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NBA 3-Point Shootout Contestants Announced! February 5, 2009

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Granger takes aim

Granger takes aim

 3P Shootout Contestants Announced!

Danny Granger’s going to have a busy All-Star Weekend this year.

The first time All-Star (of the Indiana Pacers) will also be competing in his maiden Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout against two-time defending champion Jason Kapono (Toronto Raptors), Mike Bibby (Atlanta Hawks), Daequan Cook (Miami Heat), fellow All-Star Rashard Lewis (Orlando Magic) and Roger Mason (San Antonio Spurs).

The Three-Point Shootout has always been one of my favourite events at the All-Star Weekend and it will be great to see Granger showing off his long-range skills against the best in the league.  I’m rooting for him to take the title that Reggie Miller came agonizingly close to a couple of times, but Granger is definitely a favourite to go out in the first round judging from guys he’s up against.


Let’s compare the contestants’ 3 point statistics so far this year.

Player (Games)





Bibby (47)





Cook (45)





Granger (45)





Kapono (48)





Lewis (47)





Mason (48)





The 3P Shootout is always a bit of an unpredictable affair in that game stats don’t necessarily translate to success in this type of continuous shooting format.  You’ve got the 2-time defending champion Jason Kapono who has only made about half the 3PMs of the next guy on the list.  You’ve got Roger Mason, who’s shooting at an impressive 0.450 (5th in the league and the only player in the top 20 for 3P% that has over 100 3PM) but has never really been a great 3P shooter before this season.  There’s the man who has shot more and made more than any other player, Rashard Lewis.  Then there’s the guys that rely significantly on their 3-point shot to get their points, Mike Bibby and Daequan Cook.  Lastly, there’s Danny Granger, who sticks out a little more than the others because he scores so many points and the 3-point shot is just part of his repertoire.

My Pick

Can Jason Kapono make it 3 in row?

Can Jason Kapono make it 3 in a row?

With this field of amazing shooters, anything can happen.  Especially if a streaky shooter gets hot, it could be all over for everyone else. 

The guys that tend to do well are rhythm shooters who can launch the balls consecutively and effortlessly.  The guys who struggle are those who take a long time to set their shots and have slow, methodical releases. 

While I would like to see Granger take it out, he’s just not enough of a 3P specialist yet – the only chance he would have is if he gets hot and his opponents struggle.  I’d have to say Kapono, with his experience, remains the strong favourite.  Roger Mason would be next in line, and Daequan Cook would be the dark horse.



1. Matthew Ho - February 5, 2009

agree with you re rhtyhm shooters. the worst contestant i have ever seen is antoine walker. terrible. he has the fastest trigger finger out of anyone in the contest that year, but he bricked everything and made like 2 3’s.

they should put in ray Allen. he would give them a run for their money. Dirk, Peja would also be good choices. i think u also need some nerves of steel to hit them under pressure. Who would you put in if you could select anyone??!

2. pacejmiller - February 8, 2009

I think they pick guys that are actually willing to participate. Didn’t Dirk and Ray Allen already win it before?

Of course, if I could select anyone, I’d keep the guys that are already in it plus Ray Allen for sure, Dirk and Peja. It’ll also be interesting to see guys like Kobe give it a shot because when he’s hot, there’s no stopping him.

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