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Pictures of Prague: Part II April 17, 2009

Posted by pacejmiller in Travel.
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Here is the second installment of some of my photos from Prague, taken from various spots in the city.  The first part (mainly of Prague Castle) can be found here.

Now looking back at these photos, Prague does seem like a beautiful city, doesn’t it?  However, I stand by my earlier statement that Prague is overrated!

Anyway, here they are.  Hope you enjoy them.

St Wenceslas Square, the first place we visited in Prague

St Wenceslas Square, the first place we visited in Prague

The Statue of St Wenceslas

The Statue of St Wenceslas

The famous Astronomical (Astrological) Clock

The famous Astronomical (Astrological) Clock

I honestly can't remember who this is, but it was taken right next to Charles Bridge

I honestly can't remember who this is, but it was taken right next to Charles Bridge

View of Prague from outside the walls of Prague Castle

View of Prague from outside the walls of Prague Castle

Here's the last one

Here's the last one

I was tempted to post some food pics but they didn’t look so enticing so I decided against it.


1. Nate - April 18, 2009

Hey Pace, great pictures of Prague. I can’t believe you had such a terrible experience there. It’s definitely a place I would like to go walk about, especially to see that Astronomical Clock, that thing is freaking awesome and I bet it looked cool in person.
Not to make excuses for the locals but I do understand when you say that maybe their attitude has something to do with there being so many tourists around all the time. Living in Orlando FL a.k.a The Mouse Trap, I can tell you that it does gets a bit annoying, especially if you are on a rush and people sort of expect you to be their info booth. Having said that, they should be a bit more understanding and maybe the city take action into making things more accessible for tourists, after all, these people are pouring money into their economy.

Btw, you’ll be surprise how many people here in Orlando aren’t happy with the Magics, even if they have been doing better the last few seasons.

pacejmiller - April 18, 2009

I guess it wasn’t a ‘terrible’ experience, but compared to the rest of the cities I visited on the trip, Prague was definitely down at the bottom end. Of course, I don’t want to discourage anyone from going there to check it out for themselves. Every city has its supporters and detractors – maybe I was just hit with bad luck while I was there! Prague must have its positives or else people won’t rave about it like they do.

Wow, Orlando, huh? ALMOST went there during my honeymoon but we decided to head in a straight line from West to East in the end (LA, Vegas, DC and NYC). Would definitely like to check it out some day. I hear people love to go there to retire – is that true?

2. Nate - April 18, 2009

Well people love to come the whole of Florida not just Orlando, to retire. Its sunny and warm about 95% of the time (a cold front here and there that last but a couple of days when winter, and by cold front I mean high of 63, low of 45, not exactly freezing) but the thing people love the most has to be the millions of golf courses everywhere, and the alllure of being surrounded by the ocean on both sides of the state. Never understimate the power of the beach. Orlando is unique in that there are more transplants than actual natives living here. I’ve been here for 13 years and I’ve only met about 10 people that were born here, everyone else is from somewhere else: every state, mostly northerners, foreigns, lots of latinos, british and asians. It has its pros and cons, though to me personally it’s too freaking hot, not as fast-paced as I would like and things are very spread out.

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