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Federer Finally Wins the French Open! June 7, 2009

Posted by pacejmiller in Tennis.
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How sweet it is!

How sweet it is!

At last, Roger Federer has the career slam!

Not long after I wondered whether Roger’s run to the French Open Final was too good to be true, conventional wisdom prevailed in the end as Federer crushed a shell-shocked Robin Soderling in straight sets, 6-1, 7-6 (7-1), 6-4 to win the last Grand Slam missing from his trophy room.

That makes it 14 Grand Slams (5 Wimbledon, 5 US Open, 3 Australian Open, 1 French Open) in total, matching the record held by the great Pete Sampras – but one could argue that Federer is now the undisputed greatest of all time because he has the only Grand Slam that Sampras never came close to capturing.  Interestingly, Andre Agassi, the last man to capture the career slam (and the only other man in the Open Era) was on the dais to present the trophy to a teary Roger.  It was a fitting end to a dramatic, almost magical fortnight where 4-time defending champion Rafael Nadal was ousted by Soderling in dramatic fashion and Federer struggled through 2 come-from-behind 5-setters to reach the Final.

Just when experts thought Federer had reached the end of his glorious career, he comes up delivering one of the greatest moments in tennis history.  Now the question will inevitably shift to whether he can reclaim the Wimbledon title he lost to Nadal last year (in perhaps the greatest match of all time), and in doing so, break Sampras’ record.  With Nadal out of Queens and questionable for Wimbledon, I’m sure people will start hopping back on the Federer bandwagon.  But with the likes of Murray and Djokovic eager to seize glory for themselves, I wouldn’t start carving Roger’s name on the trophy just yet.  However, after what I just witnessed I’m never going to count Federer out ever again.

[PS: Federer is 27 years and 303 days old.  Sampras was 31 years and 27 days when he won his 14th Grand Slam]



1. HMD - June 7, 2009

When you tag a player as best ever you must not overlook the quality of opponents he has faced. Let me put down some facts:

Federer defeated:

1) Philipousis in Wimbledon Final who never one a grandslam
2) Andy Roddick (1 Slam) and we know that he is not dominating
3) Marcos Baghdatic in Australian Open Final who never won a grandslam
4) Fernando Gonzales in Australian Open Final who never won a grandslam
5) Marat Safin in Australian Open Final who won only one slam in Federer’s era
6) Hewitt, Agassi (was at the end of his career), and Murray who never won a slam in Federer’s era.
7)Roddick and Djokovic who only won 1 slam

Now compare this with the era of Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl where opponents like Borg, Lendl, Connors, Mcenroe, Edberg, Becker, Wilander, Villas etc who one a number of slams. If one of them wins one the other wins the other providing a fierce competition.

Now come to Rafael Nadal. He is the only worthy opponent to dominate him from first day. He single handedly defied Federer from French Open and dethroned him from Wimbledon glory. He beat Verdasco in a 5hr thriller and then beat Federer in another 5 set match in Australian Open.

For Federer saying that the match between Nadal and Djokovic (4hr thriller in Madrid) was lengthy due to the players taking more time between points seems to me like a baby whinning. His crying speech at Australian Open proves his fruitless struggle to dominate Nadal.

To give you a sample:

Jahangir Khan is the greatest Squash Player ever. Why, because he did not loose a single math in 5 years and won 10 consecutive British Open tournamenet and 6 successive world titles. Now that is a sign of greatest player.

Steffi Graf is the greatest player as she was a penetrator in the era of Navratilova, Evert, dominated his own era, and maintained a sound hold towards the end dominating Williams, Hingis, Capriati, Davenport etc

If Roger Federer is the best player than Nadal is better than him.

Blind Hero Worship is not recommended. Why people forget the circumstances and History.

pacejmiller - June 7, 2009

Thanks for commenting, but…dude, you really need to relax. I guess you really take this Federer thing to heart. However, I think you probably misread my post…I simply said ‘ONE COULD ARGUE’ that Federer is the undisputed greatest of all time…I was just echoing the sentiments of the majority of people out on the planet, not stating my own opinion.

Now, as for your opinion, you are entirely entitled to have them, but all this comparison business and ‘what if’ stuff, all this ‘if X had played Y’ or ‘during Z period’ or ‘against ABC’ etc is a waste of time to me. Like it or not, players are stuck in the era in which they were born and there’s nothing anyone could have done. Fact of the matter is Federer has a career slam and has equalled the record of the most GSs ever. It’s also true that Nadal has dominated him head-to-head. These are facts. Comparisons to the opponents of others are just comparisons. Not to say your arguments aren’t valid, but they just don’t prove anything. You can convince everyone in the whole world, but it still just remains an opinion that can never be proven on way or the other.

For instance, I could just as easily counter your arguments by saying that if it weren’t for Federer’s dominance, Roddick WOULD have 4 slams, Djokovic WOULD have 2 slams, Hewitt WOULD have 3 slams, Safin WOULD have 3 slams and Agassi WOULD have 9 slams (and Nadal WOULD have 8). I could also throw in any of Federer’s unmatched achievements listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_career_achievements_by_Roger_Federer
But that doesn’t really prove anything or get us anywhere, does it?

Nevertheless, I appreciate you sharing your views.

2. Erik - June 8, 2009

I really wish Federer would have won his record tying 14th Grand Slam title against Nadal, but in any case, he finally won his elusive French Open title. In my humble opinion, Federer is the best of all-time.

3. Farhan Ali - January 25, 2011

Federar is my favourite player, no one is like him in this time in any sports but you can not say him the greate player ever.
That can only be titled to JAHANGIR KHAN.
This man have won 555 matches consequtivly, that is just impressive.

pacejmiller - January 25, 2011

you do realise squash and tennis are two different sports?

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