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Update: Italian Adventure and Writing March 19, 2009

Posted by pacejmiller in Novel, On Writing, Travel.
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This has been the longest gap between posts since I started this blog in mid-January.  There’s a good reason.  I’m on a mind-blowing 3-week adventure through Italy, Switzerland and Germany, plus visits to Prague and Vienna – and Internet access has not been easy (well, at least not free, and I’m low on cash).

Anyway, so far, so excellent.  I’m going to try and update my Travel Diary regularly so as to not lag behind too much.  Check out the first part of my adventure from Pisa to Florence to Venice!

I haven’t totally forgot about my novel writing either (I brought my laptop on the trip).  One thing about travelling predominantly by train in Europe is an abundance of train rides, from as short as an hour to as long as five (I believe from Freiburg to Munich is the longest).  This means plenty of time to read and write.  I’ve also got Stephen King’s brilliant On Writing stored on my iPod, which I’ve been listening to.  It’s my first audio book and I’m really enjoying listening to Stephen King’s voice (though it did take a little getting used to).  Full review coming when I finish.

I had been in a semi-slump lately with the fantasy novel.  Words were written and the story was progressing but I wasn’t happy with what was on the screen.  As it turned out, this trip and Stephen King were exactly what I needed to get my mojo back.  I’m glad to say I am back on track and loving working on the novel more than ever.  Hopefully it will last even after I return home.

PS: And no, I didn’t bring any study materials or textbooks with me.  I’m pathetic but not THAT pathetic.

[PPS: Travel Diary has now been updated!]



1. Digital Dame - March 19, 2009

Buon giorno!

Come stai? Hope you’re having fun. Looking forward to seeing pics (hint-hint) when you get a chance.


pacejmiller - March 20, 2009

Ciao! Having a great time and will post pics in due course!

2. Matthew Ho - March 21, 2009

“I’m pathetic but not THAT pathetic.” . i don’t know Pace, u’ve been known to be a bit of a studying nerd ROFL

pacejmiller - March 21, 2009

WHAT?! And for all these years I thought I had done an excellent job of pretending to be one of those guys who never studied very hard but still did well!

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