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Hilarious Floyd Mayweather Jr interviews May 22, 2009

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Floyd Mayweather Jr has been doing the rounds promoting his upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Here are some hilarious interviews with Floyd at his best on ESPN.  The first is the most recent, a jawing session with Brian Kenny (in 2 parts).  Bear in mind, this is not the first time they have squabbled.  You can check out an earlier session between the two in 2006 on YouTube when Kenny was questioning why Floyd was dodging certain fighters.  It seems nothing has changed…

The second one is another ESPN interview which took place earlier with some douche who absolutely embarrassed himself by not having a clue that Pacquiao had lost before.

My theory on why the fight may never happen

Now, despite what I said in my earlier post, I can’t believe I am going to defend Floyd a little.  As expected (and as I predicted), in both interviews Floyd starts rambling on about his undefeated record, the fact that Pacquiao has lost before, and that he did better in his PPVs than Pacquiao against both De La Hoya and Hatton, that Pacquiao needs him and he doesn’t need Pacquiao.

However, he brought these up not as reasons why he will beat Pacquiao WHEN they fight, he’s using it as an excuse to avoid fighting him altogether – or at least that’s how it looks.  Frankly, I don’t think he intended for it to come out that way.  It just seems that when Floyd gets nervous, he starts rambling and contradicting himself and not making sense.

Reports are that Mayweather is asking for a 60-40 split in his favour against Pacquiao.  However, I found out that both Freddie Roach (Pacquiao’s trainer) and Bob Arum (Pacquiao’s promoter) are ALSO insisting on a 60-40 split, but in Pacquiao’s favour.  Neither side appears willing to budge, and that’s why we might never see the two best Pound-for-Pound fighters take each other on.  Arum used to promote Mayweather, and now they absolutely loath each other, to the point that Mayweather said he’d never do business with Arum again.  Of course, the reason for their break-up was, as it always is, money.

Now, a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao with a 50-50 split is what everyone thinks is fair (regardless of what Mayweather, Roach or Arum say).  Both sides will still make a truckload of money, certainly more than what could be earned in any other fight.  But ultimately I think the reason why we might not see them fight comes down to ego.  Mayweather wants to stick it to Arum by getting the bigger purse split, because to him that equates to Arum conceding that Floyd is still the biggest draw, the one he was stupid enough to lose by disrespecting.  Likewise, Arum wants to stick it to Mayweather by getting the lion’s share, because in his twisted little mind, that equates to Floyd still ‘needing’ him to be successful. Both sides are bragging that they have ‘other exciting options’ (which I think are no more than bluffs).  Plus I don’t think either side will be willing to strike a deal where the ‘winner’ takes the larger share of the purse because the risks to both their bank balances and egos will be too much for them to accept.

In short, I don’t think it’s all Floyd’s fault anymore – both sides are being childish and pricing themselves out of the fight that fans want to see.  They need to wake up and realise that fans want to see them fight, and both sides will miss out on insanely huge paychecks if they can’t put their differences aside and be reasonable.  Now, if Floyd could just come out and be honest about it rather than ramble on incoherently when asked, then perhaps people will stop pinning it all on him.

[Update: I’m very excited; I hear Mayweather Jr has signed with Golden Boy Promotions for 5 fights, which means he’s back for good, and with De La Hoya having made up with Arum, the Pacquiao fight is a genuine possibility now; or at least a fight with fellow Golden Boy fighter Shane Mosley.  Further, Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions who is working with Golden Boy says that Mayweather will take all the ‘so-called’ best fighters one by one, and that obviously includes the likes of Pacquiao and Cotto.  Let’s hope he’s not just making shit up to drum up publicity, but if what he says is true then we have a very exciting time ahead.]

[Update (July): In the latest interview with Brian Kenny, Mayweather Jr (who has postponed his fight with Marquez until September because of a rib injury) divulged that Bob Arum has proposed a 50-50 split for a gith between Mayweather and Pacquiao, but Mayweather flat out dismissed it.  So forget about what I said when I tried to defend Mayweather.  He’s dodging Pacquiao.]



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