied for this masters. Hehe, The Devil’s Advocate is not the type of shit I look to get into!

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