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Novel progress… January 17, 2009

Posted by pacejmiller in Novel.
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After revving myself up with some posts about writing recently, I went back to work on my fantasy novel with fresh determination and renewed drive. 

Yesterday was relatively productive (1,500 words) given zero momentum from the days before.  Today, not so much (under 500 words, sob).  I only got a bit of time in as study was on the forefront.  And after I got into it, I realised that what I had just written didn’t make any sense! 

It wasn’t a matter of the self-critic rearing its ugly head again.  It really just didn’t have any logic to it.  I guess that’s the problem with free writing and trying to let your writing guide the story – sometimes it guides you down the wrong path. 

So I spent the next half-hour trying to rethink how to make it make sense.  I think I’ve got it now.  But it was excrutiatingly irritating.

Better luck tomorrow, hopefully…


1. Inspiredworlds - January 17, 2009

why dont you post a page or two from your book? or even a snippet like a paragraph. i’m curious :)

you can use the blog to get suggestions from other people and build a book like that…..or u might even write a book about an aspiring writer that never gets around to writing a book cause he’s blogging about it lol

2. Inspiredworlds - January 17, 2009

i was reading about crowdsourcing, which is the point i’m getting at above:

“Back to my new book: As I discussed my initial approach in dozens of blog posts several months before figuratively putting pen to paper, I revealed both my ambitions and fears regarding the book’s big ideas. In turn, my readers took up the implied challenge, offering me thousands of references to other authors, books, reports, online resources, and the like, as well as critiquing my approach.”

it works, if you reciprocate – you give the crowd something too.


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