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Update on Fantasy World Building February 6, 2009

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Just a quick update on my earlier posts about building/creating a fantasy world and how to create a map of that world.

Today I came across the One of Us creative writing website, which has a fabulous article called ‘How to Create Fantasy Worlds’.  It’s an introductory article but it has links to other resources, including mapping, information on mythical creatures, names and languages.  There’s even a forum on it.

The website also has separate pages on writing tips and a more general discussion forum with various writing sub-categories as well as specific articles.

I think it’s a pretty cool website and aspiring writers should check it out.

Reading the same genre while writing: good or bad? February 6, 2009

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Here’s a dilemma I’ve been wrestling with.  Is it a good idea for a writer to read the same genre as their novel while they are writing it?

Writers are taught to read a lot in order to help them with their writing.  And not just the same genre you wish to write – but anything and everything you can get your hands on.

I’m working on a fantasy novel right now, and to some extent I think my limited fantasy reading experience is an advantage because I’m aiming for something slightly different to what’s already out there.  However, should I be reading more fantasy novels while I am writing my novel?

On the one hand, it will help me learn from published fantasy writers, see what it is that made their works successful, get a feel for the nuances of the genre.  On the other hand, I’m afraid I’ll start subconsciously trying to emulate their writings – not just in style, but also plot and characters – and it will take me away from what I wanted to accomplish at the beginning.

Are there any writers out there who have any tips on what to do?

PS: the fantasy novels I have available to me right now are classics such as Terry Brooks’ The Sword of Shannara Trilogy and Raymond E Feist’s Magician.

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