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Useful Resource for Writers (who want to get published!) April 25, 2009

Posted by pacejmiller in On Writing.
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Just quickie – I’ve started getting seriously serious about my studies, given that exams are just a month away!  That being said, while randomly surfing during one of my, er “breaks”, I came across FirstWriter.com.

The layout looks fairly plain, but it seems there are lots of goodies on it.  I haven’t looked at its ‘Writing Tips’ section yet, but what caught my attention were the specific search engines for literary agents and (book and magazine) publishers.  In particular, you can modify your searches to limit them to your particular type of writing (eg fiction or non-fiction) and genre, plus you can allocate a specific geographic region.

There is also a writing competition search engine which I’ve tried, and it’s pretty cool too.  Recently I started thinking about (and even did a couple of) short stories, so maybe I’ll give some of these competitions a go to try get some writing credits to pad (well, start) the portfolio.



1. justdee - April 26, 2009

There’s a great site out there for writers – ‘Absolute Write’ – particularly it’s forums ‘Absolute Write Water Cooler’ (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/index.php). It’s quite honestly one of the best resources for writers I’ve come across on the net. You’ll find great peer reviews (critiques), answers to LOTS of questions related to the craft of writing, getting published, finding an agent, formatting query letters, etc. And the forums are frequented a wide range of people – from lifetime veterans (authors who have been published many times) to beginners. I’ve been a lurker there for many years, but just recently signed up for the forums and am SO GLAD that I did.

pacejmiller - April 26, 2009

Hello – thanks for visiting! I had been a lurker myself at Absolute Writer for a little while but haven’t gotten in it (scared that if I do, I’ll spend all my time on it!). But definitely, I’ll sign up for it soon!

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